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  1. Healthy71

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    My Whole30 dream vacation would be to rent a beautiful castle on a lake. I would enjoy each meal being prepared for me and served in different areas of the castle. I could even see myself enjoying an evening cup of tea at the highest point under a beautiful starry night. My main focus of my vacation would be quiet rest, relaxation and visualization of my dreams and goals for the life I know I can live as I walk the castle grounds taking in its rich history of days gone by.
  2. Healthy71

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    This is my first time doing the Whole30. Today is Day 9 for me. I signed for the Daily30 emails and the support has been helping a lot. I know I'm going to make it all the way through to Day 30 without cheating. I'm taking it one day at a time instead from the viewpoint of "this is so hard" and "there are so many things I cannot eat" for the next 30 days. I see this as an exciting journey where I'm doing something good for my health and I love it. More importantly, I love me and I want to take good care of myself. Thank you for this program.