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  1. 2sweetpeas

    Mini steamer

    I received this nifty gadget for Christmas and finding it to be a big help with my Whole30 cooking. It steams frittatas, which I eat several times a week, makes perfect soft or hard boiled eggs, poached eggs and steams veggies too. https://www.amazon.com/Dash-Rapid-Egg-Cooker-Black/dp/B00DDXWFY0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1514314865&sr=8-3&keywords=dash++rapid+egg+cooker
  2. 2sweetpeas

    Knee Pain Gone, Cellulite Gone, Skinny Jeans On

    Congratulations! The knee success is a great one that I will be sharing with my husband. Thanks for sharing!
  3. 2sweetpeas

    Dizzy spells and cold/clammy hands

    Thanks for thinking of m! I tried taking iron supplements and that caused constipation. So then I had to take stool softeners daily. In the end I just wear extra layers and drink lots of herbal teas .
  4. 2sweetpeas

    Making my own mayonnaise

    The other posts I've read recommend using light olive oil which is supposed to minimize the taste of the olive oil. I experimented making mayo with avocado oil from Trader Joe's. The family usually don't like store bought mayo but this was really good. The family doesn't believe it's mayo
  5. 2sweetpeas

    New and need coffee help!

    Have you looked into the aeropress? very similar to a French press but much cleaner cup of coffee. We love our aeropress!
  6. 2sweetpeas

    Dizzy spells and cold/clammy hands

    my dr told me my cold hands were related to low iron. Have you checked your iron levels?
  7. 2sweetpeas

    New and need coffee help!

    I love coffee, the smell and the taste. I can go black. It for the days when I want something more creamy, I add a spoonful of coconut milk and give it a whirl in the blender and it's delicious. It is like a latte. Plus it helps me get that good fat in for breakfast!
  8. 2sweetpeas


    My family wanted to eat at Dickeys last week. I had a plain giant spud with some ghee and plain chicken that I took in with me. I know I was missing veggies at that meal but I made up for the veggies at lunch. that doesn't answer your brisket question, but gives you an option
  9. 2sweetpeas

    Pre wo meal

    I've been doing a soft scrambled egg with a little ghee and a cup of coffee with a splash of coconut milk for pre WO as it is the most digestible and quickest. I might vary it up with a spoon of nut butter just because I need variety. Fortunately nuts and nut butters aren't a food without brakes for me
  10. 2sweetpeas

    Pre wo meal

    Thanks for the tips!
  11. 2sweetpeas

    Pre wo meal

    I get up at 5:00am and run 5-8miles at 5:30 4 times a week
  12. 2sweetpeas

    Pre wo meal

    Would a handful of nuts qualify as a pre work out meal since they have fats and is a source of protein?
  13. 2sweetpeas

    Weight loss on Whole30

    You just gave me a lightbulb moment! I Just have to reintro and figure out the culprit and my body will continue to transform if it hasn't hit set point. Almost there - day 24 today. Can't wait to figure out which food group it is!
  14. 2sweetpeas

    Weight loss on Whole30

    Thanks for the insight! I definitely have a new understanding of healthy eating and a new relationship with food and would not want to fall back to old habits. Plus I love that my diet is more wholesome and I know exactly what ingredients I'm consuming. Not sure if I've hit my setpoint or not so I guess I should continue on beyond 30 days and see where my body settles out and then work on reintroduction. I'm feeling so good right now. Issues that I assumed were just normal, like abdominal bloating, are gone and I'm sleeping so much better. I'm curious as to what food group was causing the issues. Can't wait to hit my setpoint and work on reintroduction to identify the food group.