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  1. Mini steamer

    I received this nifty gadget for Christmas and finding it to be a big help with my Whole30 cooking. It steams frittatas, which I eat several times a week, makes perfect soft or hard boiled eggs, poached eggs and steams veggies too. https://www.amazon.com/Dash-Rapid-Egg-Cooker-Black/dp/B00DDXWFY0/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1514314865&sr=8-3&keywords=dash++rapid+egg+cooker
  2. On Day 61 I re-introduced grains and within 30 mins had heartburn, my stomach aches and I started bloating. I never had pain with grains prior to whole30, possibly boating I wasn't aware of but definitely not this kind of pain. Not sure if it's that I have a sensitivity to grains or my stomach waa shocked by the non whole30 food. On day 4, should I try reintroducing specific grains or the next food group is legumes?
  3. Breakfast on-the-go HELP!

    Same on the go schedule at our home. Our go to - Frittata with lots of veggies, knob of steamed sweet potatoe and coffee with coconut cream .
  4. Tahini

    When using the meal template, is compliant tahini considered a fat ? TIA!
  5. Knee Pain Gone, Cellulite Gone, Skinny Jeans On

    Congratulations! The knee success is a great one that I will be sharing with my husband. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I just got the result from my bloodwork and I have some improvements to report! TTL Cholersterol: 159 --> 171 HDL (GOOD) Cholesterol 67 --> 72, Cholesterol/HDL ratio 2.4, LDL (would like to bring this back down by continuing to improve my food choices) 81 --> 97 Hemogloblin A1c (glucose for the past 2-3 months) 5.4 (this is a new measure this year so no benchmark) Waist Circumference +1 inch (this one is weird because I feel leaner than ever before. Maybe I sucked in harder last year???) Weight -6lbs BMI 23.2 --> 21.5 Blood Pressure: 117/82 --> 112/81 Now that I'm ready to embark on to the reintroduction phase and have data to look at I want to work on reducing the LDL by increasing more good fats, fish with Omega 3's and soluble fiber (looking forward to my savory Coach's Oats oatmeal for breakfast). I can't wait to show the results to my husband and hopefully it will encourage him to make some changes as he has some concerning numbers.
  7. Larabars vs homemade

    Below is what I found on the whole30 website about cocoa... Cacao (or 100% cocoa) is great when used as a savory spice (our Mocha Steak Rub, found in It Starts With Food, is a great example), but you can also feel free to add it to your coffee or tea, or brew it Crio Bru-style. But per the rules of the program, it’s not okay to add cocoa to dates and other fruits to make chocolate-y confections. I make "larabars" at home and my family likes the pecan pie and cashew cookie versions a lot.
  8. Making my own mayonnaise

    The other posts I've read recommend using light olive oil which is supposed to minimize the taste of the olive oil. I experimented making mayo with avocado oil from Trader Joe's. The family usually don't like store bought mayo but this was really good. The family doesn't believe it's mayo
  9. New and need coffee help!

    Have you looked into the aeropress? very similar to a French press but much cleaner cup of coffee. We love our aeropress!
  10. New and need coffee help!

    I love coffee, the smell and the taste. I can go black. It for the days when I want something more creamy, I add a spoonful of coconut milk and give it a whirl in the blender and it's delicious. It is like a latte. Plus it helps me get that good fat in for breakfast!
  11. Brisket

    My family wanted to eat at Dickeys last week. I had a plain giant spud with some ghee and plain chicken that I took in with me. I know I was missing veggies at that meal but I made up for the veggies at lunch. that doesn't answer your brisket question, but gives you an option
  12. Pre wo meal

    I've been doing a soft scrambled egg with a little ghee and a cup of coffee with a splash of coconut milk for pre WO as it is the most digestible and quickest. I might vary it up with a spoon of nut butter just because I need variety. Fortunately nuts and nut butters aren't a food without brakes for me
  13. Pre wo meal

    Thanks for the tips!
  14. Pre wo meal

    I get up at 5:00am and run 5-8miles at 5:30 4 times a week