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  1. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    @mebl1970 Congrats on the pain disappearing! That's a HUGE victory! I hope you can figure out what's been causing it so that you can best avoid it.
  2. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Hope you all are doing well and had a lovely and compliant Easter! Buona Pasqua! Sierra
  3. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Two days in a row of successes. Friday my boss called an impromptu office "wine and cheese party" to say goodbye to a coworker who's leaving next week. I sat there for two hours (!) and didn't feel tempted to join in the wine or cheese. I had some black olives left over from lunch that I munched on along with my water bottle. Tonight I braved eating out! I live in Italy, and rarely are menus available ahead of time. Additionally, I don't speak Italian well enough to ask tons of questions, and the chefs are much less amenable to lots of changes. They consider changes to their food unacceptable because they don't want to put their "stamp of approval" on something they don't think is top quality. So I was nervous. We met a at a bar, and I stuck with fizzy water and lemon. They we went to get sushi for dinner. I wasn't sure what had soy in it as far as seaweed salad, etc, so I just stuck with plain sashimi. It was just salmon and tuna, nothing added, so nowhere for those sneaky ingredients to hide! How's everyone else doing? Sierra
  4. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    I've been exhausted the last couple days. Getting a decent amount of sleep (7.5-8 hours) that I normally feel fine with, but I've almost fallen asleep in several meetings, and I long to spend my lunch hour napping in my car. Not sure if it's whole 30 related or just due to the really high levels of stress I'm dealing with at work right now. Or I guess it could be the tail end of the jet lag! Yay day 5! Looking forward to a great weekend! Sierra
  5. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    I almost always keep a couple hard boiled eggs on hand at home or at work for a snack. The protein and fat works well for me. I also keep cashews, pistachios, almonds and some Epic jerky bites or bars around the office, just in case. Nuts aren't the best option, but I can get them at the mini mart at work, they last pretty well and they're better than Snickers You should also look at his meals, and try increasing his food. If he's eating one portion of protein at each meal, make it one and a half or two. Add some more healthy fats. It takes trial and error to figure out how much you or he needs to eat to fuel your body.
  6. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Headaches are a pretty common symptom of the "carb flu" which is so named because you can get flu like symptoms from an electrolyte imbalance. Basically, carbs require your body to hold onto water for use, and when you substantially lower your carb intake your body flushes all that water out, and with it a lot of electrolytes. I'vedone the ketogenic diet before, and most people get the carb flu at least the first couple days until your body adjusts / adapts. There are a couple ways to minimize it: 1. Make sure you're drinking lots of water. You're likely a little dehydrated. 2. Drinking broth (or eating broth based soup) of any kind will help add more electrolytes into your diet and can help. The best kind is bone broth because it'll have more potassium and magnesium than chicken or beef stock. 3. You can use supplements, and if you go this route you want to focus on potassium and magnesium. Be warned that magnesium is a natural laxative! I'm usually ok with 200 mg, but much over that can have some adverse effects. 4. Adding fancier salts (Himalayan sea salt being in vogue right now) will help with trace minerals, too. Plus, your diet may be really low in actual sodium depending on what you're eating and where you're coming from! 5. Make sure you're eating enough fat! Low energy because you're not eating enough will only add onto your carb flu symptoms and make you feel worse! I hope some or all of these help! I personally had the best result with drinking water and adding some extra salt and supplements, but not all supplements are compliant, and you'll hopefully be through the worst of it by the time you figure out the best way to supplement for your body.
  7. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Haha I know what you're saying! I was in a meeting today, and the leader of the meeting brought in a box of Girl Scout cookies, opened them and put them on the table right in front of me. No one else at the table admitted to wanting any (although they periodically disappeared throughout the two breaks), so the cookies just sat there. I kept getting wafts of the smells of chocolate and peanut butter... But I reminded myself that the texture is waxy, and I don't really like Tagalongs. I white knuckled through, but, dude, the cravings were super distracting!
  8. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Hey everyone! I hope you're all doing well. I live in Italy, so it's start of day 2 here. Yesterday weekly pretty smoothly. Having everything prepped takes the guess work out of what I'm going to eat. I have felt a lot hungrier than normal, though. I think that's to be expected though, as my body isn't used to eating this way. How's everyone else doing?
  9. Roonster

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    I'm starting tomorrow as well I've started two other whole30s in the past, but I've never finished one. I'm tired of not being in control of my eating, and I've planned this 30 day period so that I don't have any work trips during it, which is what threw me off both other times. Groceries are bought; food is prepped. I'm ready to go! Sierra