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  1. BethannM

    Lenten Whole40 support thread

    Greetings! I'm in for the 40 days, too. Last night's supper was stuffed peppers. I used this recipe: I used about a third more meat than it called for, and left out the cumin, as my family does not like cumin. Otherwise, followed it. It was really good, and the fam wants me to put it in the regular meal rotation.! Win! I also have a scrumptious creamy balsamic vinaigrette recipe, but I have to find Dijon mustard with no wine in it. Might try it with regular mustard. Otherwise I have to order the non-wine Dijon.
  2. BethannM

    homemade balsamic vinaigrette with dates in it?

    In the emulsification process, it "fluffs" up quite a bit, too. This recipe makes almost 1 1/2 cups. I use maybe an ounce on a salad. That's closer to 6 or 7 grams per salad. And the sugar is from fruit, which I'm not eating much of at all. It's all good!
  3. BethannM

    homemade balsamic vinaigrette with dates in it?

    JohannaE--it ends up pretty thick as is, really. Not runny whatsoever. I will try it with regular mustard, as the dijon I have on hand does have white wine in it. I read online that the alcohol is removed. Do you know anything about that? Is it because of the alcohol in the white wine, or is there another reason why white wine as an ingredient would be a no-no? (I realize all alcohol is off-limits--just wondering if the reasoning has to do with more than the alcohol/sugar-in-alcohol/alcohol-is-addictive reasons?) Thanks for the input! I was worried about the dates--totally missed the white wine! THANK YOU!
  4. BethannM

    Whole30 bloggers

    My blog is new, but I'll be posting lots of Whole30/paleo stuff, as it is as much a part of me as my faith! You can find me at: I'm looking forward to getting to know ya'll through your blogs! Thanks!
  5. I know that dates are Whole30 approved, and I know that balsamic vinaigrette is approved. But since we're not supposed to have almond flour pancakes (or banana pancakes, or sweet potato pancakes, or any kind of pancake!), etc., is it still in keeping with the spirit of the Whole30 to have a homemade balsamic vinaigrette that has dates in it? I do. not. like. unsweet. salad. dressings. So does that mean that I have to not use this? Cause here's the thing. I will end up not eating any salads for my Whole30. And salads are so great for me! So....what do you think? Yes? Or no? Here's my recipe (it's an Against All Grain makeover): 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar 5 dates 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard 4 teaspoons dried basil 1/4 teaspoon ground thyme 3 cloves garlic, peeled 2/3 cup light olive oil Everything except the oil goes in the blender, Blend until smooth. Drizzle olive oil slowly (like making mayonnaise) into running blender to incorporate and emulsify oil. Makes a thick, creamy dressing. Thanks in advance!
  6. Well, I only made it 9 days. Long story, but I hit that day 5/6/7 sugar withdrawal depression that in me, because of my weird brain chemisty anyway, takes me down to the very bottom. I was dealing with some extra stressors on top of it and found myself with suicidal ideations. I went ahead and ate "normaly" yesterday and will get back on plan today, but it won't be an uninterrupted 30 days. What happened during my first 9 days that was positive? (Remember, this is not my first go-'round.) --lost 8 pounds --pair of jeans I haven't worn in over two years now fits --PAIN FREE --high blood pressure GONE (120/78 yesterday at doctor visit) I wish I could say I had clarity of mind, but alas, I did not press through for that. The eating plan was actualy adding to my stress (family does not come on board with me AT ALL), and with a horrible bout of depression, I made the choice to eat non-paleo foods. I don't regret that, which is actually really huge right there. I have done ridiculous guilt over my eating over the last almost-two years since my first Whole30. So this is probably the biggest thing right here: --FOOD LOST CONTROL OVER ME!!!!! I will continue to support you through yours, and I will be eating clean again, but wanted to fess up about my off-roading. I am THRILLED with the results thus far and look forward to how great life will be for me once I hit December 24!
  7. This is my Day 6. I cheated on my Whole30 this morning. I did. I weighed myself. I just couldn't stand it! EIGHT POUNDS. In SIX DAYS! And that's without exercise! I have a good 40 to lose, so I am thrilled. I'm putting the scale away and promise to leave it put it away, but this was great confirmation for me that I am on the right path! Why do I stray off of it with these kind of results??? I can't get the large coconut flakes here. I will have to order some. They look marvelous in the pictures I've seen! Zucchini noodles! I had forgotten about zucchini noodles! Good call. Gonna pick up some zucchini today when I am in town!
  8. Hi, kew. I started a new Whole30 again on Saturday, which will finish up on December 23, just in time for the holidays. I have such an all-or-nothing personality, and it is reflected in my food choices, as well. Here I am a walking testimony for Whole30, and yet I fall so hard and so fast without the strict guidelines of the Whole30. This time around, there has been added stress in my life. I finished up my last Whole30 on August 19. On August 20, we received two new foster kiddos, a couple of little ones. In mid-October, their newborn sibling joined our family, as well. I am a stress eater, and I don't mean I reach for the baby carrots and cheat with Ranch dip. No, I reach for the Oreos. As many as I can dunk and stuff, knowing full well what the outcome is going to be. Anyway, suffice to say that ALL of my physical and emotional symptoms that were miraculously obliterated with my first Whole30 are back and in full swing. It's hard to function just for daily personal needs with fibromyalgia, ADHD, and a host of other issues, but try taking care of three children under three, maintaining employment, running a household, and the regular day to day stuff of our own kids. I have been reading about stress, including what Dallas and Melissa have shared recently, and while I recognize that stress is a huge part of my physical and emotional and mental issues, it is not all of it. I am unwilling to get rid of the foster kiddos; I believe this is part of my purpose in life! But if I am going to consciously keep a major stressor, then I have to manage and/or eliminate the other stressors better! Thus, a new Whole30 with much greater resolve for staying paleo upon exiting, as well as motivation and determination to take care of the other areas of my life. Less computer fun time, more exercise, saying no to outside commitments, better sleep habits, no caffeine, consistent Bible and prayer time, etc. It is my full expectation that as these other areas of my life come together, that the stressful issues with the foster kiddos will sort of come into alignment, that there will be overall blessing on my life because I am caring for myself and my household better, and that stress will be less. At least my pain and fogginess will be less, which will lessen the stress, too! Anyway, I'm here right alongside you. Now, for a bowl of Melissa's Joulwan's Chocolate Chili for breakfast. (I really. do. not. like. eggs.)
  9. BethannM

    Slip-up = Whole 30 Do-over?

    I wouldn't look at it as starting over. Just add 30 days to the last 7. Technically it's a do-over, because your body hasn't done the same level of healing and resetting as if you had not had the off-limits coconut milk. But you've already made all the other changes. Don't discount that hard work! Your "Day 1: The Redux" will be so much easier than your first Day 1, kwim? Don't despair. You're doing so great! It wasn't all for nothing--it was all for YOU!
  10. BethannM

    Coffee / gluten cross-reaction

    Well, that explains a LOT! I had no idea! I do okay on coffee when I am not eating all the other bad stuff, but it does still affect me. I have always known it affects me, but am too bull-headed to give it up. Actually, I have given up caffeine on occasion, but I never stick with it for long. Thanks for the info. I'll go do some research, too. Bummer! But good to know, right?
  11. BethannM

    Excess gas & Farting on Whole30

    I would ditch the eggs, broccoli, and cauliflower and maybe bananas and see if it gets better. If it does, then follow the reintroduction process---add one back in for one day while still eating Whole30 compliant...monitor and document for three days...wait till end of the week and add in one of the other foods, do the same, etc. I found out that coconut causes this for me. I was very sad to find this out, as I was using coconut and coconut milk every day! Coconut oil seems to be okay for me, but not the milk or coconut flour. It's a matter of trial and error to find the culprit. But persistent gas means something isn't quite right, so it's worth it to figure out what it is and eliminate that food!
  12. BethannM

    Whole 30 approved mayo?

    I have looked but have not found anything available commercially that fits the Whole30 bill. I made my own yesterday. My blender gets too hot and curdled it the first time I tried. Yesterday I used the food processor instead. Success! Wonderful stuff, and super easy and super cheap!
  13. BethannM

    August 1 Whole30 Start - buddies??

    I'm in, too. I'm actually on Day 12. I've had several false starts, so I didn't post 12 days ago when I started again. I'm in for the whole month of August, though! I've done a Whole30 once before, during Lent in 2010. It completely changed my life. I've been on-again/off-again with paleo eating and have restarted Whole30s along the way but haven't been successful at completing them since that first one. On Day 12 now, I am feeling fantastic and very empowered. I'm ready for a full forever lifestyle change and am so excited about it! Incidentally I am alone in my household of 8 family members. They will eat my food just fine, but they won't stop eating their junk. I've quit buying it, so they'll have to get it on their own if they want differently than what I am providing!
  14. BethannM

    Ghee Allergy?

    I don't use ghee at all and have done fine without it. I use Coconut oil or olive oil for my cooking fats. What foods are you specifically using the ghee with/on? I mean, cauliflower mashed "potatoes" might be better with ghee, but you can just skip the mashed part and have cauliflower, too. I was a dairy addict and have used real butter for over 15 years, but I really haven't missed it all. Try just going without!