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  1. silvertim

    Weight Loss Frustration for Two Men

    I hadn't considered the possibility of UNDEReating. Interesting. That could be. Here's what I'm doing - Breakfast — 2-3 eggs scrambled, sautéed spinach with garlic and onion in ghee, homemade sausage; coffee with homemade coconut milk Lunch - grilled chicken with roasted veggies (beets, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions) and an apple Dinner - usually a meat of some kind (pork or beef or fish), with salad or greens, and roasted veggies and avocado Every day is a variation of this, with the occasional snack of banana, withcashews, blueberries, coconut, & unsweetened applesauce (monkey salad it's called!)
  2. silvertim

    Weight Loss Frustration for Two Men

    Scale weight, body shape, clothes fitting - all of those things are WHY I chose Whole30, so no, that did not happen. As I said before, we are THRILLED with how the rest of it worked out, but seriously wonder how it is possible to not lose any weight at all given the things we cut out that are supposedly so terrible. Thank you for your response. We also are careful about portions.
  3. HELP! We are two men, both 50, married, and living in a city where we have access to amazing produce and organic butcher meats. We followed Whole30 for the entire 30 days and were strict adherents to all of the rules and restrictions. We both love to cook, eat relatively healthy every day, and are both in good health. We are hoping to lose 10-15 pounds each to get back to a really great weight for each of us — somewhere around 150. That is ideal. THE GOOD NEWS. Some pain caused by slight arthritis in my hand disappeared around Day 3-4 and has not returned. Amazing news. I had been waking in pain every morning for 6 months and now I am convinced it is due to food. We are embarking on introducing food back into our diet tomorrow to see what might be causing the problem, but I can thank Whole30 for helping me figure this one out. In addition, everything else is better: sleep, rising in the morning, concentration, digestion, overall emotional state, no crashing mid-afternoon, delicious meals, and an overall feeling of wellness. THE BAD NEWS: Neither of us lost any weight at all. Granted, we are not exercising. We walk our dog, but winter and torrential rain for nearly every day in our normally sunny climate has created a problem for us. We intend to go back to exercising (hikes, bike rides, etc), but neither of us can believe that exercise - or LACK OF - is the culprit here, especially since we have lost weight in other ways in the past with diet alone. Weight Watchers was particularly good for me. Here is the real question for all of you — I cannot believe that cutting out alcohol, dairy, wheat, legumes, gluten, all sugar, and soy and everything else Whole 30 forbids did not result in weight loss. It makes no sense to us at all. Frankly, it made us depressed. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated. (Also, I know our metabolism has slowed down, but still... reducing all of those things, many of which we regularly partake should result in SOME weight loss, no?) Thank you community!