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    Start date Tuesday September 5th

    I am curious about your breakfast egg roll recipe too!
  2. Hey LadyLisbette, nice to see you are still "around". You are doing so well. We have done a week now. Trying to be perfect is not always easy... already feels better. Glad you are starting up too, it always feels better when there is a bond!
  3. I am ba....ack...! It is September and both of us decided it is time to start Whole 30 again. Wondering if any of you on this page feel the same!. Today is day 2 and it is a little harder. This time I will reduce the potato intake as I believe that last time we ate too many potatoes and sweet potatoes. Hopeful some of you will show up?
  4. Yes I am from Holland I was born in the 'Vogelwijk" close to Kijkduin at the edge of The Hague on the coast of the North Sea, just south of Scheveningen. Used to go home often when my parents were still alive, but now it has been a while. I have a lot of close cousins there, so another trip is in the future. Just try to coordinate it between visiting children, grandchildren all across the continent and the world. So never a dull moment. This easter is a celebration with friends so that will be fun. We are still pretty compliant. Although I continue to struggle with too many nuts and rx bars. It seems like that Rx bar is my sweet crutch and I make myself think that it is guilt free. We had a beautiful big salad tonight with grilled chicken breast. It was quite filling. And...I had a glass of wine, delicious. We shall see the next few days, but both of us are optimistic and very happy with our new ways. You will too. I have an excalibur dehydrator and really love it. You can order special sheets for the shelves that are very thin and pliable made for things that drip in addition to the sheets that are mesh. Kale is really delicious done this way lightly sprayed with coconut oil and sprinkled with chili powder pepper and a touch of salt, then roasted for 10 hours. The chips are really addictive, we can't seem to make them last more then a day. I also make sun-dried tomatoes in it, they are delicious as well. And the list goes on. I have never made jerky in it yet. Will have to make them with cocoanimos and spices. Thanks for the tip! Always great to hear from you, Lady Lisbette!!
  5. That potato recipe sounds great, is the Whole 30 Cookbook good? Silly question maybe. I have so many cookbooks, so I just wonder. It has been 1.5 since day 60 and I have had a reaction to red wine, one night causing my lower back to ache terrible. No reaction to a vodka martini, so I will enjoy that. Had peanut butter on Appel and it has become my afternoon snack now. Beans in my tuscan salad no problem. Yesterday I had a little bit of cheddar cheese, very old. It was delicious, no reaction. But I will take it easy with cheese as being Dutch originally it might become an obsession again. In Holland we always had cheese and bread, always always. I have not tried bread yet. Did make pancakes with banana mashed and an egg and those were very good. Yes I believe this 60 days has changed us for the better. LadyLisbette, that candida problem sounds terrible, I hope you get help with that, I believe it can take a while to heal. Liz I would love to hear more about your dehydrating...I have an excalibur. Dehydrated kale yesterday to make chips. It is really good! See you later...
  6. Yum steak and crunchy salad. The best combination. A 5 day backpacking trip that is pretty big and exciting. I am almost envious. And oh yes antibiotics bring a lot of havoc in your system, surely that might affect how you felt at that time. Maybe even do not need the fodmaps?? So, this morning I made oatmeal, supposedly gluten free. I cooked it and added grated Appel and wild blueberries. It was pretty good. And I felt it stuck with me. We had our walk with the dog and came back and had a boiled egg. Then later, hubby came home from an errand and said he had jagged vision, I believe it is migraine and he thought it came from the oatmeal. I did not have any issues, although I was tired this afternoon, but we had a yummy salad with some leftover shepperds pie (thanks to you LadyLisbette) And....drumroll...I went shopping for groceries and brought home fresh sushi from Whole Foods...Yum. We just ate that and I am very full now, in fact I think I am Tomorrow is a doctors apt for a blood test for my A1C and cholesterol. Its all good!
  7. LadyLisbette and Liz's journey! Looks like we are winding down in our posting of this February 1st group! LL I am impressed that you went out for dinner and stuck to your guns even on an anniversary. We have not gone out for dinner yet, only once in 60 days. First time was in Florida while on vacation with a group of 8 friends. It was hard, everything had non compliant additions and even though they offered gluten free, dairy and sugar was everywhere. But I stuck with it as well. scraping off the cheese on the lettuce and the sugary cranberries. Such an old fashioned way of serving a salad. We are 65 days in and I believe that our way of eating definitely has changed now. No desire for sugar. Although I do love the frozen banana blended with cacao. That will be my ice cream from now on. As far as exercise, I have to boost that up, we have a full gym here and there is no excuse to not go in there and at least do 30 minutes of something, rain or shine. And my Goldendoodle Lucee keeps us active walking her. Today is a rainy day. So Liz and Lisbette you both inspire me to get off my butt and into the gym! Thanks for all you have done for me Ladies!!!
  8. So reintroduction has started and I tried peanut butter, from TJ's no sugar, just peanuts on an Appel. YUM. I do feel a bit odd now, kind of slow mo. So it might be from that or maybe something else. Tonight we will have some beans with a salad. I made a Tuscan salad with a head of romaine chopped, some red onion, parsley, celery chopped red olives, capers and...cannelli beans. Olive oil and fresh lemon and S&P. We shall see what that will do.
  9. Update, I lost nothing..not even an ounce. Darn. So I think it means I ate entirely too many rx bars and macadamia nuts and probably too many potatoes. Well my sugar count is still down, AND we will continue on this way of eating mostly. Start reintroduce legumes tomorrow! Yeah!
  10. Liz, don't give up! I know how you feel, I have been going through the same feeling. Wanting to have something different to snack on. But not wanting to change the compliancy of all our hard work for 60 days! I am day 60, just waking up and will weigh myself today. It does not feel like I have lost anything. The big thing for me is that my sugars are still in control. I crave something sweet still. So 2 days ago I blended two frozen bananas with pure cocoa and boy was it good. Shared it with my husband, if not I would have eaten the whole thing. Still compliant right! Going to Alaska is exciting but difficult. I am sure you can find the right foods. Smoked Salmon has so many good things for our body, that I believe it to be ok to have a tiny sugar in it. Who knows maybe you can find one without? The Norwegian smoked salmon is cured without sugar. You have come such a long way. Thank you both for being here LadyLisbette and Liz, I kind of depend on you both! And of course Anna H and others who come and go! Stay with us!!
  11. Ladylisbette, No hubby does not cook at all, he does help clean up! And wow that cottage pie sounds so delicious! Im making it next!
  12. Hedgehog! What is Bokwa? Im curious now too. Today is day 57 for us. We just had dinner chicken asparagus half a sweet potato grilled cauliflower and a little guacamole. My husband just sat here eating and enjoying his dinner, and then said...I don't see a reason to go back to other ways of eating. We both really enjoy all the meals. THE ONLY THING is that I spent a very long time cooking every day. I would say at least 2.5 to 3 hours each day and then clean up after. I cannot image that working people can do the same thing. It is difficult to get into other chores here on the property. This past weekend we had friends over visiting for a couple of nights. They enjoyed the meals I made and my girlfriend made a delicious shrimp entree and I added two sides of veggies and potatoes. They could not eat lunch on Saturday, they said they were still full from the breakfast I made. We both eat three healthy meals each day. Friday night I did have a few glasses of red wine and really enjoyed them. Did not seem to have any side effects. Then I had none on Saturday and was very proud of myself. Did the Kamboucha instead. What I would like is to find a restaurant that makes it easy for me to stay in line and this may not be easy here. I live in the south! Close to the North Carolina border in South Carolina. And all they love here or mostly is fried foods, gritts and then more fried foods. There is a nice Thai restaurant not far from our place, but then you get into the noodle and rice stuff. So I will have to figure out how to take care of my wanting to dine out feeling. Three more days and I am going to have some yummy peanut butter (Trader Joes) sugar free on an Appel and do the legumes in a salad, as they mention in the reintro. It will be interesting. BTW hubby did have a piece of bread on Saturday with the spicey shrimp dish, but not me.... He said he had a slight headache after that meal. But it is hard to say as he still has his cocktails and wine, he never stopped that. How is everyone else doing?????
  13. So Funny about Rolo, Mango sometimes drinks with his paws, like dips them and licks them also on the bathroom sink. But mostly he calls for me to turn the tap on, I have stopped running for him to do that, so now he is not so demanding about that anymore. In fact we put a cat fountain in the basement for him and Puma. Puma and Mango are brothers, they were both feral cats that we adopted when they were 1 year old. Puma is a gentle quiet sole at night, thank the Lord. But he likes his loving during the day for sure. I am longing for my chocolate. 10 more days!
  14. Treeny_bash. I am hoping you will find the strength to clean that oven. Just think on how happy you'll feel once its done. Here in the USA we have self cleaning ovens...I guess we are spoiled. Even that is always a chore as you have to be around and the cleaning makes a burning smell in the house. Don't give up!