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  1. Callan

    The crazy things people say

    "Well, if you're craving cheese, that must mean you need it!" She has also said the same thing about sugar and wheat. Sadly, this is not a valid statement.
  2. Callan

    The crazy things people say

    That is so sad, Briana.
  3. Callan

    The crazy things people say

    Someone in my family who has seemed to be taking my dietary and lifestyle changes very personally, for whatever reason, said to me today: "So, I hate to say this and do so begrudgingly, because that's how I am, but I recently determined that pizza really affects me negatively." She thinks that "pizza wheat" is somehow worse than other wheat, but I'm sure it's just the combo of wheat, low-quality cheese, and industrial oils that is bothering her... After she went grocery shopping, she said, "Speaking of having less wheat, I got potato rolls today!" Me: "But... Don't those have wheat in them?" Her: "Maybe, but not a lot! *checks label* oh... It's the first ingredient." Me: *facepalm*
  4. Callan

    The crazy things people say

    Heh, I have a similar story. I sat down to have my lunch at the coffee shop I work at, and a regular customer asks me, "Are you a vegetarian? Because you seem like a health nut to me!" And I said, "Well, I am a health nut but I sure am not a vegetarian!" To be fair, she wasn't a vegetarian either, but it's interesting how the common perception of vegetarianism is that it's the pinnacle of health. I used to think so, even.
  5. Callan

    The crazy things people say

    Ha, that's so strange. What does he think gluten is? Another thing: Whenever I tell people I only get sick once or twice a year, they tell me know lucky I am. I don't know how much luck has to do with my immune system; I just take good care of myself!
  6. Callan

    The crazy things people say

    Two days ago I went grocery shopping with someone who has a child in elementary school. In the car afterwards: Me: "So, what did you end up getting?" Her: "Just some basic things. Not really any vegetables this week, though. I'm prioritizing my workouts over eating healthy right now." Me: O_O ... *silent* She'd get defensive if I said anything to question that plan's validity. Yesterday she was sick in bed all day (which happened once last week, and the week before...) and is still coughing up a storm.