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  1. Callan

    Pre-Cooking Veggies: How?

    Popping in to say that this is a great thread. I'm more into pre-chopping than pre-cooking, but of course it depends on the vegetable. Great ideas, guys!
  2. Yes! I wound up using the original recipe in my crockpot, left it for close to 10 hours, and it was perfect.
  3. Callan

    An Amazing Kale Salad

    Ah, lacinato kale is the best. Thanks!
  4. Callan

    How much do you off-road?

    Jennifer, are we the same person? Going through veeery similar things!
  5. Callan

    Explaining Paleo to Skeptical Family/Friends

    Awesome, thanks for sharing. There are a few people who I just wish I could persuade to listen...
  6. I have similar issues and know that many others here do too. Many seem to choose to modify their Whole30s to not allow themselves to eat nuts/dried fruit/other-trigger-food to try to "starve" that compulsion... I don't really know how well it works. Although I just completed a Whole-something (45 or 60), I continued to struggle with overeating things like coconut flakes and nuts, and am planning another Whole30 in which those are just plain not an option. I hope it works, but I'll be watching this thread to see what others have to say. Good luck, and be gentle with yourself!
  7. Here are mine... Kind of a mess because I wasn't sure what I was doing... But if I get some followers I'm sure I could be inspired to clean em up Edit: my "Food: Simplified" board should be MOSTLY Whole30. The premise of that board is finding easy things to make for my next Whole*!
  8. Callan

    sick to my stomach

    I've been struggling recently with a similar issue, and I think it has predominantly to do with fat. Not saying fat is bad, but that our bodies may be used to higher carb, lower fat eating, and this might be challenging to the digestive system. I've had success with digestive enzymes (when I remember to take them), but I notice I have trouble trying to stick to three meals a day, as this requires higher doses of fat at each meal. This might not be your issue, but it's another factor to consider. Good luck!
  9. Callan

    Callan's Reintroduction Log

    Wow, okay, so last night I reintroduced white Jasmine rice (1/2 cup uncooked) with my stir fry (beef, cabbage, carrots, peppers, onions, coconut aminos, ginger, and a bit of sriracha sauce). SO GOOD. I wolfed it down and took some digestive enzymes, but shortly thereafter I had some pretty bad stomach pains and nausea. Might be because I ate too fast, but maybe white rice ain't that good for me? It was so satisfying, though... I've definitely been over-carbsuming the past few days, eating a lot of dried fruit and fresh fruit and generally just munching. I also reintroduced white potatoes (boooring!). This morning I cooked some steel cut oats (1/4 cup dry) with apples cooked in ghee, almond butter, and raisins, and it was damn delicious, but I missed my veggies and protein, so all morning I snacked on baby carrots, more raisins, turkey, and pulled pork. Ha! I don't feel any digestive distress, BUT! ... I looked at my scalp and scratched at it a bit and holy cow I have the worst dandruff I've seen in, well, a month! I have issues with skin-picking, so I pay close attention to this problem and MAN, I forgot how bad it can be! Nothing else has changed. I wonder, is it the rice, the oats, the dairy (delayed reaction), or just all these sugars and carbs in general? Hmm... Well, that's an interesting and relevant change! Get outta my life, sugars and grains! Edit: I'm practicing riding my own bike this month, and have been falling a lot. The week after next I'm going to stay with my grandparents for five days and want to enjoy my grandma's food. I know she will be fairly accommodating, but am reintroducing things so I can see where I can be a bit more lenient with my restrictions. Sometime after I get home from that (by March 1st), I will start another Whole* (perhaps 45, 60, 90, 100???) because 30 clearly was not enough for me to squash some of these bad habits and sugar cravings. That said, this period of time is important to me. I may be overindulging in raisins, or chocolate, and I'm no longer held accountable. This is a relief, a thrill, and a disappointment all in one. I can see that I get a "kick" out of being "bad," and seeing how far I can push myself in an unhealthy direction. I'm fatigued by preparing interesting food, photographing my meals, and sharing recipes. So this is a welcome break, but I'm going slightly off the deep end. I'm currently mentally voting foods off my "food island" and trying to puzzle out how to make my next Whole* more intuitive and easy. I'm not in the best place right now, but things could be far worse. Thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to refreshing myself and being useful in the future!
  10. Callan

    Callan's Reintroduction Log

    So, yesterday I cooked a plantain in a bit of organic cultured butter. No digestive issues, BUT I still have this darn cold! I just about NEVER get sick and now I've had a runny nose, scratchy throat, post-nasal drip, gross yellow-green snot, all that nasty stuff, for nearly a WEEK! As I said, this is abnormal for me. The cold started a day before reintroduction, but does anyone think that dairy (and/or sugar) is prolonging this? I want butter to be okay, but maybe it's really not.
  11. Callan

    Ideas for Post Whole30 Rules

    RevKT, back in December I was in a similar place to you, and was absolutely fed up with my tendency to binge on sugar and chocolate and yes, even dried fruit. So when I was planning for my first Whole30, I tried to say "no fruit, no root veggies, no squash!" and everyone told me that was a terrible idea. I listened to them, thank goodness, because they were right. I was SO much happier with my squash and sweet potatoes. That said, right now I'm--once again--in a similar place to you, having eaten a whole bar of dark chocolate and a ton of dried fruit and hating myself again. I do think another (longer) Whole30 would help, and it would probably be advisable to limit or even cut out fruit (I had no fruit for the first half of my Whole30 and brought it back in [which was nice and pleasant but the quantities did creep up over time]). I don't have the answers, but I want you to know you're not alone!
  12. Callan

    Callan's Reintroduction Log

    Oof, so, I don't know if I should be allowed in Trader Joe's anymore. Today I popped in and left with a bag of "Fruit leather ends and pieces," a 3.5oz bar of dark chocolate (no soy or milk), raw almonds, and raisins. I ate all the fruit leather (6 servings D: ) and all the chocolate and some of the almonds. Now I have terrible gas, stomach pains, and a bit of nausea. Now I remember why I did the W30 in the first place! I'm not so sure I want to keep doing reintroduction now... I just want to go back to fine-tuning my Whole30, which wasn't quite where I wanted it to be by the end... But I wanted to ride my own bike, too... Today the wheels totally fell off. Browsing the forums, I see I'm not the only one, but dammit I felt so good! Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping for real and I'm gonna buy a ton of meat and veggies. My goal is to make food /easy/, simplified, but still interesting and delicious. Bluh. Sugar is just... Sugar is not so good. But even as I type this, I wouldn't mind reaching for the raisins. What?! Time for another Whole* I think....
  13. Callan

    Katie's Reintro Log

    I have definitely done that before >_<
  14. Callan

    Katie's Reintro Log

    Your menu looks incredible, I'm jealous. I'm looking forward to being done with reintro so I can reassess what kinda eating plan works best for me.
  15. Callan

    Callan's Reintroduction Log

    Yeah, totally. I will probably have to do this again, but funnily enough, I really don't miss things like steel-cut oats, yogurt, or even ice cream (frozen bananas + cocoa powder is good enough!)... Dropping by Trader Joe's today to see what kinda terrible gluten-free grain products to try. This is fun! :-P