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    Thank you for asking!
    Most people lose weight during a Whole30. Eating only healthy foods tends to make that happen. However, the Whole30 is not a weight loss program, it is a health improvement program. It really works best if you focus on trying to improve your health and let the weight take care of itself. Therefore, it takes some trust on your part that this program is good for you and will yield good results. Unfortunately, if you focus on weight loss, you can mess up your Whole30 and either slow weight loss or hurt your health.
    The key to this program is eating as much as is recommended in the meal template. If you try to speed weight loss by eating less food or less fat, it interferes with your hormones achieving a normal, healthy balance and often backfires. Here is a link to the meal template...
    Do not count points, track calories, or weigh your food. The replacement for that behavior is following the meal template and paying attention to your feelings. If you try to do both, you will fail at following the meal template and paying attention to your feelings. They may not seem your best choice now, but they really are what works for a lifetime of health and happiness.
    I lost weight with this program starting in May of 2010. I lost 2 pounds per month for 15 months in a row. I ate lots of food and was never hungry. I made the mistake of trying to speed the process by skipping some meals. Back in 2010, stepping on a scale was not forbidden. What I discovered is that I sometimes gained weight on days I skipped meals. I don't understand why. I also tried to speed weight loss by exercising more than usual. I would add a 5K run to my ordinary workout. That did not make me lose weight faster either. Finally after a few months, I settled down and just followed the program. I kept losing weight until I was down 30 pounds. I went from 215 to 185. 185 was my goal weight. I wondered if I would keep losing weight when I reached it. Curiously enough, I got down to 184 one day, but never lost more. I kept eating exactly the same, but stopped losing weight.
    Today, I weigh 195, but I am much more muscular than I was before. I have not had my body fat measured, but I suspect I remain as lean as ever, but when I started lifting heavy weights, my chest, arms, and legs got bigger. This program really works if you will let it. Just give it time.
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    Callan reacted to Robin Strathdee in Acronyms!   
    This is a list of the most commonly used acronyms on the forum. If you see one we're missing, you can note it below and a moderator will update the list.

    W9: Whole9

    W30: Whole30

    SAD: Standard American Diet
    This is the diet that typifies the western attitude toward food - processed foods, low fat, "sugar free", food-like products, fast food...

    W30D: Whole30 Daily
    The Whole30 Daily is a 32 day (you get days 0 and 31) subscription email service packed with tips and resources for you during every step of your Whole30 journey.

    SWYPO: Sex With Your Pants On.
    Pancakes, cookies, muffins and other paleofied junk foods that are never as satisfying as the real thing and often lead down the slippery slope to "real" junk food.

    ISWF: It Starts With Food
    Best-selling book by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig (creators of the Whole30 program) that details both the ins and outs of the Whole30 program AND the science behind their many recommendations.

    WOD: Workout of the Day
    Primarily CrossFit terminology used to refer to the assigned group workout of the day. Many folks around here use it to describe their daily workout, CrossFit or not.

    Pre-wo: Pre-Workout/ Post-wo: Post-Workout
    Generally used in reference to what foods are best to eat before and after a workout

    AIP: Autoimmune Protocol
    This is a reference to the autoimmune protocol – a larger and more specific set of dietary restrictions for those suffering from autoimmune conditions.

    We won't worry about the sciency words the acronym stands for. These foods are easily broken down by certain bacteria in the gut and can cause digestive troubles for some folks.
    MDA: Mark's Daily Apple.  ~ A good go-to if you can't find the info you need here or on our site,
    BP Coffee: Bulletproof Coffee ~ A coffee drink made with ghee and coconut oil, blended in a blender or with an immersion blender.
    NSV: Non-Scale Victory - like clearer skin, better sleep, less joint pain, clothes fitting better -- anything other than the number on the scale
    JERF: Just Eat Real Food
    FWOB: Foods without brakes ~ less healthy foods you can't seem to stop once you start
    ACV: apple cider vinegar
    EVOO: extra virgin olive oil
    OTF: Orange Theory Fitness - a popular gym/fitness program
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    Callan reacted to Jtandi in Don't over think this.   
    thanks so much for this post! I am on my first whole30 ever (or whole100 if I have my way) and have started to stress out a little bit today. I was actually upset with myself for having 3 pieces of fruit and cashew butter on two different occasions. did I stick to the rules? yes. could my food choices have been better? yes. did I drink diet coke and have cookies for breakfast like I did a week ago? nope. so that is success. I don't want to get discouraged and worry about how I can cook my veggies/meat/whatever.