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  1. JesterBL

    Hot Sauce!

    Tapatio is also compliant. I've found that a lot of 'craft' hot sauces are non-compliant (added sugar, usually), but a lot of the 'mainstream hot sauces are.
  2. JesterBL

    Tessemae's Lemon Garlic :(

    Their Balsamic Vinaigrette is also pretty underwhelming. We actually did one of the email recipes that calls for Tessemae's (Fried Cabbage with Egg and Lemon Garlic) before realizing that we could buy Tessemae's and, honestly, if you approximate their recipe, you can make something just as good.
  3. JesterBL

    Started today! REALLY WANT SUGAR.

    I found that it was way easier not to think of the things you want and couldn't have but to focus on the things you want and can have. Maybe you buy a nicer bag of coffee than you normally would and drink that black. Maybe you start off your Whole30 with a (compliant) steak dinner. But it gets really hard if you think and talk about what you can't have instead of what you can.
  4. JesterBL

    Starting Jan 30th! Pesto and mustard?

    Annie's Organic Dijon Mustard: Distilled White Vinegar, Water, *Mustard Seed, Sea Salt, *Clove. With Dijon Mustard, you really only have to watch out for wine and added sugar, in my experience so far. Good luck on finding a compliant pesto- I haven't so far. Even tomato pestos always come up with sulfites or something else, assuming they have compliant oil and no cheese. Be really wary about relying on 'I read somewhere'- ultimately, it is up to you to read the labels when you buy the item and before you use it.
  5. JesterBL

    Hot Chocolate Alternative?

    I like Morning Thunder by Celestial Seasonings. It is a mix of black tea and roasted yerba mate- the roast gives it, to my mind, some of the roast-y notes of dark hot chocolate. Other than that, there are cocoa based 'coffees' like CrioBru and Choffey, but I can't attest to them. EDIT: They are on the Official Whole30 approved list, however, under 'beverages':
  6. JesterBL

    January 2nd start date

    Tomorrow is our Day 30 but, owing to our schedules,we will remain on plan and we won't be doing any reintroduction till Saturday, when we intend on trying wine with our first (and favorite) Whole30 protein recipe- cocoa rubbed pork tenderloin.