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  1. DianaLynn

    Starting Oct 1

    I am eager to start October 1st. I started my first Whole 30 February of 2017 and stuck to it for months afterwards. Traveling and family guests got me off track and I did a second one in October of 2017. Traveling this summer got me off track again (eating more breads and sugars) and so it is time for another reset. There are life transitions ahead in 2019 and though good things are happening, there is an accompanying stress. I believe getting my eating in good control (through another Whole 30) is a piece of the puzzle to help my mental, physical, and emotional health better face the transitions. Glad to be a part of the forum for support.
  2. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I am in ReIntro... I introduced non-gluten grains on day 1 (oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa at meals 1,2, and 3). While I had no gut trouble, I was aware that I seemed to get hungry earlier; about 3 hours after both meal 1 and 2 I was thinking "when can I eat?!" (Normally I can go the 4-5 hours being satisfied.) And about an hour after dinner I had a munchy craving which I have not had since I began...and I was a salty snack person before. Anyhoo, I resisted the urge, ignored the craving, and was fine. So...I am not sure if grains satisfy me for less amount of time and potentially kick in my munchy craving. Or is this psychological? With some upcoming outings and a trip, am feeling ready to be more "flexible" in my food choices. I am slightly weary of the effort this has taken, though it has been so worth it. Today is Day 4....legumes for me. Just finished bfast and added peanut butter to my apples. It was delicious! However, I was surprised that when I looked at the two different peanut butter jars I have .... one of them had sugar plus other non-compliant ingredients and the other was simply peanuts and salt. Guess what? The healthier one is the one I keep separate for my dog! So I ate my dog's peanut butter this morning. LOL. Oh...and Day 31 (or Day 1 of Reintro)my scale said I lost 4.5 pounds, which I was very happy with. I order ISWF; it came yesterday and having begun reading it to keep me committed during this reintro period. Also, I think I will go out today and buy myself a new pair of pants. Fun!
  3. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I had a mishap today. Made some tea, which I've done a number of these Whole 30 days. Grabbed a different flavored teabag that I hadn't had for awhile...Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion. Took one sip and remember to look at the ingredients. Argh....the dreaded soy lecithin. Dumped the rest of the cup out. Too late to spit out what I took. My helpful husband suggested I drink some hydrogen peroxide to vomit it all up, like we did for the dog when she ate chocolate. LOL. Now I understand why people clean out their cupboards of all non-whole 30 compliant food. It's Day 25 and I am not restarting over one sip of tea. On the UP side...I made my own clarified butter this evening(that was interesting) as well as sweet potato soup (recipe from the Whole 30 book). Yummy. I drool over the recipes. I have not had time yet to make half of these marvelous looking recipes, but I've made a number and have truly enjoyed everything. Everything tastes so delicious. Some of my NSVs: I've had good energy throughout and my thinking is clearer. I've had very few headaches which were light but fairly regular before. My pants are looser. My skin is softer. I've been more positive. I've learned to eat slower and savor my food. I've learned to not snack between meals or after dinner, which is amazing for me. Woo Hoo! Grateful for this journey and for the sharing on this forum.
  4. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Garts Girl, I get it and I would have cried too to see breading on my fish last night. We've worked hard to make good choices....it is disheartening. While I was out with my hubby, feeling hungry and looking at the tortilla chips I was choosing not to eat, and going back and forth with the server about what I could or could not have, I thought "Dinner at home would have been so much easier...even with having to make it." Even when the meal came, I began eating with caution..unsure my wishes had been honored. I had to let it go. I agree with Allie711; pamper yourself a bit with some non-food fun. And recount all the victories you've had....and keep moving forward, whether it is day 15 or day 1. While we would like the 30 days to be completely "clean", I'm sure there are other goals you are making headway on....self-control, filling your plate with real food, avoiding sugar, and more! I hope you can see the great strides you are making. Praying you can have peace about this.
  5. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Day 15 for me. Victory so far. Went out to a favorite restaurant last night with my hubby and I survived! It's a Latin Fusion cuisine....called ahead to talk to someone in the kitchen who assured me they could accommodate my dietary restrictions. What I should have also asked was if they could provide some raw veggie sticks when they brought out the chips and salsa (that are standard pre-meal fare). I didn't want to deny my hubby his enjoyment by asking they take them away. Salty snacks are "MY THING" and it was the probably the first time I really felt tempted, but held my resolve! It was partially hard because I actually was starting to get hungry since it had been 6 hours since lunch and also because eating the chips and salsa is completely part of the routine when we go to that restaurant. At one point in the meal, I had to adjust the basket of chips on the table so I couldn't see the chips because my old habit is to "take and eat" as long as there are chips in the basket. Before beginning my Whole 30, I expected to perhaps struggle with missing my 8:30-9:00 batch of popcorn, since that's my salty snack thing. (Truth be told- I sometimes intentially ate a lighter meal because I was looking forward to my popcorn!) But I've really enjoyed my meals and they have satisfied me til the next one with no cravings. An observation I had made is that the WHOLE 30 recipes have more salt and pepper than I normally would use (occasionally it is too much). I wonder if I wasn't getting enough salt before; I think I got the impression years ago that we Americans should reduce our salt intake, so I hardly salted anything (except popcorn!) and frequently reduced the amount of salt the recipe called for. Wondering if anyone else was a little surprised by the amount of salt in the recipes?
  6. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    My head is feeling pressure...began yesterday afternoon, worse today. Wasn't sure if I was getting a fever, but temp is normalish so far. I felt terrific through Day 7. Hubby was sick with a cold all of my Week 1 and I had not caught it. Mostly resting today. But need to meal plan. And grocery shop soon.
  7. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I concur on the time spent in the kitchen. Making my own mayo, dressing and sauces is time consuming, however I remind myself that it is just this month that I have to(am choosing to) do it. I am hoping I learn that none of the eliminated foods impact me (LOL) so I don't HAVE to make any permanent changes. My husband, who is not doing Whole30 but eating my non-squash dinners, LOVED the Coconut Curry Sauce I made for the seared chicken breasts. He asked if I could make it every day. The recipes so far have been very tasty, which makes it worthwhile. Plus loving the leftovers. I have been feeling good also. I guess we can just be grateful.
  8. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I followed Day 1 of the 7 Day Meal Plan in the guidebook. It was work but tasty. And I am so FULL that Even the thought of a snack is unappealing. I guess that's good? The recipes in the book say they are 2servings, but seemed large, so I'm not sure if I was eating too much. Regardless, it was a successful Whole 30 Day One (and I will figure out the portion size with tweaking& time)!
  9. DianaLynn

    FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I'm in! My adult daughter began a few weeks ago and now I am ready to begin tomorrow! I am interested to discover what the eliminated foods effect will be on my body and curious how I retrain myself when I have the 8:30pm salty snack craving for popcorn. I have the spinach fritatta prepped for breakfast and the spaghetti squash with tomato sauce prepped (from the 7 day plan in the Whole 30 Guidebook) for dinner. Will have time to get lunch ready in the morning, plus I am a stay-at-home mom/wife so have extra time. Am planning to listen to many podcasts this month during meal prep!