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  1. Yes! Well, I just emailed you, and then saw this post...thanks for the news! Awesome about washing your hair, getting back to work, organzing the shed with yourcarpenter, and tending to the freezers, etc... Oh my gosh, Holly, you survived this thing, and will march on with the rest of the living through this strange period of history. Bravo! Bravo! If you read my email you know I'm high on wine, and so I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. Onward all of us! Sweet dreams!
  2. My friend sent this to me, and I find her voice to be so comforting. I wondered if it might be of comfort right now. I am not sure how I feel about her bestselling book, so I almost didn't listen, but it's very wise, and very, very loving. I'm too busy to journal these days, but I have rolled her ideas in to my self talk, instead, and that is something.
  3. Hi Holly! I'm so sorry for the delay, and I thank you for your updates. I am holding a prayer of love and gratitude for your absence of respiratory symptoms, and call on the highest orders of love and light to keep it so. It must test your patience, feeling so crummy. Tommy Petty sings it to us, that waiting is the hardest part...I am so grateful that your W30 ways keep your immune system strong. Bird song is the best, isn't it? That, and the cat's trill. And purrs. And cat's snoring, too. That's so cool that you caught a whiff of the eucalyptus! Have you tried again? What other small sel
  4. Do you do one braid or two? I think braids are so pretty. Mostly I wear them when I hike, but am about to do some experimenting. Do you wear / have you ever worn French braids? I'd like to learn that soon so I can show my stripes in different ways to help get me through the awkward 2 years of gray grow-out I am looking at. It's interesting to me about your inclination towards looking in the mirror with expectation of seeing change. That feels really understandable to me, though I can't find words or rationale for it. I think it might be a deeply intuitive thing, and though I can't relate preci
  5. Thank you for the kindness about the ax murderers and the counterfeit bill. You are the only one to exonerate me - I saw my husband frustrated/cranky (he is prone to hissy fits, which looks funny in writing but is not funny in the moment), and I felt ashamed in front of my staff = ( so I needed that, thank you. I will let it go. A mistake is a mistake, but we aren't to make the second mistake of not learning from it, and I am psyching myself to be firm in the future, and not ignore my instinct, if it ever happens again. Whew. Thank you for your many kindnesses and friendship. (insert hug)
  6. Here's to one step forward! I loved Star Trek Next Generation, I tried to watch it every week, and one year for Christmas Mom gave all of us kids Star Trek pins like the officers wore, their - what do you call them? - pins, those magical badges with the boomerang shape. Do those have a name?...sorry, my brain is so tired! Anyway, I'm glad to know you are a Trekkie Did you try the epsom salt bath? How did that go? How was your day? Did you like the teriyaki after all? I tried a Primal Palate mayo once - I think it was a specialty flavor, but I hated it, too, and had to dump it. That has go
  7. I'm so glad to read your news -- It sounds like you are crushing it, and I'm so proud of you. Also, wishing I could mail you some produce - I guess that's a bad idea. Can you have someone deliver some to your doorstep? I've been doing that with drug store things for customers and friends who are vulnerable and can't go out. Is it all so surreal? That is how it feels from here, to know you are home sick. When this is all over, bragging rights forever. Any chest tightness? What is your energy level like? So many questions, I know, but I wonder what simple deliciousness you or your husband might
  8. Sorry, we had some wine with dinner over puttanesca to celebrate our first day with the new technician - they did an almost record number of Rx's without hassle or drama -- and I fat-fingered my post - sorry, I was going to say may it STAY THAT WAY! ...your case, being mild, tame it, tame it, tame it with your HollySmokes ways....and I will do my part from afar. My husband said that when you've recovered you can touch your face again without worry. Please write to me every day so I don't worry so much about you, ok? Because I will worry. And I'm really interested in what you said about W30 bei
  9. Holly! It sounds like you are in the midst of a mild case, and may it STAY
  10. With the feeling of accomplishment of getting the garage clean and sorted, and getting the closet just the way I want it, I found the self-love and motivation to get out of bed when I woke up early today at 540 instead of turning over and snoozing. I went highway walking up to the park entrance. This is the first walk I've taken in weeks, and it felt so good. Flowers, river, mountains, birds, cold fresh air. Aah. I did some yoga in the driveway before coming in b/c I didn't want supervisors distracting me. So today is a new lease on life. Why is is that cleaning and/or organizing-type act
  11. Thank you for this. I finally gave it the time and attention it deserves just now -- a peaceful, rainy Sunday morning, just me and the cats while Hubby sleeps in. And it filled my cup. It conjured up a treasure trove of feelings and memories, and admiration for those amazing musicians, and their amazing instruments. much-needed. Riding the psychic resonance, I sent a link over the ethers to my brother, also a musician who loves the Allman Brothers Band, who I know will love it, too. Looking over my shoulder, the last month has gone so quickly. Now that the outgoing tech has passed the to
  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss! Waah. Here's to Fred. And his Butter Chicken. And sharing it with your mother. I wept in the car today on my way to town hearing a radio tribute to Terrance McNally, the playwright who just died, too, though I did not know him, just loved his work. So much loss. Please be careful...I'm so glad you are just going back and forth to work, not taking any chances. I read there's a lot of illness in NO, and that made me think of you, and people you might still know there. One day at a time, right? I don't know how to post anything beyond a photo on IG, but
  13. Birds, blue sky, lactobacillus buddies, yes! I'm waiting for a friend to check in with a trial run of a ZOOM set-up for our support group. I am doubtful that our older caregiver gang will be up for such a high-tech solution, but who knows. Wanting and needing some social contact in addition to peer support might be a motivator that proves me wrong! Meanwhile, good to read your happy news and share some of mine. Get some good rest after all your labors! The way I see it, it's really healthy to hang on to some aspects of normalcy, weird W30 dreams included, yes! Glad you got a break from th
  14. That tee-shirt: that's funny! Yes, you are right, that is my husband! He keeps saying, "Social distancing, I was born for this moment, this is my moment!" LOL I would like to stay home and do some creative writing. But really, I should get outside, so mark my words, that is where I'm going right now. As soon as I finish this post. I swear. I'm glad to know you are safe and relatively isolated, and that your fellow who went to Mexico is so ON it with safety precautions. Nothing says love and respect like disinfecting wipes. That's awesome. You always do a great job of painting a portr
  15. I don't blame you for being angry about your mate going out for beers. I feel you! Whoa. Fortunately my husband is un-social, and so would never go in public without me given the choice, even in the best of times. Yet, although he is not naive about this virus, he does bone-head things, a few days ago at work he asked for a bite of my coleslaw/sausage lunch, and when it fell on the floor he picked it up and ATE IT! WTF???? Yeah....this is his obvious duality: whip-smart man and foolish little boy, all in one. Which has its charms, but....what was he thinking? I would like to see hi
  16. This is the story of our lives at work right now. Because people are staying home, those who needed 90 days Rx supply mainly got in front of that already, and fewer people are traveling back and forth from the park, it IS a little bit quieter. Then waves of people come in, and all of them scared, showing it a little, or a lot. More fear every day. Shit tons of OTC drug sales, NO gift shop sales, naturally. The new thing as of the last two days that is really unnerving me is that locals are beginning to express contempt for residents of neighboring communities who are driving up to our town loo
  17. I've been dreaming a lot lately, too, and remembering them without writing them down. Your dream about the vegetables sounds like a classic Whole-30 dream, one for the books! As for what it means, only your soul knows for sure, and I'd love to hear your take on it! Yes to reinventing yourself at any age, and thanks for showing the way with movement in the morning...I have found in the last week, that the extra stress of life at the store in this emergency is making me sleep as deeply as if on sleep aids. Interesting to observe. I'm making another batch of chicken veg soup a la MJ's r
  18. Your mom sounds like such a cool lady! Good for you for convincing her to hold back from the socializing for now. I called my stepmom and encouraged her not to have her church group over on Sunday...she is almost 80, and quite overweight. Michael Osterholm said in an interview with Seth Rogan (I don't follow him, but I was interested in M.O.) that obesity is a risk factor, but none of the mainstream media outlets are reporting that. What say you on that subject? I had to look up that soup - it looks delicious, and I love the idea of that spice blend, cinnamon with cumin and Aleppo pepper
  19. Oh man, I get that! As I may have shared before, I am nowhere near the anxious end of the spectrum, really...but last Thursday I was as nervous and scared as I have ever been outside of childhood upheavals which may have taught me whatever it is that I do or am to keep from being anxious, if that makes sense. I have come around to accepting my/our role at the store which - you are right - we can not and will not close down unless <insert the obvious catastrophe>...So two things I can report of note: First of all, I am overwhelmingly grateful for my assistant in the front, who is no
  20. It feels like the world bumped off its axis on Wednesday night - how are you doing? What is like life at your lab? How is your life affected, either directly or indirectly by the virus? Thinking of you. All of our community programs are cancelled - the movie, the lunch program, the senior friendly visits. The caregiver support group I facilitate does not want to disband (typically 3-6 ppl), but I am not comfortable leading, and have a substitute who is willing. I am in the line of fire at the drug store serving the public, and I feel it would be irresponsible to show up as infectious whe
  21. Good news item 1) We made our hiring decision, and a huge weight is lifted. 2) I got all the errands done and no junk food. 3) If I'm quick I can clean the house now and make chili before dark!
  22. I dreamed this morning that I was attending a big wine festival, and you and your husband had some vintages there being celebrated, and I was excited when I got to meet you. Purple glasses! LOL. I guess I am dreaming of a post coronavirus world, eh? It's been busy times...we are interviewing a final candidate today, and will make a decision by tomorrow. I am longing for a little time off to just clean the house, and not be in a hurry. Our kitties figured out the shred-the-toilet-paper game, too, and it always makes me think of Squeaky! I find that if there's no "tail" on the roll, ta
  23. I remember that tea shop that you and your mom visited. Do you and your mom still have any of the tea or things that you purchased there? That must feel very special now in a stunning kind of way = ( . Odd and also wonderful that your knife place is okay. Glad you and your husband are fine. I hope you continue to feel better and recover from the stress. Are things any better? Did you make your Scotch eggs? This week has gone by in a blur. The entire town went without power for several hours on Monday as I was getting myself home, so we closed early, and it took days to recover from the av
  24. Helllo @hollysmokes!! Are you and your husband safe from the tornadoes? Eek!! I hope so! I can only imagine what it must be like...and will worry until I hear from you. H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y !!!!!!! I have been wanting to post here since I checked in to our thread from my hotel room on Monday morning immediately before zooming home on the final leg of my Bay Area tour (i was supposed to stay at my sister's house but decided to get myself home, and didn't make it, had to stop and get a hotel. We had a good visit, but their house is a big toxic mess of tension with a c