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    “Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”
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    I've been eating fish straight out of a tin with my dad since I was a kid.....

    Mackerel I like for salads as it has a nice meaty texture.

    Sardines I like for an on the go protein source. We can get sardines in a sugar free tomato paste here which is good, or plain old EVOO.

    Anchovies I add to a crock pot pork recipe I use every so often.

    We eat a dish here called potted herring, which is herring marinated in vinegar & rolled tightly from the tail to the tip (sometimes  with bay leaves, sometimes with all spice berries, sometimes both), sprinkled with finely chopped onion (& usually breadcrumbs but almond meal works fine) then baked in the oven until the skin is crispy. Yum.

    I'm also a big fan of whitebait (tiny silvery fish thought to be baby herring) - again traditionally coated lightly in flour & fried, but they work just as well shallow fried without flour - eat 'em whole!!
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    Thanks for being so chill guys!  Poof, you're moved
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    So...not sure whether to call this Day 1 again or Day 31; still trying to figure out which gives me a bigger boost. You keep grabbing me with your salads, LadyLis! That sounds really good. I'm a big fan of cold meat on salad and  tahini dressing is so good. I made some tuna salad for lunch today with tahini and lemon plus have some olives, pickled turnips (sauerruben)and spicy pickled carrots sticks to go with it. You also got me on a meatball roll! I made the Cuban meatballs last night for dinner and had them again for breakfast. Hubby was a little skeptical about olives (not his fave) and raisins in meatballs but really liked them and just wished there was some sauce. I need to work on a sauce inventory. I'm thinking I need to have a meatball cook-up, too! I think I'm going to get a bunch of ground meat and make a few different flavors to have on hand in the freezer. Thanks for all of the inspiration! I, too, had a long day at work yesterday and didn't feel like cooking AND had no plan. Thankfully my husband had the foresight to pull a pack of ground beef out of the freezer and the meatballs were a breeze to make. Pork tenderloins tonight! So weird that we're so often on the same page  
    As for the pork rinds, when you get a half of a pig, there's a LOT of skin and I hate to waste. I did a meat curing challenge a few years ago called Charcutapalooza and got really involved with sausage making and other charcuterie so I still make a lot of things and am still trying to learn to cook (and like) the odd bits. Cooked tongue a couple of weeks ago- I'll spare you the details- and I have a pig head in my freezer right now from my last half pig. We decided NOT to tell my husband's  grandkids that when they came to visit in October-LOL
    I've never had a problem with hot flashes (lucky me). I had a partial hysterectomy over 20 yrs ago so I don't know when I started menopause but, at 57, I know I'm there. Are you worried about the spiciness making them flare up? You can always decrease the heat level to accommodate. That recipe makes a lot, too. A half batch is still a pretty goodly amount.
    The big NSV I want to see in the next 30 days is strength & stamina. I fell off the yoga/weight lifting/move more bandwagon when I got sick the first time so it's time to put my big girl britches back on and get started again. My NSV's for the first go-round were looser clothes and being able to wear some that I couldn't before, way less achy especially my back (working on that posture), no more allergy meds. I'm also eating more interesting meals and trying not to just throw a bunch of stuff in a bowl because it's there and easy.
    The big news is a total scale victory: I lost 15 pounds!! I'm trying not to over focus on that but since I have plenty more where that came from, I'd be thrilled to follow that with another 10- I'm trying to set reasonable goals. Trying.
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    Thanks for all the positive remarks, Holly. I like what you said about perfect and good, that was a great reminde. I'm sorry you're weepy and blue. You've been so sick and are still recovering, having powered through work yesterday "just existing" when you'd rather be home in bed...I imagine you are just spent. Wishing you comforting things and time to rest. And the holidays are tender times, so that's a lot going on emotionally. Now that you're ready to focus on W30 things again, which I think includes working with the meal template?...I am guessing your mood will pick up soon with your recovery - 'hope so! When we're sick we can feel fragile physically and emotionally....I felt that way on Christmas and the days leading to Christmas.
    Now that my 2nd round is almost over, I'm feeling a closer relationship to this food freedom thing, and feel hopeful for the future...
    Also, I think I will stay more present on these boards between rounds to help stay in the spirit of things. So I will stay in touch in January! xo
    Hugs back!
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    Happy Monday to everybody! Day 15 for me and, except for a brief craving for a glass of wine last night (tired and exhausted-yes both- and feeling in need of a reward), this weekend was great. I took Mel Joulwan's Sunday cook-up to a whole new level- not something I would recommend on a regular basis! I didn't intend to turn it into a cook-till-you-drop, refrigerator-stuffing, holy-cow-what-have-I-done cookathon but I did! It's a good thing we have a second fridge in the basement because it's stuffed to the gills, too!
    I had gotten the pieces/part of chicken to make a batch of bone broth and I had that going before 7. I mixed up the meat mixtures for the portabellas and for a pate (grinding liver is really gross) on Saturday so I got both of those finished. Those stuffed portabellas are terrific; I'm having them for breakfast right now w a couple of scrambled eggs. Run Girl- thanks for mentioning that recipe. Since I was planning on eating it for breakfast, I used breakfast sausage and didn't top it w the marinara sauce. I also simplified the recipe and put the raw meat mixture into the raw mushroom caps then baked for 30 minutes. Next time I'll try to leave the meat a little looser and not pack it in and shave off about 5 minutes of cooking time. The nice thing about sausage (unless you want to stuff it in casings) is that it's no different than seasoning meatballs or a meatloaf so I just used my regular breakfast sausage seasoning. They are so delicious and a nice change of pace from my usual breakfast casserole. I got a batch of pear/cardamom kombucha going and it smells so good; I can't wait for it to be ready to drink. We cooked a GIANT pot of collard greens- thankfully I had smoked a pork hock and made stock from it a while ago so I just had to defrost it. For dinner I made the ropa vieja from SeriousEats and it is amazing! It was easy (except for cleaning of the greasy splatter from browning the meat), seriously delicious and makes lots so there's leftovers- a must in our house since my husband works from home and I bring my lunch everyday even when I'm not W30-ing. Make it! Oh- and I forgot to add the olives at the end and it was still great. A triple batch of laundry detergent rounded out my day and left every kitchen appliance I own huffing & puffing.
    LadyLis, roasted tomatoes are so good. When our garden is going gangbusters and I start running out of time to can, I'll put halved tomatoes skin-side up, onions and garlic on a sheet pan and roast the till the skins are nice and brown and blistery then freeze it. It's good as a base for Mex, Italian or Cajun - just add spices, veg, mea,t whatever and you have a quickie meal.
    I got a rump roast this weekend so I'll probably cook that tomorrow and I want to get a batch of the W30 Thai Carrot Soup made. It is really good; has anyone else tried it?  Well I thought it was a W30recipe but now I can't seem to find it. If anyone's interested, I can send the recipe later. I was going to make it a couple of weeks ago but was out of almond butter. I just got a jar from Costco-only ingredient is roasted almonds- and it's almost too good. I have to really work to not stick a spoon in it every time I walk in the kitchen. Of course, one night when I hadn't included enough fat in my dinner, I mixed some up w cocoa and shredded coconut- that didn't suck  
    Have a good one!
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    Yeah he cracks me up too, except when it's 230 in the morning like this morning! We've had him since he was a day old and fed him with an eye dropper. Apparently we did too good of a job; he weighs 17 lbs and is really tall. He's solid black and my mother calls him a panther We have lever handle door knobs and he stands on his back legs, puts one paw on the door and swats the door handle with the other until it opens. He's even managed to hang onto the handle and pull a door open but usually he's on the "pushing" side.
    Aside from arroz con pollo (chicken & rice) that was a big deal at an extended family get together, my Mom didn't cook much Cuban food. Black bean & rice were in the regular rotation along with red beans & rice because I was born and raised in New Orleans and my Dad's side of the family is Cajun- both of which have been off the menu for about 5 years I LOVE beans . Those meatballs are a riff on picadillo. It's a tomato-based sauce w ground beef, olives and raisins served over rice and we had that a lot because it was easy and cheap.
    Hopefully your ordeal is over by now and you are getting to indulge yourself in something delicious.
    Have a great weekend everybody!
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    Hello! Eryca, it makes sense that you would need more time to recover before starting W30 - absolutely. If it helps you to psych for your fresh start, please do sick around here, don't be shy. = )
    Holly - congrats on getting through your husband's birthday like a champ - your garden sounds wonderful. The breakfast hash, too! Michelle's cauli recipe looks good - anything with capers and I'm in.
    I was tempted at one point to throw in the towel this weekend, but I didn't. I showed up to my friends' place with Well Fed Wonton Sliders, a tub of roasted yams, and a double batch of bison chili and yams. My friends showed their supportive friendship the first night with bright green herb-marinated barbecued chicken and salad loaded with vegetables, delicious, and sweet of them. They abstained from grains at that meal, and made positive remarks about how that felt. It was a little awkward for me because I didn't know if they thought they had to in order to keep me from temptation, but I just let them be grown ups who made their own decisions, and not trip about it.
    We visited their favorite Indian and Asian markets (score! Things I can't get at home!) and came home to make a delicious Tom Kha Gai. I was so inspired that I picked up what I needed on my way home to make it myself...I'm thinking it would go great with which I may have shared before....yummmm. Happiness is a load of pantry staples that are hard to find where I live, from my journey to see old dear friends. Over dinner at their favorite Indian restaurant (the tempting part of the trip, hello garlic naan among many other favorite things on the menu!) I realized that they didn't know much about W30 (I emailed her all about it last spring during my first round) but although they love me and support me, they seem to have lumped it in with a low carb weight loss fad...and they're really not that interested, I don't think, showing some ideas I disagree with about fat, gluten, and kombucha, etc...and that's ok! That might have been my cue to educate them, but I really didn't feel like it - I love them - they weren't asking for information, and they have set ideas, so I let it be. My friend's takeaway was being inspired to eat more vegetables. It was an interesting way to mark being 1/3 of the way through the month, a blessing, and also a challenge psychologically. Whew! I still came away from my visit with a full heart and gratitude for the friendship, absolutely.
    I left the leftover chili with them, so up this week will be another double batch for us at home, the left over sliders, and the Thai soup. There are two holiday celebrations this week, followed by my first colonoscopy on Friday. So it will be an interesting week of mental focus!
    Hope you're all well! What's the news?
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    HollySmokes, that's a cute name - welcome to the party! Aren't we an ambitious lot, getting a head start on the Jan. re-set traditions! Congrats on your beginning-again with movement and W30 after such a serious set-back. Such life affirming progress. Thanks for the awesome tip on the oil, too, I can't wait to try that. I've ordered from VitaCost before, but I had forgotten about it.
    RunGirl, that recipe sounds heavenly, I will have to try that out! I'm a little late to the spiralizing party, but I did get one recently, just haven't used it. I'll bet it will become a new friend this month, as soon as I get back. I guess for ricing, it's just a matter of using the food processor, that doesn't sound so hard! I hadn't heard of Ali before - I'm already learning a lot from you all!
    Lettuce wraps are one of my favorite lunches at work - so incredibly versatile for whatever is leftover from dinner - bravo!
    One difference I'm noticing on this second time around with W30 is that I'm not feeling so inclined to share about it with people I might normally. Especially because of it being December - I just don't want to hear feedback or reactions, or stir up people's issues. Neighbors and good regular customers are already offering sweet homemade treats, and instead of all the discussion about W30, I'm just saying thank you, I can't wait to try it, then I either freeze it for a future treat or give it away. I do need support, but I'm only sharing with the hubbie and staff and of course, friends this weekend...
    What are you guys doing around this topic? I'll be back on Monday! 
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    I over-exercised on Monday, and felt so sore yesterday! I know that's a good thing, but I'm definitely working on finding a middle way. I hiked on Tuesday, followed by yoga and sitting meditation. It was also bitterly cold all day yesterday, so it was a hard day for my body. I cancelled a massage client because I felt so drained through my back (that's a side gig on top of running a small but busy retail business with my husband). Today much better. In fact, I have an early NSV to report. I got up shortly after the alarm, and made. my. bed. It was cold, I was naked, and I had to go to the bathroom, and somehow, I just had to make the bed. I think the organization and self care is spilling over, as promised. Yeah! Today I did a modified version of the Monday work out, and then worked all day and just finished up the dishes, feeling great, plenty of energy. Whew! So shades of Tiger Blood are upon me, but I'm still anticipating the legendary deep W30 sleep.
    When I see my friends this weekend, I'm ready to answer the question, why W30, and why in December? Me: to show menopause who's Boss. LOL That's how I feel.
    Jeanette, have you read It Starts with Food? Melissa writes a lot about the hunger hormones, and I think you might expect to see a morning appetite come around as a result of your W30 - 'will look forward to hearing how it shifts for you! For me, learning to eat dinner for breakfast was a revelation and life saver -- I was surprised and disappointed to find how gaggy eggs became for me in the morning! I was very attached to morning eggs...I still love eggs, and usually eat two boiled eggs with coconut aminos as a pre-work out snack in the early morning.
    RunGirlRun, what do you serve your Wonton Meatballs with? Do you have a special sauce or side? I'm cooking them tomorrow and and leaving Friday, would love any tips. 
    Do you guys make mayonnaise? What kind of oil do you use? I like avocado oil but I'm tired of getting it home and finding it's rancid...
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    Welcome, Jeanette! I'm warmly impressed that you're taking on this challenge with such a young baby - way to go! You are amazing. I forgot about the fish and broccoli question - I'll have to remember that!
    So far so good: my energy level is up, and psychologically I'm in a good place. My tummy has been upset a couple of times, but I think I'll get used to the amount of vegetables. I'm hoping that's all it is - to be sure, I'm cutting out the black tea that I have been subbing for coffee (my anti hot flashes experiment) and will keep an eye on it.
    RunGirl, YES, I would love to share the recipe. When I wrote the post I knew I needed to review the rules about sharing recipes... and now I have, so here goes! I follow W30 Recipes on Instagram, and Kitcheneer was a guest post-er, and she generously shared Mel Joulwan's recipe - I modify it but here is the recipe:
    So funny you mention Wonton Meatballs - I LOVE that recipe, and it's in the regular rotation at my house, and in fact, I have meat thawing on the counter to make it tomorrow! YUMMMM. My introduction to Paleo ways of eating was all about Nom Nom and Mel....I probably have learned more and eaten more from them than any other one source since this all started in 2013. Well Fed 2 is a favourite, and the latest, Well Fed Weeknights is on the way! You are reading my mind, because my plan is to take a batch of Wonton Meatballs and Bison Chili with yams to see my friends. = )
    If you guys like Thai Food I also love Mel's Tod Mun Chicken Cakes:
    This morning I did 30 minutes of lower body and abs exercises today followed by 20 minutes of yoga and 20 minutes of sitting meditation. Then I cleaned my house like a Tazmanian devil until it was time to go to work. I worked until 6, got dinner on the table, and this post is the first time I've sat down all day. I was up for all of it, but now, I confess, I am getting tired! Hope to sleep well.
    I'm so grateful for the company here - keep the news coming!
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    Thanks for the great check-in, RunGirlRun! Happy Anniversary, and congrats on your shared start. How cool to share the W30 with your mate. Do you guys work out together, too? I'll have to look up OrangeTheory, and also where you live, the image of rowing comes in, and it must be amazing...
    Yeah, it seems so obvious to work more on strength, but for some reason I get obsessed with that mountain. It calls to me, and I love the way I feel when I get home. Having said that, the air quality is terrible right now, so I think staying indoors to do my strength work makes all kinds of sense. 
    Did you get a notable improvement in your sleep during your first round of W30? I did...I'm not seeing that yet this time around, but I hope to/expect to/trust that I will = )
    Today's cook up includes a yam roast, and will assemble sautéd apples with spiced ground dark meat chicken and chopped spinach and crunchy toasted pepitas. This is delicious hot with yams, and also cold (sans yams) in romaine hearts for lunch. I've got a spring chicken ready to go, and also made a Moroccan-ish spice blend for sliders later in the week. The freezer is full, so I'm feeling ready.
    I'm a little nervous about a weekend trip to visit friends...they will be supportive, and I will take some cooking to share, and we will probably combine what we are cooking/eating, and it will be fine. Seeing them will be well worth the effort/stress of getting there with my cooler full'a meatball mixtures!I just feel very attached to home and hearth now, y'know? The stove top is my security blanket!
    Even though tomorrow's not day 1, it feels like a brave new week! Best to all, look forward to hearing from all comrades here. Go, team Dec 1!
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    Eryca, that sounds rotten - hope you're feeling better! 
    I'm starting to think differently about exercise. I have a great hiking trail near me with steep slopes, and I usually hike, then come home to stretch and meditate. I'm thinking I can do less cardio and add in some floor work at home for strength. Why didn't I think of that before? With all this good protein, might as well tone up a little.
    Day 2 went well. I did all my food shopping after work and looking forward to cooking tomorrow.
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    So far so good. I was rushed in the morning but had a decent dinner-breakfast of pork tenderloin, roasted yams and green beans. Lunch was a big salad with left over strip steak, cucumbers, carrots, apple, pepitas, and a homemade chili-lime dressing that was delicious. I was hungry between lunch and dinner but I didn't snack. I had lamb sliders with yams and steamed broccoli, a tangerine and some pistachios. I took 3 quarts of water, stopping a couple of hours before dinner, and sipped herb tea with dinner. I'm tired from a long week of work, and a good return to exercise in the last few days.
    I forgot to weigh myself this morning but I'll do that tomorrow just to have a comparison for later...
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    Welcome to the party, RunGirlRun!
    Good point -- I'm also excited to wake up on Jan. 1st not feeling the way I feel after a month + of cookie monster madness. There is a customer who always brings this one particular holiday treat that makes me insane - I won't name or describe it, but getting past that will be *huge* for me. Just the warm up this week has given me a self esteem boost.
    I had a good brisk walk today, stretch, and some meditation, and reflected on how responsive the body is to healthy changes. I'm already feeling better.
    Happy Anniversary to you and yours, and I'm looking forward to the conversations here with everybody!
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    Tomorrow's our day! This week, like EWilbur cutting out sugar, I've been warming up for day 1 by eliminating things with added sugar, cutting out my occasional-bread habit, occasional indulgences of sweets. In addition to cutting out alcohol (rare for me, this isn't hard) I'm also planning to eliminate coffee and go easy on the spicy food in order to hopefully manage hot flashes/cold flashes. Yesterday I got back to exercise, and am psyched to re-commit there as well.
    I have a big batch of 2 pork tenderloins already roasted and sliced in the fridge, plenty of vegetables, greens, some fruit, boiled eggs, and enough of what I need to get me through to Saturday food shopping, and I'm feeling confident. 
    How are you ladies doing, what are you planning?
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    Welcome Eryca! I think preparation will be key for you so that you have options, and eventually you might discover that you don't even crave sugar and bread products anymore...more will be revealed in the process. Trust the process, you can do it! 
    Do you have the W30 meal template? If not you can look that up, I found it helped a lot on my first round last spring.
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    I will start Dec. 1, too! I did a W60 last spring, and it was a great experience for me. I've been riding my own bike now for about 8 months, and feel ready to deepen my commitment to myself and take it to the next level. I'm 51, just stopped using the pill, and so am experiencing some symptoms of menopause for the first time. I know that's inevitable, and it's ok, but I want to do everything in my power to be optimal and efficient in the body. Some months after finishing the W60, my husband and I went on a challenging 6 day backpacking trip and my knees have not been happy since then. I need trekking poles! So I'm exploring how nutrition supports my joint health as I recover and heal. 
    It sounds like you've been through some real hard times, EWilbur 34, but I like the empowerment and determination in your post - there's so much support here, and so much to look forward to. 
    We can do this! I wonder if anyone else will join us...come out, come out, wherever you are! LOL
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    I completed my 60 days!
    NSVs include:
    deeper sleep, brighter skin, improved self-respect, major breakthrough letting go of sugar, flatter belly, leaner appearance, clothes fitting better, fewer menstrual headaches, minimal gas, have let go of both my over-the-counter allergy meds, I'm happier, I'm more confident in my ability to age well, had no issue at home even though my spouse didn't join me, learned to adapt my cooking and many new wonderful recipes, confident that this is indeed a lifestyle change! I couldn't be happier. And I lost weight, too...knowing that I've done that in such a healthy way that feels so right is very rewarding.
    When I started this program I had been feeling so clunky in my body and now I feel graceful again. 
    There have been bumps in the road but I'm so grateful for them because I got past them, and have learned so much! The fact that I needed to take an antibiotic during this process, and having such a strong reaction, but getting through it makes it all the more worthwhile. I learned even more nutrition than I had bargained for, and it's all good.
    Thanks for all of the support here, comrades! 
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    LadyLisbette reacted to ladyshanny in Go-To Grocery Store Brands and Foods   
    If you can't find one, do consider making your own. For one thing, it's nearly free and dead easy and for another, you get myriad health benefits from home-simmered bone broth than you do from something processed in a carton. 
    You can google how to do this but it's so dead easy I'll put it here: put bones in a large pot (leftovers from chickens, steaks etc or bones you get from your butcher). Add veggie scraps  or rough chop an onion, some carrot and some celery. Put in a little palm full of diamond salt, same of peppercorns, a good splash of apple cider vinegar and then cover the pot contents with water. Bring to a boil, skim off any foam or scum that arises, reduce heat to a very gentle simmer and walk away for 12-24 hours. You can stir occassionally and add water as the water is simmered off. Strain it into mason jars and freeze.
    How it's free to make: I keep a bag in my freezer and put all my veggie scraps in for use in bone last broth the veggies were cranberries, eggplant, lime leaves, carrot peelings and turmeric. I keep a second bag in the freezer for all the bones we end up with when I roast chickens or make ribs. When the bone bag is full, I make broth.
    There are other things you can do if you want to get tricky. First, you could roast your bones first to give a "browner" flavour to the finished broth. I never do this but people do (I find that cooking the broth for 36-48 hours will give that brown, cooked flavour). Second, you could save some egg shells and throw those in to add calcium to your broth. I always throw in fresh turmeric for its healing properties and I usually throw in a couple sticks of kombu for iodine.
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    LadyLisbette reacted to MeadowLily in One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:   

    I went for a hike.  I had to readjust my sails because it is snowing.  I always use my trekking poles to pull myself up steep ridges, hill and mountainsides.  Using my arms to pull my weight up is strength training. Now, it's snowing. I'll still use my leki poles and bundle up for the weather.
    Today is Day 57 day of a hiking streak I have going on.
    I can hike 6 miles of mountains in 90 minutes.  It takes 2 hours for 7 miles. The hardest part is coming down. It's actually easier to hike straight UP a mountainside.  I have to use caution coming down to preserve the ankles, legs, everything.  
    My dog goes along and when she's tired, she gets right on my heels.  I have to watch to make sure those poles don't knock both of us off of our feet.   
    It's winter. I'm going. No rationalizations.
    This hiking streak has done more for me than all of the hiking I've been doing in the last 2.5 years.  I suppose because I'm lighter on my feet. I can literally smoke the steep mountainsides without getting out of breath.
    They say that after 10 days of taking a break,  you're pretty much back at square I've got to keep going.  Quitting will get me nowhere good. 
    Get yourself some trekking poles.  They'll increase your abilities. Plant them hard when you're in a tight spot...going UP and coming down.  Use them even on the flat stretches.  

    They help you hike faster and evenly distribute your weight. They make heavier loads easier to carry.  You can use them to make a shelter in an emergency. The less expensive aluminum ones will get the job done but go for the better pair. 

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    LadyLisbette reacted to MeadowLily in One Good Whole30 choice I made today is:   
    "You do not have to go low carb to become fat-adapted. The difference between eating bagels/donuts and potatoes is huge."  
    I want to remember this.   When faced with potatoes in someone's homemade soup, you don't have to fall apart over a white, sweet, purple potato.   You can eat them and know that's there no comparison with a bagel or donut, pile of pasta or bread bowl, white bread or baked goods.   You can eat starchy vege and remain fat-adapted.   That's some freedom right there.