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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    Hi Holly! Much better today. I hope you, too, are feeling renewed from a yucky spell. I like Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the Jungian psychologist and author. She writes about life/death/life cycles, and that really speaks to me. I hope you're back in a Life renewal now....It is a new week, and we are turning a new page, so to speak. Hello, belly of January.
    I regret that I can't find the original recipe I used online for the shea butter face cream, darn! It might be bookmarked in the old laptop. It was 5 (or 7?) parts shea butter, one part olive oil in a double boiler, melted very gently. (I love olive oil but I have also used fractionated coconut oil, as I mentioned before.) Let it cool, then stir in the EOs. For mature skin, it was recommended to use carrot seed and fennel seed EO which I bought, but didn't care for. So since then I've been adlibbing. I stopped measuring and started winging it with ratios, and have come to want to make it less oily, so next time (which will be soon) I will add, after the cooling, some cold-pressed aloe vera gel. I learned that when I didn't wait for it to cool enough, it came out a little bit grainy. Next time I will set the timer for 30 minutes and make myself wait. What EOs are you dreaming of for your lotion?
    I'm excited to try your recipes for laundry and dishwasher soaps. I've just saved and printed them - thanks so much! As for citric acid, I've been looking for some in order to make bath bombs. Someone recently gave me a dreamy looking purple and blue bathbomb, and I really liked the texture in the water, but felt grossed out by purple bath water. Hot baths are part of my extra (but not extra, essential!!) self care lately. How could I forget how much I love a luxurious bath. And, the new place has a beautiful porcelain bathtub (stand alone clawfoot) that I can't wait to enjoy. I bought some classic pectin at the grocery, which has citric acid, but also dextrose and of course the pectin, but I see that I can get pure citric acid at Vitacost, and I am due to get coconut aminos, too and the aloe vera gel, so that will be this week. Is that where you get your citric acid? I don't see any harm in trying the grocery pectin as an experiment, and then I will have a comparison!
    I love it that your PT spoke honestly about your shoulder as an injury, that is so awesome. One time I mentioned to my teacher than an older friend, who I visited during her dialysis treatments, had kidneys that were "shot". She corrected me that her kidneys were not shot, they were tired. Such a difference, I am grateful for these lessons. Must resist the temptation to degrade the body and self with such harshness. I'm still learning, and should watch it with my self talk.
    Yesterday I made a big pot of chicken curry, but just winging it, not really using a recipe, and used what I had on hand for veg: broccoli, bell peppers, celery, carrots. I used both the Thai red chili paste I had on hand, but just a little as hubs doesn't like it too hot, and then also garam masala. It was pretty good, but a little soupy. I flt a little fearful of the coconut milk, so I thinned it out with chicken broth, and before the veg cooked down, it seemed like it needed more liquid, so I got a little happy with the broth... after it cooled, I separated some of the broth for the freezer for next time. I also made the curry burgers, and that was delicious. At the moment I have a tray of brussels and yams in the oven roasting, so I'm set for several days. This is the new normal! I can't do it all in one day...
    Have a sweet day!
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    We closed. It's ours. We have keys. We ate dinner there tonight, and are plotting our move schedule. Yay!
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    @Elizabeth33 I'm writing my reply to you in our reintro thread, I hope you don't mind! ... It's a long and winding road, isn't it? Every time we devote ourselves to W30 ways, whether we are on program, or riding our own bikes, crashing into the weeds, or hanging in there during an illness or stressful time, we learn more about ourselves, and about what works for us, and what doesn't, at that time. Not eating optimally has caused me fatigue in the past, too (as in, just yesterday) might sound cliche, but one day at a time. An off day doesn't have to be an off week. You can do this, we are here for you!
    @kirbz thank you for the kind words, and I want to hold up a mirror to you, and thank you, too! As for mishaps, I had one yesterday. Yesterday was oh-so rough - WHEW - but I got through it and learned what NOT to do....dI had a long day Friday, which included a great food shopping trip, and I will share some of my finds, too. But, on Saturday morning I was just so tired, and like a teenager, I did not want to get up out of bed. This is not like me. So instead of eating breakfast (see where this is going?) I figured I could pack my meal and multi-task eating and working, since it would probably be slow, and anyway, I didn't give myself any other choice. It was slamming busy. By the time I ate a meal, it had been (I did the math today) 19 hours since I had eaten. Jeez Louise. I experienced hangry and a deep down panic and frustration in my body until, waiting for our food at the restaurant, I actually felt sick. It took a long time for my belly's fullness signal to reach the brain. I used that moment, since my tummy has been okay, to reintro corn, and had the corn toritllas with the chicken fajitas.
    One serving of corn in a day is not a proper reintro, I know, but I did get results: some sinus congestion/mucus, and wind. Energy-wise, I was totally fried, emotionally depleted, and never perked up. = ( I had to start over today, and I feel better.
    I will wait awhile and do a proper reintro of corn or rice at each meal for a day. Looking ahead, I feel ready for it!
    @hollysmokes I was looking at the cheese on the beans that I didn't eat, and I am thinking that I'll do a separate reintro for cheese. I don't think cheese will take my into the ditch, but I am curious about how it makes me feel! I think you mentioned you were doing that, and I'm going to follow makes sense. I don't feel tempted to eat cheese, but one day I WILL, and I will need to know if it is worth it.
    Speaking of beans, I scored some yummy looking compliant red pepper hummus at Costco. Yippee! Something to go with the bag of snap peas. So that will be the next reintro, maybe in a few days.
    Holly, your mother's Moroccan chicken is very intriguing to me, and I would love the recipe if you are willing to share! There's something so special about a family recipe. Also, I am going to make MJ's better butter....glancing at the spices gives me that crazy, giddy feeling that I am going to love it, and must have.
    About dates and raisins, and pretty much any dried fruit, if I'm hungry and otherwise vulnerable to the dragon, is potentially a food without brakes. (this is also why I have to stay away from trail mix for now, although it might have a place in my food freedom moving forward) Dates are the king of the dried fruits for me, though. At this moment, my best self-knowledge is that if I occasionally use them in cooking while I am satisfied/not hungry, I will be okay. Ooh, sour cherries, sound so, so good ...and I swear, one day, I don't know when, I am going to try making kombucha! Maybe this will be the the new place...
    I would love any links/tips you can share about tooth powder, laundry and dish soap, even the deodorant although that might further down the list for me. As for lotion making, I am ALL for it! In the 90s I used a recipe from a middle school teacher friend who did a lotion lab with her students, isn't that awesome? It involved using a glass blender, tea, coconut oil, almond oil, and beeswax, and of course essential oils. I never got the emulsification quite right, and these days, I know there are way better DIY recipes out there, and lots of them. I'd love to know what you're up to. As for me, I have been making a face cream that I love with shea butter and olive oil (or fractionated coconut oil). I don't whip it, so it's more like a balm, and it is soothing and healing to any skin that is dry or irritated as well as feeling silky on my face. I've never used anything at any price point that I like more, my face has never been softer. In fact, I think you encouraged me on this subject last spring when I was about to run out of the one my friend sent from England, and I couldn't afford to buy it online! I've been making my own, and having so much fun with oil combinations. The latest is lemongrass and sage. Mmmm. When I'm willing to splurge on Absolute Rose I will make rose and frankincense. Aphrodite herself comes to mind with that one.
    So glad your hang bar is making a difference already! Also, thank you for the Lady Shanny quotation...that is, again, urging me to get outside and move, and remember that I am not just a part of nature, but I am nature...and I need to get out and move my body. Yesterday's crisis and this quotation and your hang bar all point in that direction! .... oh and back to an older post, yes, my brother makes pizza crust! Good memory! (a future reintro might be pizza with no cheese, an old idea of a health food) ... what has become of your broccoli?
    @kirbz I've been thinking about your paleo desserts.  FWIW, I think paleo desserts are a way more healthful alternative to the non-paleo fare. For me, paleo is the way to go. I am sure that Melissa Hartwig has said it much better than I am about to, but we can all explore the cultural inclination to project value based judgments on food (and then on ourselves, too) being bad/good, right/wrong. Going to the trouble of the structured elimination period and reintros, we can learn to look at it as, "what works for me vs. what doesn't work for me". I say this to encourage you not to set yourself up for seeing yourself as bad if you enjoy a paleo sweet treat and wobble off road more than you wanted to. That might not happen to you. But if it does, it doesn't mean that you are bad, you are the Mother Nature's Mighty Kirbz no matter what.
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Jim4884 in Psyching Up For a December Whole 30 Graduates   
    I've been off-line due to a 32-hour power outage...and, a bit further down the mountain range from @kirbz, it has been very, very, cold here, too!
    Hi everyone! Happy New Year!
    I love me a December W30! This time around I added plated fat in the form of delicious olives nearly every day, and that is something I want to continue. I'm now keeping back-up jars in the pantry. I learned a couple of new recipes, like roasting duck, a creamy mustard chicken, and breakfast eggroll bowls. Otherwise, I find that during W30 (this is my 3d) I tend to stay close to familiar favorites, that aren't time consuming like new recipes (at least for me) and then play with new recipes in between. So now I'll start looking for some new culinary adventures!
    Like Holly, I haven't stepped on a scale in a long time, and it seems I've let go of the number on the scale. At the end of 30 days, I know that inflammation is reduced from feeling slimmer, my clothes fitting better, not needing allergy meds (not since my first round April 2017), and feeling better in my joints, which is a real treasure, that last part. Like @Jim4884 my joints tell me immediately when I am too far astray from optimal ways.
    I enjoyed a sip of single malt scotch last night at midnight. Today i will review formal re-intros, and figure out the next steps. I'll have to also take another look at all the vitamins I stopped taking while W30ing, and make some decisions. Soy and dairy are present in some...also I'm having mixed feelings about fish oil re sustainability vs. the great health benefit of taking them. Meanwhile, I feel confident going into the new year, and so grateful for our supportive community here!
    Some things I am ready to let go of:
    chips (no exceptions)
    hard candy (no exceptions)
    More to come.
    Cheers, all!
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from ChristyJ in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    I did my 2nd W30 last December, and it was really empowering to get through the season in a state of high health! That was a first for me, a recovering cookie monster.
    I've had a good year, but still working on Food Freedom. Looking forward to reducing inflammation, and feeling better in my hips and feet (I'm thinking it's arthritis). 
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    LadyLisbette reacted to hollysmokes in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    I'm with your cat, @LadyLisbette! I love sour cream and could definitely face plant it I've had my goose cooked before but I've never actually cooked one- sorry I couldn't help it; apparently Tigerblood has a deleterious effect on my sense of humor- yep, feeling awesome today! My dad used to do a goose every couple of years and I ate his once and really liked it. Like your duck, they have less meat than you think they would have for a bird that size. It's all dark meat, which I love but I don't know if I could convince my husband who is the white meat eater around our house. He whines if I use a whole chicken in chicken salad because he knows there's dark meat in it so I don't know if I'd spring for the price of a goose.
    I'm with you on more veg, too! That's one of the things I've been working on this time. I just finished the last of my egg roll bowl with extra veg and 2 eggs, half of an avocado and a few blueberries. SO yum but I'm sad that it's gone and I'll have to cobble something together for tomorrow. I've been drinking more water, too and that feels good (except around 2 AM).
    Tostones are definitely a food with no brakes for me; thankfully I have to make a special trip to an international grocery to find them. I only buy 2 plantains at a time and only make them when there are others to share them. I peel the green plantains and cut them in 1-inch chunks. Heat up about a half inch of oil in a skillet, stand them on end and fry until light golden, flip them over until light golden brown on the other side then remove from the pan and let them cool for a couple of minutes. Stand them on end and squash them with a meat pounder (my method) or the heel of your hand (my grandmother's method) then put them back in the hot oil to finish cooking and get a little more golden. Pull them out, salt them and try to wait until they're cool enough not to burn your mouth.
    Speaking of food with no brakes, I just got some coconut butter (AKA coconut manna) and that may not be a good thing for me to keep in the house. That stuff is seriously delicious and I could easily sit down with the tub of it and a spoon. I need to set some limits on that- maybe as pre-workout only?
    As far as my mission creep goes, before we started this W30, I thought I was being pretty compliant but I realized that I was letting bad habits sneak their way back in. Thankfully you nudged me back before I reached catastrophic failure! My portion size was slowly increasing, afternoon wine and stopping at the neighborhood watering hole for craft beer was routine and non-compliant ingredients were, little by little, showing up more often: a little fried food here, a slice (or 2) of pizza there. It was all starting to add up because I wasn't paying close attention. Or I was just in denial (more likely). My husband generally does a terrible job of explaining to anyone what I'm doing during a W30 but he surprised me this time and told some friends that asked why I wasn't out for a beer with him that I wasn't drinking and was only eating really good proteins and vegetables. Even though that's a simplification of what we're doing, it shone some light on what I hadn't been doing. Ah hah! So, awareness is my first step in keeping it from happening again. I think I might need to set some W30-style rules for myself, too, so I'm pondering what that will look like.
    @kirbz that's a pretty significant weight loss! Congratulations on that and all of your NSV's as well. I know I've slimmed down but I haven't weighed myself since last March when I had to get weighed before zip-lining at Big Bend and I know I gained weight between then and this W30. I'm going to leave it at that and, like @MeadowLily says, "If the jeans fit, you must acquit!" and my clothes are fitting much better.
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    Hi there @Elizabeth33 thank so much for those links! I read through both of the duck recipes, and I really love the simplicity, especially with the balsamic vinegar. It helps me to wrap my brain around he process of it, and the time it will take, and to find a comfort level, like with the fat rendering. I'll look forward to the third recipe when I get home from work later.
    I've been thinking about
    and I am sitting with that.
    It seems awareness is the only game in town, to Meadowlily's point above. Yep.
    When I came home last night from a sort of hectic but productive day, I had, oh no, more tasks...aware of being a little task fatigued/annoyed, and wanting to get into the tub. I succeeded in avoiding devices, and made a beautiful bath with epsom salts and some essential oils, just right candle light. A long soak. Let myself unwind. The words unravel and unwind keep coming up, even my massage therapist remarked that working with me she was getting a sense of "unraveling" which I validated as where I'm at...but not unravel as in falling apart, unravel as in re-wiring the brain. Yes? Anyway, I also took some Hylands homeopathic Calms Forte, for the first time - has anyone ever used that? -  and at last enjoyed a welcome altum somnum. I think I will not wait for another solstice to enjoy the combo of no devices/hot bath at the very least!
    Just as you said @hollysmokes
    I enjoyed your story about climbing the fig tree...and I'm so sorry to know you got chased out of New Orleans by Katrina. II'm sure there is a novel in there, right? I will never forget the dread of the night before, and my mother crying as we braced ourselves from afar, and grieved and worried, for all of the suffering that was on the way. Man. So glad you landed on your feet.
    It will be a year to learn a lot about trees - looking forward to that among lots of related things!
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    @hollysmokes Have a great time with your mom, and glorious time off! Will she enjoy the solstice bluegrass concert with you?
    Ooh, dreadful to get your sleep messed with on top of the ordinary struggles with shut eye. I did a quick search on night time congestion, and offer this link in case it might be helpful:
    Have you added anything new in particular to your cooking since starting this W30?
    Here's another link, but more on the subject of allergies:
    Whatever this new unwelcome thing is, I agree that it is such a strong indicator of food impacting your health that you haven't been sick this year!
    Our work xmas party today was loads of fun. There were cookies and Sees candy getting passed around. I took a long luxurious whiff of the chocolate and savored that without further temptation, and ate a large quantity of eggroll filling, which amuses and delights me. A [windy] lot more cabbage than my gut is used to, but worth it.
    @Jim4884 I hope to start growing herbs this year in a small greenhouse at the (hopefully) new house. If either of you have any books or websites to recommend on growing herbs or fruit trees, I'd be grateful. We are planning on growing citrus (at least one each: lemon, lime, orange), pomegranates, and avocados. Maybe figs! I must be patient, it's not a done deal yet.
    Happy Solistice!
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from MeadowLily in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    Oh my Heavens! That eggroll bowl @hollysmokes is so. so. good! I was so confident in the recipe, I doubled it and used a big soup pot. I used ground chicken instead of pork, and Mel Joulwan's breakfast pork sausage spice blend from Well Fed 2. Otherwise I stayed very close to the recipe, except for putting a heavy hand to the ginger and garlic because, why not, right? Wow. This will go into the rotation - thanks!I
    I was up 90 minutes early, and a busy bee all morning, hello Tigerblood! You guys, too?
    Oh, I meant to write coffee bean grinder, not roaster!
    That's funny, I gave the leftover mustard chicken the same treatment with broccoli. The new bread! Yeah, as for the mustard chicken, it's more my habit to brown the thighs and set them aside than cook them through the way the recipe called for, so when it was time, I added a lot more broth and dijon in order to simmer the chicken to completion. It's gone now but I'm saving the last of the gravy for eggs and veg as a breakfast another day. If I can keep myself from the eggroll bowl.
    Happy Solstice Eve, everyone! And good to see you here, @MeadowLily, your words of wisdom are always notable!
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    Thanks for that link @hollysmokes, I've not spent time on that site, and it looks like one to go back to! My trip to town was productive, and my energy level and mood was great. I couldn't find the duck breast at my good meat place, so I brought home an entire frozen, organic duck.   So when I got home and read your post, I studied the breast recipe, then wandered over here, too:
    Now I'm looking forward to exploring both of these recipes, and finding the "duck zone" on my stovetop! For the oven roasted version, I thought in place of honey, maybe stewing some organic cherries with the ginger, what do you think?
    I looked for a coffee bean roaster at BB&B but didn't like what I saw, and decided to wait to make the purchase until after the move - very sensible, eh? Meanwhile I thought the Indian market might be my last hope of finding ground caraway. It was a comedy of errors, though a charming one. Me, to the proprietor: Do you have ground caraway? Him: What's the Indian name for that? Me: Um, good question. Him: Did you ask Mr. Google? Me: Let me go to my car. Him: No I have a phone right here. Then after a short time with English to Hindi translations, he says, cumin! When I got to the car I spent some more time with Mr. Google, and I can see where the confusion lies. It looks like actual ground caraway is not as hot/spicy as cumin...more like the rye flavor as in rye bread? My husband loves rye whiskey, but I can't think about that yumminess for a while! Meanwhile, I figure the locally grown organic carrots I have in my bin really don't need me to be fooling around too much longer, so I think I'll settle on curry for now! And coconut milk. This weekend.
    Also found some conveniently bagged slaw that I'll use for the sausage eggroll bowls. I'm looking forward to making up a spice blend for the ground chicken "breakfast sausage". My refrigerator is completely stuffed with fresh food! That bagged slaw could make this a really easy dish to prepare, can't wait!
    @kirbz what are you dreaming and scheming of eating on your camp out?
    I'm editing this because....When I posted I hadn't noticed we had "turned to a new page", so I didn't see your posts, @kirbz, thank you so much for the great information. I can see I have a lot to learn here! I'll keep you posted on my progress!
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    Yes, you do, yes, yes, yes! I haven't given a lot of thought to re-intros yet, but I continue to remember an acquaintance who at one time did a W30 every season and that really worked for her, and that calls to me a bit. So I'm mentally eyeing the calendar re when to do another one and keep fine tuning. Tempted to continue for another 30 days as we settle into the new house, but that might be totally nuts. I have to learn to trust myself. That just came to me...I'll have to weave that into my mindset.
    Also, thanks for the details on the prime rib, I'm going to stash that idea away for the future.
    Finally got a good night of sleep last night. Ready to shop for the sausage eggroll bowls, and otherwise stock up in general. I'll have a breakfast of mustard chicken and just out of the oven roasted brussels sprouts.
    Anyone have any ideas on what to do with a duck breast that doesn't involve sugar? Hubs is asking for duck, for Christmas dinner, and I've never made it before.
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from MeadowLily in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    Oh my Heavens! That eggroll bowl @hollysmokes is so. so. good! I was so confident in the recipe, I doubled it and used a big soup pot. I used ground chicken instead of pork, and Mel Joulwan's breakfast pork sausage spice blend from Well Fed 2. Otherwise I stayed very close to the recipe, except for putting a heavy hand to the ginger and garlic because, why not, right? Wow. This will go into the rotation - thanks!I
    I was up 90 minutes early, and a busy bee all morning, hello Tigerblood! You guys, too?
    Oh, I meant to write coffee bean grinder, not roaster!
    That's funny, I gave the leftover mustard chicken the same treatment with broccoli. The new bread! Yeah, as for the mustard chicken, it's more my habit to brown the thighs and set them aside than cook them through the way the recipe called for, so when it was time, I added a lot more broth and dijon in order to simmer the chicken to completion. It's gone now but I'm saving the last of the gravy for eggs and veg as a breakfast another day. If I can keep myself from the eggroll bowl.
    Happy Solstice Eve, everyone! And good to see you here, @MeadowLily, your words of wisdom are always notable!
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    Thanks @Jim4884 and @hollysmokes for confirming the coffee grinder for spices, and Holly, I've put the one you use in my Amazon makes so much sense that freshly ground would taste SO much better. Now is the time, yay! Something new to look forward to in the new digs!
    @Elizabeth33 what you said about coconut milk instead of nutpods makes an awful lot of sense. I have done that in the past, and always wondered about the nutpods, which seemed like something I could only get online, so finding them was kind of novel and irresistible! that I've had both, although I do like the half and half-like consistency of the nutpods, and the convenient packaging, I think that I will skip it and go back to coconut milk, just as you said, when I want creamy stuff in my cup!
    @kirbz I loved reading about what you've been cooking, and smiled big about the super yummy lasagna - YES! I have got to try this. Thanks for the attagirls about my situation. If I may say, I am giving myself a lot of credit for doing all this jazz at once, but, I had already committed, and W30 ways could only make things easier, right? In some ways it's a "3d time is the charm" in terms of being second nature, but on the other hand, it is really not easy to keep up the cooking in the whirlwind of activity. I think I might be slimming down a little, but honestly, the absence of joint pain is the real celebrating point.
    Tomorrow I'll go to town, and I'll have to be verrrry organized, and eat a good meal before I go because this is when I get into trouble, not wanting to stop and eat, and then feeling way too hungry, leaning on the Rx bar, which I think I need to make verboten.
    As our friends across the pond say, I'm knackered. Early to bed tonight. Hope you are all having a great week, and dodging the indulgences!
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    LadyLisbette reacted to MeadowLily in Psyching up for a December W30!   
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    LadyLisbette reacted to hollysmokes in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    @LadyLisbette I took a quick peek at and found this: . I'd just leave out the wine and maybe add a couple of drops of lemon juice to add a little acid to the sauce and use ghee instead of butter. Loved the idea of saving the duck fat for potatoes.
    I've been wanting to try duck breasts, too, so let me know how it goes.
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    LadyLisbette got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Psyching up for a December W30!   
    Ha ha, I posted the wrong link! But yes, I think you'll love the lemon garlic chicken Holly, whatever cut of chicken you use. I used it as a starting point, and can't wait to do so again. I am going to Paleo Running Momma more and more these days, and the egg roll bowl looks so good, I printed the recipe and will make that soon. Thank you! Today we'll finish up some of the leftovers, and soon I'll get my cook up going, too...the creamy dijon chicken, and I'll use the original nutpods creamer I have on hand. And the apple cinnamon chicken patties finally...Holly, what do you use to grind your spices? I've never done that but I understand you can use a coffee bean grinder? Does that really work?
    For fun, here is the Mel Joulwan soup recipe I intended to post earlier:
    I thought my nerves were settling lately as we're in a holding pattern until the seller gets through their to-do list, but my stomach disagrees. Yesterday I was too rushed to eat breakfast, so I leaned on an Rx bar and decaf with nutpods, then had a salad with grilled chicken at the Mexican place, and when I got hungry in the evening I ate a cold plate of sliced turkey, some olives, and then dug into the pomegranate on the counter before it went bad...I'm thinking maybe I can store those in the fridge in a plastic bag to keep them fresh like I do with citrus, but they're so pretty I hate to out them out of sight. So it was a weird, kind of hanging on by my fingernails kind of day, plus the nerves, I need to start over and have a good, air-tight, organized week! We're having a staff holiday party on Thursday and I'm getting a sandwich platter from the awesome local deli, and I'll enjoy watching others enjoy it. All parties are being careful about what they eat, and supportive of each other in various approaches, and none are bringing in the usual sweet things with one exception, and my lovelies kindly whisked things out of my sight. Sweet and thoughtful! So come to think of it, it's been the "safest" and most supportive December ever, maybe in my whole life. That is something, eh?
    I thought this excerpt from (the brilliant Maria Popova) may be of interest, on the subject of taking responsibility for our own lives, which is clearly what we are doing here with Whole30:
    “Character — the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life — is the source from which self-respect springs,” Joan Didion wrote in her timeless essay on self-respect. And yet this willingness does not come naturally to the human animal. We glance left and right, we peer above and below, placing the responsibility for our suffering everywhere but at the center of our own being. We treat the unhandsome consequences of our actions as something that happens to us, at us, by some wretched external causality. In the process, the tick of our self-righteousness grows fatter and fatter on bloodthirsty blame..."
    Maria is so generous with links and further reading. Though she starts here with Joan Didion, she's launching into a discussion of Herman Hesse, one of my all time favorite authors and thinkers. If you're interested in the context of the article and reading more, here's the link:
    Besides cooking, I also need to assemble some gift baskets and prepare a few mailers so as not to be later than late. Posting here and reading everyone's news helps keep me grounded. Wherever you are at, do check in when you can!
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    I've taken a page out of your book, Holly, and have been lotioning my feet in the morning as an extra portion of self-love and care. Thanks for the reminder! Also, I'm feeling like a queen of delayed responses, but I forgot to congratulate you on getting comments at work - your focus and commitment are evident to others! Yay! That must be so gratifying! Like you, I haven't stepped on a scale to start this W30, so I'm not using it as a comparison. That is a first. I don't think I've weighed myself since the end of the last W30. I just know that looking at the numbers is not a good idea, and doesn't matter, really. My clothes, belt, and overall sense of self tell me everything I need to know. Freedom!
    The highlight of the day food-wise was discovering just how delicious the lemon garlic thicken is as a leftover - serious yum. Oh, and the Nutpods was really delicious in my coffee - I brewed decaf to be safe. But seriously, it's so expensive, it will have to be an occasional treat.
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    Hi everyone! @hollysmokes your bluegrass solstice sounds heavenly! Thanks also for keeping Rudolph Steiner on my radar. Is there a book you recommend? Maybe your sweet cat is getting better, hope that trend continues. What a lucky feline to have you making all that yummy food for her...if I'm her I'm thinking what's the point of being a domesticated animal if I can't let the mistress feed me chicken hearts I don't have to fight for? As for the amber goggles, yes, me too, fitting over glasses for extra glamour. Hubs is entertained. In the evening he prompts me to put them on, as in, let me see, and we both giggle. Geek love I suppose. It's hard to tell for sure, but I think they are working! I'm sleeping soundly, waking up early before the alarm, and feeling more or less rested. It would be better to get a couple more hours (8 or 9 instead of 6 or 7) but considering all the mayhem right now, I think I'm doin' alright! I'll take it.
    @Elizabeth33 good to "see" you again. Sinus infections are the worst! Are you using probiotics during the course of antibiotics? They may not be compliant, but since you would be using them as medicine, for your gut, if I were in your shoes, FWIW, I would cling to them like a life raft.  During my first W30 I had to take antibiotics after a nasty tick bite and I forgot to use probiotics, and I got very sick. Now I know! You are really getting pummeled, and handling it all with grit and determination, it sounds like. Bravo! Also, sometimes numbness can be from a vitamin B deficiency, and one way to know is to add them and see if it goes away. Hope you'll be feeling better soon! As for the glasses, they fit right over the reading glasses, easy peasy!
    I finally got to town for a shopping run yesterday, and am all stocked up, ready to make the creamy dijon chicken, and eventually soup with meatballs....I was delighted to find NUTPODS! i was impressed that this area has them. Meanwhile, I've let go of creamy stuff in my cup, and not even drinking coffee anymore. But my nerves have settled down, and I'm feeling like a little compliant mid-W30 treat: so, later, coffee and nutpods with my breakfast! Woo hoo!
    Mel Joulwan posted a recipe for roasted carrot caraway soup
    ...that has really piqued my curiosity, and darned if I can find ground caraway anywhere! I have caraway seeds, but will have to add them to my online shopping list, along with a compliant champagne vinegar. That got me wondering, what are some of your favorite spices and flavor combos?
    Keep up the great work everyone! I'm grateful for your presence - it does help so much!
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    PS, how's your cat, Holly?
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    @kirbz that lasagna recipe looks so good! I printed it and will try it out. Your husband is right @hollysmokes you are awesome for making that dish for him! So glad you took it easy when you got tired instead of pushing through with the squash. It's the balance, right, not doing things to exhaustion. I took note re your treatment of the eggplant. I don't have a lot of experience with eggplant, kind of like your story of "soft eggs" in childhood...a grown up who cooked at our house did some pretty greasy, soggy things with eggplant, but I am learning it doesn't have to be that way...and when I can get some next, I will try what you explained...oven roasted is also good, right? Rubbed with garlic, and roasted? Any other eggplant suggestions you all have are welcome. This is of course such a sweet time to have the oven on at home!
    @kirbz your trip to Bishop sounds wonderful - an outdoor adventure for solstice, I love it! I haven't been to Bishop yet, but nearby Lone Pine on a jag to Manzanar before heading out to Death Valley last winter. But I'd love to go to Bishop one day...I'll look for the good eats there. As the crow flies, it's just over the mountains from where I live, so I'll send a raven with greetings! I'd love to know what you're planning to cook/assemble.
    Today was potentially wobbly, but I got through it okay. Bearing in mind that I've been running out/officially out of vegetables (I see I'm not the only one here!) I was planning to go to my local village market to tide me over until I could get to town again. That always works. Decent produce, though mostly not organic...and then, like a bad dream, I walked in and the produce aisle was E M P T Y. I'll bet my jaw dropped. I guess the motor konked out and they have to get a new one to keep stuff cold. OH NO. So I went home and had another cold plate of turkey wrapped cucumber spears, olives, and some delicious radishes from my CSA...and that held me until dinner. For dinner I made classic lemon garlic chicken thighs, slightly piccatta'd with capers, and a dusting of minced rosemary. That was super yummy, but cucumbers are getting a tad old! In between those adventures it was otherwise a day off to get caught up on laundry and start packing! It has begun! I was dreading it but now I am enjoying the momentum. The house is an obstacle course of packed and ready to pack boxes. The other exciting news is that my amber goggles came in the mail! To block the blue light at night, and hopefully help me sleep. It's v e r y glamorous, let me tell you, friends. I first learned about these a couple years ago when Michelle Tam was still a graveyard pharmacist and p/t food blogger, she wore these to help with the wonky sleep schedule. Have any of you tried them before?
    I will, next up, make that tomato soup with mini meatballs. And then chicken apple cinnamon sliders. And soon, the creamy mustard chicken that @ElizabethG and @hollysmokes made...the capers and chicken tonight reminded me of that. The moral of the story is: don't let the vegetables run out! Aaaahhhrrrrggg. My Whole30 soul could get in trouble that way! Keep the news coming, all!
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    Hi everyone! Whew, the month is flying by. Congrats to all at different stages! @hollysmokes your bullet list of food is making me hungry! I'm about to rustle up some bison burgers, and for mine, I'll have a side of steamed brussels because that's all I've got on hand for the moment besides frozen peas. Yep, time to get shopping again.
    @kirbz often I dress a pile of greens, and use it as a bed for whatever I'm eating. Tossed all together. I don't like things piping hot, so I'll reheat (for example leftover meatballs) a little bit, and it doesn't wilt the greens, but everything ends up being room temp. But if you like your greens wilted, that works, too....this is my fast-n-easy solution to getting greens with my leftovers. Like Holly, I will often chop kale to put in soup, and a favorite regular, hash...if you are interested I could link a recipe as a template. I don't use the recipe anymore, but adlib whatever is in the fridge, usually kale, mushrooms, zucchini, maybe chopped apple, seasoned with Lebanese 7 spice blend, or adlib an Italian combo oregano, s/p, etc...and toss it into browned ground pork or chicken. I add the kale at the end and enjoy watching it wilt and change color, so pretty. And. Yum. I like potatoes, too! In fact...
    The his/hers chili was fun, and I will do that again. I used yams in mine, and beans in his.
    I loved reading about NSVs, good job @kirbz and @hollysmokes!!
    I feel like I'm running a marathon right now. It's a nail biting time choosing a home inspector, a lender, etc....and I am staying compliant! Yay! I continue to get in my morning survival-yoga, though sometimes it is woefully brief, but I'm doing it! I'm enjoying the bath at night to relax and pamper myself. I'm feeling notably lighter in my body, and even in my clothes, a little. Of course there's a lot of adrenaline in my blood these days, but I'm feeling more graceful/less clunky. That is a huge relief...more like myself. I think my stomach is a little bit flatter. Big NSV here: my hips don't hurt. And my feet don't hurt. That has to be reduction of inflammation. Yippee! Solstice is a week from Friday if I'm not mistaken, and my house is turned inside out, but I want to mark the occasion somehow...maybe a nice bath, and no devices from after work until the next day. Maybe some journal writing, too. It's such a rich time, and it's going to be a great new year. Do you guys feel that way, too?
    Have a great time tonight @hollysmokes celebrating your husband's birthday! Your lasagna sounds delicious!
    How's it going @Elizabeth33?
    More soon, all!
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    @kirbz your solstice trip does sound wonderful! I had to look it up; my knowledge of anything west of the Mississippi is sorely lacking. Stay warm; it looks like it's going to be pretty chilly. I just saw that there is a meteor shower that should be visible this weekend and a comet is supposed to be visible the night of 12/16 and will be visible to the naked eye. It should be to the right of Orion. I think we're going to be too cloudy to see it but y'all might be in luck.
    @LadyLisbette we wobble but we don't fall down! Glad you were able to maintain without vegetables- oh no! I grabbed an emergency bag of broccoli florets at Costco yesterday and I'm still working on my giant bag of kale salad that I scored for $2 at Restaurant Depot last weekend. Your piccatta-ish chicken sounds yummy. I was traumatized by eggplant and okra as a child. My mom likes to stew them down in tomatoes and serve over rice- slimy, yucky, just gross. Still hate them that way. I worked up to liking both of them via frying, then grilling. There is an old blessing that I read somewhere ages ago along the lines of "May you always have enough olive oil for your eggplant" because it will endlessly soak it up. I cut it in 1 inch slabs, salted it and let it sit (I've never known if this is really necessary but I do it just to get rid of some of the moisture), rinse, pat dry, salt and garlic powder. I used tallow because I knew it was going in a beef dish but any fat works and melted a generous amount on my griddle. Every now and then I peeked underneath the slices to see if they looked dry and if they did, I put another dab of tallow under them. Flip and repeat with the fat until they were a little brown and nice and tender. My mom used to boil them when she had her restaurant and we were doing 3 ft X 3 ft pans of moussaka. Baking works, too but it takes some pretty generous brushing w oil. Baking them whole works if you just want the meat for baba ganoush (yum!) or something like that. When my husband's birthday present toaster oven/convection oven/air fryer gets here I'm going to try it out with eggplant. 
    Thanks for asking about my crazy cat. It's the little scaredy one; not the disappearing butthead one. She lost weight when butthead disappeared for a few months and has never put it back on. She always seems hungry but I think she's just rejecting dry food in favor of fresh meat. I can't trace kitty puke down to her food; I've tried eliminating stuff and using limited ingredient food but there's never any pattern to when she gets sick. She's only gotten sick once since Thanksgiving. She acts like she feels fine and her coat is nice so I don't know what's up with her. Being spoiled is high on the differential diagnosis list!
    Let us know how your blue-light glasses work! They are terribly attractive, yes? I had to get some that fit over my regular glasses so those were even more glamorous.
    Yesterday someone that I work with asked me if I was losing weight! Possibly? I definitely feel less...jiggly. I did two segments of Katy Bowman's movement technique videos yesterday. It's like having really good physical therapy at home. It felt SO good.
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    This is the story of my life at this exact moment! For example, since I posted this morning, we got a counter offer and accepted it! Ha. One foot in front of the other. Thank you!
    While we are down-scaling to a two bedroom from a three, there is a ton more space, and yes, plenty of room for yoga, exercise, and YES a deep freezer too!! It might be a while before I get a deep freezer, and I will start by querying my CSA pals about local meat...but still...Yippee! Thank you for sharing the joy, @hollysmokes! While we were waiting for a response to our initial offer today, I planted my feet in the ground at work, and applied laser FOCUS to my work. My co-workers were just being their merry, lovely selves, but I got so annoyed! So tense! I figured it was anxiety about the house, and by the end of the day it occurred to me that another name for my feelings might be KILL ALL THINGS. Okay, I get it, I never felt that before, but that must be it, or, both. Another sign post to eat more!
    This was my first time with Mexicolas: when you shake them, the pit rattles around in there. The pit is a little smaller than usual. You wait until they are very, very soft, and then, yes, you can eat the skin, which is more tender than a grape skin! I had to scrape a little of the pit's skin off the flesh of the avo, but it was really good, and I'll look forward to the next time I can get them.
    Ill bet you make your own pickles, don't you? That sounds good, I'll have to get some. Your lasagnas, both of them sound so good! And a puttanesca twist on that sauce is making my mouth water, and I just ate dinner!
    Are you feeling lighter in your body at this point? I'll bet you are with all that great movement, and strolls with you pet rock! = ) Was it a good week overall? I managed to get in 20 minutes of yoga every day, so that is something.
    Happy weekend to you, and all of our gang! @Elizabeth33 how are you feeling? I trust all went well...write when you can!
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    @hollysmokes I'm excited to try the vetiver/bergamot combo for sleep, also the magnesium. Thanks for the tip! Have you ever had raw lasagna? I don't have a recipe, just a memory from 15 years ago, one I shared with a friend. It tasted and textured just like the real, pillowy, delicious dish. The cashew ricotta, the wide ribbon zuccini lasagna noodles, and a tangy tomato sauce that I suspect had sundred tomatoes, too...very delicious. Would that be to your husband's taste? Let us know what you dream up!
    Yesterday's plan for 3 meals was a bust, but it was a tremendous day. We made an offer on the house in the morning which took through midday. We started the day with another viewing of the house, and then I went home and made a slightly larger plate of breakfast. I sat in a dream state while I ate and enjoyed it! Later...after all the paperwork on the offer I drove 45 minutes to town to do 9 errands for home and business, with the intention of grabbing a compliant lunch...but I had so much momentum I couldn't bear to stop. It was another Rx bar snack to keep me from poorer decisions. That got me through a very productive afternoon, but when I got home I was FAMISHED! Hubs was putting in a long day, too, and he got home very late just after I had everything unpacked. I steamed tamales for him, and for myself a lovely plate of cucumber spears wrapped in Costco organic sliced turkey breast (thanks @kirbz and @hollysmokes for the encouragement), a Mexicola avocado with edible skin from my local CSA, a pile of kalamata olives, and a dollop of mayo to dredge the wraps in. It didn't look like much food, but was tasty and filling. Win!
    It's nice to have the larder stocked up again. I guess this region of the country is not supporting all of the wonderful things mentioned from Costco, but I will get lots of that turkey in the future. Speaking of future, there is a cook up on the horizon: tomato soup and Italian meatballs, and his and hers chili, yep, I'm finally going to divide a nice big batch of chili and put beans in his, and yams in mine. Being a creature of habit, I'll keep myself stocked in a steady rotation of romanesco, cauliflower, brussels, and nice organic greens from my local grocer, and crisp cucumbers and peppers to go with them. I don't mind a little monotony, it's like my security blanket. I learned something on this round...leftover steamed or roast veg are really not bad in a salad, and are easier on my GI. Does anyone else do that?
    I'm excited to not just slay December, and what a fine job we are all doing there! But also go into the new year, and a new home with Whole30 habits and momentum. A fresh start! In years gone by when I was a <whisper> smoker, I noticed it was easier to quit when I moved. Fresh slate. I'm planning to do that on this move, up my rate of compliance all year long. Holly you inspire me on that note among others!
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    @Elizabeth33 I couldn't sleep last night, either. I'm waiting for the legendary W30 must be right around the corner! The nervous euphoria of recent days reduced down to plain old nerves. I could tell at bedtime that I wasn't sleepy, ruminating away, but I didn't want to take anything besides valerian and that did nothing. I tossed and turned all night. Argh. Your pad thai sounds seriously delicious. It sounds like your template is working, so am I right to understand that the cravings are separate from feeling hungry? I'm struggling here a little bit, to @hollysmokes question...sometimes I'm hungry too soon, and wonder if I'm subconsciously under eating. Mind you, under eating is far from a specialty of mine, quite the contrary! Maybe I'm trying to stretch out the cooking...I am always sad when the tubs run empty. This morning I added a little more of each: protein, fat, veg and greens....and I was still hungry after a few hours. Maybe this is from eating 2x/day instead of 3...I've been intermittent fasting, eating lunch at 3 or 4 and not again until morning. I'm realizing as I type that I should let that go, and for a full week eat 3x/day, with the same plate size/template I've been doing and see if that's better. Today I was too busy to eat lunch, so I had an Rx bar for a snack, and ate dinner with my husband.... with that I'll start fresh tomorrow. Some times I think it's ok for me to eat twice per day but right now my system seems to need something else...
    Holly, the tostones sound so, so good. I'll do a big shopping run tomorrow, and am excited to make tomato soup. Not sure what else, but for now there's a tub of roast cauli, and another one with brussels and a few yams too. Overall, I'm doing well. My brain is tired though...going to bed, to sleep per chance to dream. it's so nice to see all these posts at the end of the day.  Thanks y'all!