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  1. k9zoo

    Hello! Starting January 14

    From my 2017 round 1 of Whole30, I found the depression and anxiety peaked for me on Day 3. A moderator suggested adding potatoes to help with the transition. It helped me. Good luck, stay on the forum--it helps too. I was never a big forum junkie, but you get inspiration and good ideas. You also figure out that what you are feeling is normal.
  2. k9zoo

    Hello! Starting January 14

    Hi everyone! Just found the "starting 1/14" page. My friend, Liz, and I started 1/14 and so far so good. This is my second round and her first. I am not having near the issues I had in round 1, like crying every day. Perhaps because I did that round all alone. So just checking in for now and will watch all the wonderful progress and ideas from my seat in the Dallas, TX area.
  3. Hi, I'm Michelle. My friend, Liz, and I are starting Jan 2nd also. I did a whole30 reset in 2017. I kept a few notes about how I felt. For me, the first week was bad then it was only better after that. My best advice is to plan and prepare. So many grocery stores are carrying good products now that it makes things a little easier. Get some "go to" meals you can have or make in a pinch. I always had hard boiled eggs on hand for a quick breakfast. Breakfast was my hardest meal although I did have a note on day 20 that I was tired of Vegetables. Lol. Good luck and let's do this together!!!