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  1. k9zoo

    Hello! Starting January 14

    From my 2017 round 1 of Whole30, I found the depression and anxiety peaked for me on Day 3. A moderator suggested adding potatoes to help with the transition. It helped me. Good luck, stay on the forum--it helps too. I was never a big forum junkie, but you get inspiration and good ideas. You also figure out that what you are feeling is normal.
  2. k9zoo

    Hello! Starting January 14

    Hi everyone! Just found the "starting 1/14" page. My friend, Liz, and I started 1/14 and so far so good. This is my second round and her first. I am not having near the issues I had in round 1, like crying every day. Perhaps because I did that round all alone. So just checking in for now and will watch all the wonderful progress and ideas from my seat in the Dallas, TX area.
  3. Hi, I'm Michelle. My friend, Liz, and I are starting Jan 2nd also. I did a whole30 reset in 2017. I kept a few notes about how I felt. For me, the first week was bad then it was only better after that. My best advice is to plan and prepare. So many grocery stores are carrying good products now that it makes things a little easier. Get some "go to" meals you can have or make in a pinch. I always had hard boiled eggs on hand for a quick breakfast. Breakfast was my hardest meal although I did have a note on day 20 that I was tired of Vegetables. Lol. Good luck and let's do this together!!!
  4. Major NSV I have learned upon reintro -- I no longer like Diet Coke!!!!! I was an addict...a chain drinker as I called myself. I wanted to test it out so I got a Route44 at Sonic. I took a long sip and thought it tasted gross and just like syrup. I waited a while and took another sip, thinking surely it would change. Nope. Still gross. I gave it to my mom and grabbed a bottle of water. Now I know. I haven't reintro'd as slowly as I thought I would. I'm starting a different but similar program on Monday for 10 days that my personal trainer runs. It's not quite as restrictive as W30, but very similar. So I wanted to get a few things in quickly just to see how they tasted. Night 1 - PB&J on white bread with milk was first. Immediate dull headache for the rest of the evening. Night 2 - 2 Beers, pretzel and cheese. Nothing dramatic. Night 3 - More beer, cheeseburger and a few fries. Major heartburn. Had to dig into the Prilosec for the first time in 30 days. Morning 4 - Donuts and milk. Majorly sweet tasting. Dull headache and sleepy and hungry an hour later. Next I'll probably throw some beans into the W30 chili I made, but I'm about done with my tests. I feel too good and don't want to go back.
  5. I'm going to mostly slow roll it. I want to test out a few items in the beginning to see if they impact me. I have a silly question--does coconut milk taste like dry coconut? I hate coconut and have been reluctant to try anything with "coconut" in the name.
  6. I spent four hours in the kitchen yesterday and hated it. I've been getting by on salads, grilled meats and baked potatoes. But, thanks for mentioning taco salad. I don't know why I've never thought of that. I made the chili yesterday and it's very good. I may start the reintro by throwing some beans in there. I also ordered ISWF. I need to focus on finding ways for this way of eating to be more natural and less of a countdown.
  7. No judgement taken. You're right about all the negatives. And I remember when I cut it out once before that it didn't taste that great when I tried it again. I need to remember that.
  8. I vote that we just keep posting in here. I have it bookmarked so it's easy to find.
  9. I had a little kitten start to emerge yesterday and it was still here this morning. It's purring but not roaring yet. I think it shows up late in the program so we won't totally blow it upon reintroduction. Speaking of reintroduction, there are really just a few things I miss--diet coke, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and milk. The milk and PBJ go together and I can live with just eating them occasionally. Diet Coke is a different story. I miss it more than alcohol! I know I cannot start back on any sugar (although that would rule out Diet Coke), but I mean hard core cookies and cakes and the 7-11 blueberry muffin that used to be my everyday breakfast. I just have 0 control once I start down the sugar path. On a similar note, I ate three different compliant, but new, foods yesterday and one of them upset my stomach and I woke up with puffy eyes this morning. I ate Alive and Radiant Kale Chips-Cheezy (but no cheese in them), Hat Creek Sauerkraut and Hat Creek Pickled Okra. I'm going to research the okra more because it did have "pickling spices" but that was the only thing vague in any of the three. Has anyone tried these products and know more about them?
  10. Just got caught up on several pages of the forum. Thank you all for sharing! It helps to read some of the same things I've been experiencing. First, a few NSVs, 1) Valentine's Day - as with many of you, the sweets were a bit hard to avoid, but I did and even had the family open a triple decker chocolate cake at the table and the chocolate smell was so overwhelming. My sweet dad quickly put the top back on and ate his piece by the sink behind me. 2) Yesterday I went to a movie grill and actually ordered grilled chicken, avocado and water. I'm usually a hamburger, fries and diet coke person at these places. This is the absolute first eating plan I have ever been on that has lived up to the promises of feeling better. I've definitely had my cry times, angry times and craving times the last 21 days, but I feel so much more positive about things and not as easily overwhelmed. I have suffered from major depression for decades and, while I still take anti-depressants, I finally think there may be other solutions. That's what has totally kept me going! I have yet to get the tiger blood and energy lift although I feel a bit more energetic. My recliner is just too comfy! That's my next goal--getting more active. I do need to make some different things this week as I'm getting some food boredom set in, especially with veggies. I'm also very sleepy as several have mentioned. Perhaps more activity will help that. So here's to a strong finish and better choices in the future!!!
  11. I am right there with you! Today is Day 15 for me and I'm so tired and lethargic. My skin is pretty good, but other than I just feel more stressed than anything else. :-/ Have you tried tea? I drink that in place of my diet coke for caffeine.
  12. Hopefully the second week was better for you! I started crying on Day 2 and continued on Day 3. Day 3 was the worst with lots of anxiety. I also had some issues with crying this past Wednesday because my boss really made me angry. I've felt better overall this week and I know I still have places to improve in my eating. I'm sticking to plan but need to focus more on breakfast and the plate template. Hang in there! You are not alone!!!
  13. Sorry guys for the apparently random thoughts. I meant to be quoting and replying to another post. Whole30 AND forums are a learning process for me!
  14. I was a huge Diet Coke drinker stopping at Sonic every morning for a Route 44. Now I'm substituting with unsweet tea. No caffeine headaches so far.
  15. For breakfast, I usually just have two boiled eggs and sometimes add a banana. I'm not a big breakfast eater. My stomach doesn't wake up too early and is pretty picky that time of day. For lunch, I'll have a salad with tuna and maybe a piece of fruit. Then dinner is chicken, baked potato and salad or green veggie.