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  1. Or better yet, is there a better type of vinegar I can use for my dressings? I usually just add olive oil and lemon juice with some spices to it. I like that vinegar taste.
  2. Sorry its early in the morning for me. Lol. So when you say added that means it is in the ingredient list? And that's bad.
  3. Thank you. I am going shopping this weekend so i will make sure to look for a good one. So as far as I'm looking I have to make sure it says no sulphities and no added sugar, correct?
  4. It says.. Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must and caramel colour. Then it says... Contains sulfites
  5. Hello. Just wondering if I can have balsamic vinegar. I know in the book it says yes but I thought some had sugar in it? I use it on my salads all the time and just wanted to make sure it was ok before I start the reset! Thank you kindly.