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  1. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I like this because after my text next week I WILL be drinking alcohol and then I will do the rest of my reintroduction. The difference for me is now I know I can do this for 30 days so I will tack on extra days as well as not having this huge test as a pressure and I think my next whole30 will produce in greater results!!
  2. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    Day 20: still no tiger blood... although I do think that my joints are not as painful. I am looking forward to being able to reintroduce some things back into my diet, because HOLY MOLY do I miss cheese! I came to a conclusion yesterday though; with all the stress I am dealing with from grad school and my huge licensure test that is on March 3 (good vibes, thoughts and prayers are welcome) I don't think my results are as noticeable because my stress levels are astronomical right now. That being said, I think that I will be doing another whole30 in April (as I will need to be drinking alcohol on March 3rd...) I also think that though I will be introducing things that are not compliant back into my eating habits, I have learned that I actually do have discipline (this is major for me, I can rarely make it past a week of commitment) and that moderation is key. I will be eating mostly whole30 meals but giving myself a reward now and then as well
  3. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I finally had a weird food dream last night. I dreamt that ate a bag of microwave popcorn (which normally I would have popped my own) and then I was mad at myself so I ate an entire box of cookies in one sitting. I woke up and thought it was real for about 15 minutes, then realized it wasn't so I ate three cuties and a hardboiled egg for breakfast instead... lol
  4. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    HELP! I am on day 18, I feel nothing. I did not sleep well last night and woke up with a slight headache and a charley horse in my calf. I don't even know how this is possible because I've been drinking SO much water. I am also super emotional today. I am feeling so frustrated that I am not seeing any results. I plan on sticking it out because I already spent so much trying so hard, but I am not happy and I feel like I am wasting my time.
  5. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I had a really rough day at my internship site yesterday. Normally I would go home and drink a glass of wine or have a beer to unwind. Instead I contacted all my supports (especially the 2 girls who are doing the whole30 with me) they gave me lots of encouragement and so I ended up drinking a cup of decaf coffee (because the smell is very relaxing to me). I then watched a feel good movie and tried to go to bed early. All these things helped, however I still miss being able to have a glass of wine or a cookie or something. I feel like the fact I still want to "medicate" with food and alcohol does not show a lot of forward progress for me... I am also regretting that I didn't try to do something for exercise instead of watching a movie when I was stressed and upset. (I am so good at guilt-tripping myself...)
  6. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    ok friends, day 14 for me. Since my last post I have had many non-scale victories. I went out for karaoke with friends and did not indulge in a drink besides water. Then I drove my friends home and they asked to stop at a drive thru. Although the smell of french fries was heavenly, I resisted ordering anything. Still haven't noticed much progress in my body by way of clothes fitting better or skin improvement and I am still exhausted. I slept for 9 1/2 hours last night and could have slept for more... Also even though I've been able to fight through them, my cravings are still pretty intense. When is my tiger blood coming??!!?
  7. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I actually haven't stepped on a scale, but my pants, rings and whatnot all fit the same so... I'm willing to be patient, I guess I'm just in kill all the things mode right now. :/
  8. Don't over think this.

    That's really helpful, thanks!! And just so I'm not that person, I am definitely NOT drinking that powdered coffee gross-ness!
  9. Don't over think this.

    I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this on: but can someone please explain the issue with flavored coffee if I am drinking it black?
  10. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    what types of fat do you suggest in the morning? Should I just pre cook bacon and have that on hand when I just have time to make eggs and run out the door?
  11. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I have a cup of coffee with nutpods "creamer" every morning. For breakfast I have two eggs OR a full egg scramble with peppers, paleo bacon, mushrooms and onion. For lunch I have been having spaghetti squash, chicken and romesco sauce; sweet potato soup and tuna (although I had been eating non-compliant tuna for a few days without knowing it); and one day I made oven-baked salmon and put the citrus glaze on it. for dinner its leftovers of the same stuff. I also made grasped burgers with portebello buns and lettuce and tomato and compliant mayo plus lots of water I know it wasn't guaranteed I would lose weight, but I had a terrible diet beforehand so it would be very unlikely that I don't lose some. I know I might not see the results right away, but combined with everything else that HASN'T changed, it is pretty frustrating. That being said, thank you for taking the time to ask
  12. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    I am on day 10 and NOTHING HAS CHANGED! I'm still exhausted, I've lost no weight, the intensity of my cravings has not dissipate and my face still looks dull with circles under my eyes. The only difference is I'm peeing all the time because I've up my water intake to 80oz a day. what is the point???!?!?!
  13. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    can anyone tell me what the issue is with the artificial flavors in coffee?
  14. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    so I just realized that I've been eating generic tuna packs from the store and that one of the ingredients is soybeans? do you think I need to start over? how much soybean could possibly be in it?!! why the heck is there soybeans in tuna to begin with?!?! I thought that of all things would be safe!!!!
  15. FEBRUARY 1, 2017 Start Date? JOIN THIS THREAD!!

    what kind of sausage are people buying for breakfast use?