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  1. abigailjt

    Reintroduction With Toddler?

    Well, I'd like to know specifically what is causing her eczema for sure (at the very least). It's been difficult when people (family, nursery workers, etc.) offer her foods that she can't have, which turns into 1,000 judgmental looks & conversations for me doing this diet in the first place with her. I'd like to be able to say, "no, she has a gluten/dairy/soy intolerance, and we can't ever give this to her," rather than have to go into a long list with all her caretakers of all the things she can't have. Ideally, we would all just eat Whole 30 at home forever, but it's just not realistic with a toddler who has occasional other caretakers and won't say no to a cookie. That being said, it is nice that she isn't in daycare. She's been "accidentally" given non-W30 foods at least twice when I wasn't around, and managed to trade her pre-packed snack for another in nursery. That's why I'd like to get a more definitive answer. Also, I am due to have a baby in a couple months, and I know people will be bringing us non-W30 foods for a couple weeks. I'd like to avoid being wasteful with that, while still knowing when I need to have alternatives for her/being able to tell people "hey my daughter can't have this or that, so keep it in mind." People are shockingly judgmental about W30! I generally say, "We're doing an elimination diet approved by her ped to help isolate the cause of her eczema," (all true) and people still look at me like "you guys are nuts!"
  2. abigailjt

    Reintroduction With Toddler?

    Hi everyone, it's my third time doing the Whole 30, and I've had such great results that I added my 20 month old this time around. She has been doing great, her eczema has cleared up, she's gaining weight (a problem for us in the past was her slow weight gain), and she's been trying and loving a lot of new vegetables! My question is this: our Reintroduction is coming up in a few short days, and I'm not sure how to (other than super obvious physical symptoms) tell what specific foods are affecting her negatively. She won't verbalize and say things like "my tummy hurts" yet, etc. Has anyone else done this with a child so young? Are there more specific things I should look for? Even looking at her BM's isn't that reliable, as she has been all over the board throughout the W30--soft, hard, you name it! I have read the W30 blog post that talks about reintroducing with kids, but I'm looking for some more specific advice on things to look out for. Thanks!