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    brandyontherun reacted to ShannonM816 in How do you drink your coffee on whole30?   
    I use canned coconut milk, the full fat variety. I probably use 2-3 oz in a large cup of coffee.
    If I want something fancier, I will blend coffee, the coconut milk, and a bit of coconut oil, sometimes with cinnamon or even with garam masala which is a spice blend with cinnamon and nutmeg and other stuff in it. (If you do this in a regular blender, take the center piece out of the lid and hold a folded towel over the opening so the steam doesn't make the lid pop off. Or just use your immersion/stick blender if you have one.) Blending helps keep the oil emulsified, otherwise you get a pool of oil on top of your coffee. And the oil helps the whole thing feel thicker, closer to the half & half I really prefer.
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    brandyontherun reacted to kirbz in Make Ahead Recipes please share here!   
    I've fallen in love with soups! So here are some of my favorite soup recipes. I make a double batch, put them in mason jars, freeze them, and pull them out for breakfasts. I struggle with veggies for breakfast so creamy soup and scrambled eggs has become my go-to meal! Delicious! 
    Soup Recipes 
    Golden Cauliflower Soup: Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup:  And here are some other recipes that would give you a good number of delicious meals to store and eat through the week. I haven't froze any of these and don't know how they would do (I don't generally do the make-and-freeze type of cooking), but you could at least use them for a few meals. Mostly, I'm just passing them along because they're delicious and some of my favorites! 
    Other Recipes 
    Spinach Artichoke Twice Baked Potatoes:  Breakfast Egg Roll in a Bowl: Salisbury Steak Meatballs: (I make a double batch of the gravy, which I've heard can be frozen and used for later)  Anyway, good luck to you! 
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    brandyontherun reacted to christineUF in Make Ahead Recipes please share here!   
    I did meal prep this week with ground beef stuffed peppers, made 4 at once - you could make even more if you don't mind eating the same thing multiple days.
    I also meal prepped hard boil eggs and grilled chciekn for salads.
    Besides that I chopped up my tomatos, onions and peppers to throw in eggs/salads/other dinners throughout the week!
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    brandyontherun got a reaction from tmt578 in January start!   
    Hi, I'm a mom of 1 girl (6yrs) and am hoping to start in January as well.  January 2nd start date.  I've started picking out recipes to prep but that's as far as I've gotten in terms of planning. 

    I did the whole30 once and had seriously fantastic results!  But this past year has been rough but I'm looking forward to getting back on track. 

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    brandyontherun reacted to ShannonM816 in Whole30 take 2   
    HI, @eheinrich -- Welcome to Whole30. I just wanted to mention that since you have a history of depression, it's probably a good idea to have at least a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable each day -- like potato, sweet potato, turnips, beets, carrots, or other root vegetables, winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash, or plantains. Going too low carb sometimes seems to depression or anxiety symptoms getting worse in people who are prone to them. Also, especially if you start feeling down, check out foods that help boost serotonin levels, like turkey, salmon, spinach, and eggs. And obviously, if you start feeling down and you can't seem to shake that feeling, please talk to your doctor or therapist for advice. 
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    brandyontherun reacted to ladyshanny in January start!   
    Hi Betsy, when you do cook, cook in bulk. An entire tray of chicken thighs, a dozen boiled eggs, huge sheet pan of roasted veggies. Then you can "grab and go" and still feel great! Lots of people also do huge egg-bakes for the morning - I used to cook one every sunday and we'd eat it for breakfast for a week. Doesn't take more than 20 minutes or so to prep and then you bake and you're all set!
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    brandyontherun got a reaction from Wendy5001 in Make Ahead Recipes please share here!   
    I'm starting a whole30 in January and am looking for make ahead meal prep recipes. Ideally big batch recipes that can be cooked and frozen.  
    I have the whole30 book but any additional recipes would be fantastic!
    Please share recipes and links here :)
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    brandyontherun got a reaction from tmt578 in January start!   
    Hi, I'm a mom of 1 girl (6yrs) and am hoping to start in January as well.  January 2nd start date.  I've started picking out recipes to prep but that's as far as I've gotten in terms of planning. 

    I did the whole30 once and had seriously fantastic results!  But this past year has been rough but I'm looking forward to getting back on track. 

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    brandyontherun got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in Drug addiction to Food addiction- help getting started?   
    8 years ago I was addicted to drugs and alcohol; I got sober, became active, and started a new life and routine successfully until about 6 months ago.  In December, I developed a back injury and it limited my ability to be active.... then I started full time work in April (after 8 years of working pt, and being in school for 5 yrs) and have been struggling ever since.  I've been eating so much that I've gained 20lbs, have started developing new physical symptoms, my routine is a mess, and I'm just really struggling with how much I rely on food as both a coping mechanism and as a social crutch (work and eating out it huge).
    I'm reaching out to other supports, but I'm wondering also if the whole30 (or 60) can help as well.  I've been on the fence and having a hard time taking the leap.  
    I did the whole 30 one year ago and saw so many great improvements in how I felt..... but went back to sugar shortly after.  Yet this is the worst my relationship with food has ever been.  
    I'm posting here for some accountability and maybe to get the push I need to start really planning this instead of just thinking about it.  
    I have the original whole30 book; if you have additional recommendations for resources, please share!
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    brandyontherun reacted to Puckertoe in Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!   
    Hi,Queen of mayo failure here!  This is what Ive learnt. On Blender method.
    All ingredients at the same temp. My Kitche is about 10 degrees centigrade and I can still make mayo, 
    Make sure to emulsify the egg and mustard and lemon for longer than you think. that seems to be the critical thing. Give it a really good whiz.
    Then add the oil, slowly at first.
    If it fails, make coleslaw...
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    brandyontherun reacted to Crastney in Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!   
    It helps if you look up how the chemistry of mayo is made - it's an emulsion of two ingredients that wouldn't normally mix (like oil and water), but with an addition that acts as a binder - so think of one water molecule connected to one binder molecule, which at the other end is connected to one oil molecule, thus connecting the oil and the water that wouldn't normally mix.  You do need a large egg, as it's the egg yolk that is one side of the emulsion, and the oil is the other, so you also don't need too much oil.  If it's failed, you can put it in the fridge for a few hours, then add one egg yolk to a jar, and dump that fail on top and then blend with an imersion blender.  the idea is to get the egg yolk starting to emulsify with the small amount of oil at the bottom of the  jar in the immersion blender space, and then as it starts to thicken you can slowly lift the blender to get more oil involved.  it's not essential to have ingredients at room temp, or same temp - after a few seconds blending they're at the same temp anyway.  I normally leave the addition of lemon juice till the end once it's thick enough, then stir in to adjust the flavour as necessary.  I did see a page on the internet somewhere about the chemistry of making mayo and it's very interesting, but I can't find it again now, but it's out there somewhere...
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    brandyontherun reacted to J9er in Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!   
    Just a hint. You shouldn't have to pour the oil in at all if you use an immersion blender. Dump all ingredients into a mason jar. Put your stick blender right to the bottom blend while slowly lifting blender up (about 20 sec), done. I also never use room temp ingredients, they are always straight from the fridge. I have never had a failed batch with this method. 
    Edtited to add: If the vinegar says "contains sulphites" or they are in parenthesis, it's ok as vinegar can have naturally occurring sulphites. It's just if they are listed as part of the ingredients list that would be non compliant. 
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    brandyontherun reacted to missmary in Pre/Post-Workout Meal Suggestions?   
    I'm posting again, since it seems there were a bunch of unanswered questions on this thread. 
    PRE-WORKOUT, you want a small portion of protein and fat. minimal carbs, because the goal here is just to signal to the body that it is ok to start burning fat, not give the body easy carbs that it will use instead. When you start to become more flexible in what energy you use for exercise (the body fat vs. carbs you just ate) you will find endurance and performance improve dramatically, even if you don't need to use fat/lose weight. This recommendation is for everyone.
    POST-WORKOUT, you want a larger portion (1/2 palm to a palm) of protein, and optionally something carby (and glucose filled), like sweet potato, and minimal fat. This is intended to restore muscle glycogen and build new tissue in the window right after your workout when muscles are primed and particularly receptive to taking it up. This helps recovery as well. As Tom mentioned, if you feel good with just protein, that's ok. Glycogen will get restored as the day goes on and you eat your meals, but some people feel A LOT better if they get a hit of carbs right then. Rule of thumb would be: if you are trying to lose weight and feel good without post-WO carbs, then skip them. If you are trying to maintain or gain weight/and or you need carbs post-WO to feel good, then eat those. Always eat the protein.
    oh and the reason for low fat postWO is to get these foods digested as quickly as possible. Fat slows digestion, which is usually good, but not in this case.