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    My source of caffeine has always been soda.  I do drink coffee, but I use a lot of creamer.  I don't like tea, but I'm really hoping I can change my taste for it.
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    Glad to hear a bunch of us will be together for Lent!  
    For a lot of my week day breakfasts I did a sweet potato hash brown casserole with a side of avocado and would save some of the casserole in the freezer for an emergency meal.   A 9x13 pan made eight healthy portioned slices, I'd make it on Sunday and put three slices in the freezer and keep the others in the fridge for my work day morning breakfasts.  I'd change up the toppings I'd throw in, one week it was Aidell's chicken and apple sausage with chopped onions...another it was more spinach, garlic, tomatoes.  Ground Turkey/Beef/Chicken and veggie soup was another easy one.  Basically, if you're making a big meal of something...stick a portion or two of it in the freezer.
    The weather is starting to get warmer here (it is supposed to be 78 today!?!?!) so I'm hoping to have more salads than I did last round.  I'm planning on firing up the grill this weekend and getting a bunch of chicken cooked up that I can stash in the freezer and throw on a salad.  
    Speaking of salads...has anyone tried Tessamae's salad dressings?  
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    Love the WholeLent idea!
    Hey there all! I'll be starting 3/1 as well. This is my 2nd Whole30 but the first where I do a proper reintroduction- I slipped off the clean eating wagon right after (it was Halloween and had both sides of my family with me---- need I say more?). My issue is using food for coping so my goal is to journal throughout this Whole30 to start overcoming the food addiction. 
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    I am doing a Whole30 for Lent too  
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    I submitted a join request... Cannot wait to have a group who are all starting on the same day! Thanks for creating the group! 
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    I am doing the same thing, Nan. I have a 16-year-old daughter who says she will do it with me ~ the only problem is that she goes to her dads house on the weekends... I think there will be a lot of temptation there!!! I am a cross between nervous and excited and definitely need a change! I found ghee and coconut oil today, I ordered some sauces from yesterday. I have a friend who did the program in November and she gave me the best advice. She told me to keep the first week easy and then start adding new recipes as I go. I was definitely overthinking the whole process. I sent a join request to the Facebook group. I haven't heard back yet. I can definitely use the support. Good luck with the cleaning
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    This is my first W30. I have been experimenting with recipes and slowly giving up sugar and alcohol this past week. I can tell the difference already and, for the most part, it's good (can't wait to slay the Sugar Dragon!). However, I really don't like eating so much meat. I don't seem to digest it as well as I'd like. I guess I'm going to have to focus on the vegetables and fats. Anybody else not like eating a lot of meat?
    Thanks for the advice on emergency meals! I had my first run-in today at 4:00 after a long hike and I wanted some quick FOOD. Popcorn was just sitting there...I ate several mouthfuls before I realized I could be eating sardines and leftover potatoes instead! :-) 
    Any advice on between meal snacks and getting around the sugar withdrawal would be appreciated.
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    I am starting March 1st--hoping for good things. Reading all I can about the program and getting prepared. 
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    Hi all,
    I am starting March 1st which give me eight days to prepare myself, house, and fiance for the pretty dramatic change that is going to be happening. I am excited to be doing this but am also nervous. I have never been able to stick to a diet change and I am ready to say that I have. This is a lifestyle change that I want to get on board with!