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  1. So I've fallen away from the traditional reintroduction timeline ... I've did the diary day and whole30'd for two days and then I forgot to cook the rice and quinoa and than had a few crazy days at work and school so I just decided to continue whole 30 as I still had enough prepped compliant food to get me through the week .... But tomorrow night I'm going to my companies annual dinner the Silverball and will be partaking in some alcohol and totally none compliant food, appetizers here I come. We'll see how I feel on Sunday.... I think I'm going to continue to eat whole 30 maybe try reintroducing non gluten grains on their own some time next week after a few days of whole 30 compliant eating after my day of debauchery Saturday
  2. Your experience reminds me of high school, before big games we would have Pasta nights at coaches house and "carb up" so as to get you a lot of energy for the game the next day. I wonder if it would better for you to eat the non gluten grains the night before at dinne. If you eat it the same day as the your spin class you might not get the same effect you experienced this time around.
  3. So yesterday was my diary reintro day. I very sadly left my half of the cheese I bought at Costco at my mom's house so no smoked gouda and manchego at lunch but I did have siggi's iclandic vanilla yogurt with Breakfast, dais cottage cheese with lunch and Haggen Daz coffee icecream/frozen yogurt and a bit of milk for a milkshake at dinner. I have to say of the three diary items the only one I would definitely have again was the Coffee Icecream with a splash of milk, as a treat the other two tasted good or fine but I didn't crave to have more after I finished them, which is weird I use to eat a ton of Siggi's yogurt. Don't get me wrong I though it tasted good but no "i have to have this again." I so far knock on wood haven't had to much of a reaction my stomach felt a bit heavier what I really noticed was by the end of the day my face appeared puffy and a bit red. So far I haven't experienced any gut problems but that might happen if I continue to eat dairy over a long period of time. With the exception of a treat or two here and there I think dairy will not be reintroduced to my diet on a daily basis. Two days of whole 30 and then I think I'm going to try nongluten grains next.
  4. HI All I had my first reintro day yesterday although it was less a reintro day and more a treat day celebrating the completion of my whole30. During my whole30 I had gone to an Irish Immersion weekend and one of the ladies from CT makes amazing shortbread cookies. I had two I saved from the weekend for dessert last night. It was kind of funny I ate the first one cold out of my fridge and it was really sweet and it didn't taste like I remember it tasting, so I left the other out for awhile and then had the second one and again it was sweet maybe tasted a bit better but it didn't find myself wanting to eat a bunch more. I think like in the book ISWF some foods are tied to happy memories and you build them up to be more then they are. Maybe it would be different if I was eating one while I was at the weekend or it was fresh from the tin instead of sitting in my fridge for two weeks. I was a little tired this morning but I've been pretty stressed the past couple of weeks with work and not getting a ton of sleep so I can't really say I ate the cookies and it made me tired. I'm doing two whole30 compliant days and then reintroducing dairy on Saturday. Out of all the things I miss it's between cheese and a piece of sourdough bread with butter. So Saturday I'm going to have yogurt with my breakfast a few pieces of cheese, Manchego and Smoked Gouda, with my lunch and coffee ice-cream with dinner and see how I feel on Sunday. I'll keep checking in and good luck to all the people extending their whole30s to whole 60's or somewhere in-between.
  5. Hi All - I can't believe it's my last day, I started on the 30th of January. I have ISWF and am planning out my reintroduction now. I plan to keep posting to this thread as I go through the reintroduction period, hope you all stick around as well. I'm also actually thinking about doing another Whole 30 in April. Has anyone else done multiple whole 30s or are there a lot of first timers like me here? I also want to say thanks to everyone who has posted here during their Whole 30. I might not always have quoted and responded but reading through everyone's experiences the good and the bad has been really helpful and inspirational to me through my own whole 30. Thanks!
  6. I'm excited that you find the book so helpful. I've ordered Starts with Food as well as Cookbook Well Fed. They should arrive tomorrow!
  7. Hi All, Had a great weekend at my Irish Immersion ... just about everyone was jealous of my meals that I brought with me. The Marist Brothers are great but a lot of the food is something you would get at summer camp. Saturdays Menu: Sausage, Pancakes, fruity yogurt and cereal for Breakfast Hotdogs, Curly Fries and Broccoli Cheese Soup for Lunch and Breaded chicken baked potato and maple carrots with a small salad bar for Dinner not exactly super Whole30 friendly. But I came well prepared with Snapwares full of whole 30 meals. One of the hardest parts was not to visit the shared snack table that has all the cookies candy chips that you could imagine. Although there was some fruit so I snagged a Halo to have with my lunch. The toughest part came after the Ceili, Irish Party Dancing Music etc., we were sitting around playing cards chatting and one of the teachers from Ireland brought over a bottle of Bailey like liquor and was passing out small samples to everyone and I was like no I really can't have any. Which was met with the response from multiple people "Oh go ahead you can have a bit." "its only a mouthful that's not even cheating" Etc. etc. and I have to tell you I was really tempted for like a split second A. because I love cream liquor like Baileys B. Definitely a social drinker C. Damn Peer pressure, Damn you! and then I looked at the clock on the wall and realized it was after midnight and that meant I was on day 21 was I really going to give up all the hard work for the past 20 days for a mouthful of liquor. NO!!! I'm actually glad that this event came closer to the end of my Whole30 that really helped me stave off the temptation!
  8. I did have a weird dream about a week again I'm on day 17. I was at my parents house for the holidays and I look down at my plate and all that was on it where the flakey biscuits from Pillsbury a pile of them with one bit out of each biscuit it was the weirdest thing especially since I can't remember the last time I ate one of those...
  9. At first I was a little surprised but after I thought about it for a bit it makes sense. Yes Americans eat a lot of salt but most of that salt is already in the food because of how processed it is. Since we're eating Fresh whole food the salt content is minimal so there's a lot more latitude to add salt without going overboard. Which I appreciate because like you I am also a big salty treat person. For the first few days on whole 30 I would have a pickle if I was really jonesing for a snack where as before I would have chips and dip or something like that.
  10. Hi All, I actually started my whole30 on January 30th my last day would be the 28th of February so I'm on day 15 but this group is really active so I hope it's okay that I'm jumping in on this thread. : ) I went into this past weekend feeling really good. I felt like I had gotten over the hump. Headaches are gone, aches and pains from an old injury are almost non-existent and I know we're not suppose to but I pulled out the scale just to take a peek and unlike some of the other people I have dropped 10lbs so far. Which I know is more of a byproduct of this program then the reason to do it but it gave me such a positive jump start to my weekend. Which I definitely needed as I was watching my parents dogs and their house was temptation city. Yummy yummy but so not whole30 snacks candy and the coffee frozen yogurt my mom keeps in the fridge for me when I visit. It was hard but I made it out the other side my mom was also kind enough to stock whole30 compliant food and I brought all my meals for the weekend in snapware containers. Then I get to work this morning and one of my staff tells me she is submitting her resignation and I just want to cry. We're going to be heading into our annual Audit within the next month and a half and trying to replace and train someone new is going to be a nightmare. The first thought in my head after she left my office was dear god I would kill for a chocolate bar or just a really thick piece of sourdough bread slathered in garlic butter.... I am defiantly an emotional eater so this came at the worst time ... I am trying to be Zen about it but any good tips that people can share with me to try and solider on would be great? Thanks!
  11. DeRynn

    Start Date January 30th

    Hi All, Definitely at the I need a nap stage. I just signed up for the Forum portion of Whole30 but started my Whole30 on January 30th as well. It's been a bit of a rocky road but I've been sticking with it. I had a headache the 2nd day and a bit on the 3rd. I was doing pretty well through day 9. But tired a little irritable today. Had planned to do a bunch of cooking tonight my scheduled cook for the second half of the week night. Just couldn't get myself going. I'm hoping all that snow they've promised us will appear tomorrow and I'll have a delay for work maybe do some cooking in the morning. Luckily I have leftovers and odds and ends enough to get through tomorrow and cook Thursday night.