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  1. I recommend this chicken piccata. https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/lemon-chicken-piccata-whole30-keto/
  2. @YvyRianna I agree with @CeeGeeBee, make it simple. A grilled chicken and veggies, compliant tuna salad over spinach or on raw peppers. Easy to make and you can put the tuna on a variety of things so you don’t get bored. Crockpot meals are easy and can last for days. I workout before work and don’t have much time to make breakfast before work so I’m going to make a breakfast casserole today and portion it into containers so I can grab and go and eat it at work. Definitely buy food items that can be interchangeable and used in anything.
  3. I also did not sleep for a few hours in the middle of the night last night. I do have some sleeping issues, as well. This is my 3rd Whole30 and it was recommended to me before to take Calm Magnesium before bed. It works like a charm! I just need to order more. I need my sleep!
  4. I highly recommend this W30 sesame chicken. It was by far the best Whole30 Asian food I’ve ever made! https://whatgreatgrandmaate.com/whole30-sesame-chicken/
  5. Rookie mistake! I learned the hard way one time not finishing my meal. Never again!! You’re doing great and keep up the good work!
  6. You’re going to do great!! I believe you can do all 30 days! It’s for your health! I’ve started many but only completed 2. I can feel the inflammation in my body when I run and definitely want to get that out. What is your reason for doing the Whole30? Maybe thinking about that will help you push through to the end?!
  7. I started on January 2nd, too! You’re going to do great!! I have all my food for the next two weeks (might need to stop by for more veggies). I went to Aldi, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I am stocked and ready to go! I bought all of the Whole30 cookbooks. I just put in Hot Beef from the Whole30 Crockpot cookbook (p.115). What is everyone meal prepping this weekend?