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  1. Starting November 27, 2017!

    @JulesR I am still heachachy daily. I’m not sure if it is stress or detoxing?
  2. Starting November 27, 2017!

    That was a pretty good video how is everyone doing this week? My ambition has slowed down and I need to get to the grocery store!!
  3. Starting November 27, 2017!

    I bet this is going to be a good listen! I love Lewis Howes, too!
  4. Starting November 27, 2017!

    @JulesR I have not tried them with tuna but I bet they would be delicious! Great idea!
  5. Starting November 27, 2017!

    Day 7!!! Everyone name a non-scale victory (NSV)!!! i went down one belt notch! It is easier and easier everyday to say I don’t want junk food.
  6. Starting November 27, 2017!

    @T2Andrew I have not had any new foods that I can remember but my doctor does think I’m possibly having food allergies of some sort (prior to W30). I’m seeing an allergist on the 11th. i do feel the stress tension in my neck from work. I am probably overwhelmed at times. Are you doing better now? What changes did you make? thank you for your response:)
  7. Starting November 27, 2017!

    @JulesR this morning I had sliced cucumber, compliant chicken sausage from Brat Hans, and sautéed peppers. The other days I’ve had leftovers from previous meals such as salmon cakes or chicken fried “rice”.
  8. Starting November 27, 2017!

    Yesterday I had a migraine after work. I haven’t had one in years. I wonder what’s up with that? Todat is day 6! @Missmolly222 I also realized how much my weekend revolves around food. I need to start making plans with my friends such as kayaking or other activities that don’t involve food. It seems as though I attach getting food with every plan, even let’s get food or drinks after kayaking. I need to break that cycle. I hope everyone is doing well!!
  9. Starting November 27, 2017!

    @a.keen I’ve started many whole30s and slipped up. Unfortunately, you have to start over. I think the hat approach is to keep going then add five days to the end. Then it doesn’t feel like you slipped up and started over. It just feels like you are continuing and adding some days for good measure. It’s all psychological for me:)
  10. Starting November 27, 2017!

    Day 5!! It’s Friday and our first weekend! Yesterday and today you may have wanted to kill someone. I was too tired to kill anyone so I’m happy about that:) How is everyone feeling? It’s been quiet in this group!
  11. Starting November 27, 2017!

    Day 4! Keep walking by those donuts at the office. Close your eyes and keep walking... they’re disgusting anyway, right?! Lol don’t let the sugar dragon get you! yesterday at work I heard someone say there were cookies in the break room. I immediately took a detour to go look at them. I just had to sneak a peek! Then I slowly backed away...let’s just all walk away!
  12. Starting November 27, 2017!

    how does everyone feel today? I was very tired. I stayed home from book club so I could meal prep. I made this delicious beef Phô! I altered it a little bit to my liking but I recommend it! I used fennel as a substitute for anise, as I couldn’t find it. https://thealmondeater.com/2016/12/paleo-beef-pho/ Share your recipes! I love new ideas!
  13. Starting November 27, 2017!

    Day 3!! Melissa says this is one of the toughest days. Goid news: this too shall pass! We can do it! I’m hosting a book club tonigh. I just want to stay home and meal prep so I don’t feel stressed and fall off the wagon this week. Life probs....
  14. Starting November 27, 2017!

    @a.keen the emails are worth it!! So much good info, recipes and encouragement:) It Starts With Food is also amaaazing! P.s. you meal prep sounds delish!!
  15. Starting November 27, 2017!

    I’m tired today! Maybe it is from the cold I’ve had all weekend and maybe it is from the diet change:) meal 1: fried eggs, salmon cakes, black tea mral 2: shepherds pie with ground turkey, a ton of veggies, compliant homemade cream of mushroom soup, mashed cauliflower/sweet potatoes on top, almonds, pineapple meal 3: broccoli, red potatoes with ghee, Salmon cake