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  1. Are you new here? Welcome!

    I will start on Monday too.I did this before and felt great, although after summer and traveling for work a lot I need to get back on track with the plan.
  2. February 6th begins the new "us"

    NSV Means non scale victories
  3. February 6th begins the new "us"

    We did it! Because I didn't took measurements when we started I looked at myself in the mirror and evaluate all the NSV first. Then I jumped on the scale and it was a total surprise when i saw that I lost 10 pounds.I haven't lost weight for many many months not matter how I eat.even going to a nutritionist and expending lots of money. NNSV 1Way more energy. 2 Better health. 3 My clothes fit much better. 4 I fit in a size smaller pant. 5 Better skin. 6 Not more acid reflux. 7 Not more stomach issues. 8 I learned that everything has sugar even the salmon I was eating before thinking that was a healthy meal! 9 I don't care about pastries or bagels anymore. 10 I learn how to listen to my body. 11 I'm a happier person! Thanks whole 30 and thanks to all of you, I will reintroduce the foods just to see the effect they have on me like the book recommend and after those days I will continue with the whole 30 , a new journey for me but it looks like a happy one. I will follow the new thread February 6'ers...
  4. February 6'ers...

    Thanks for starting this new blog for all of us.
  5. February 6th begins the new "us"

    Great! thanks.
  6. February 6th begins the new "us"

    We did it! congratulations!!! good luck to all of you whatever you choose to do ,reintroduction or whole 45,60. We are stronger after these 30 days.
  7. February 6th begins the new "us"

    I'm also nervous about reintroduction. I really don't want this 30 days to be over, I feel great, my acid reflux it's gone and also my stomach problems. I need to do the reintro in order to know what was making my stomach upset, but I will probably go back to this diet again after trying all the foods, (dairy, gluten grains, and legumes ). I made my own almond milk yesterday and it's delicious, on another topic I fit in a size smaller pant. I'm happy. Last day! people we almost did it! Thank you so much for all the support , reading this blog help me to rich the finishing line :)
  8. February 6th begins the new "us"

    @Georgina2 Happy for you ,Congrats!
  9. February 6th begins the new "us"

    This week I saw two people that I haven't see since Christmas and both of them said " you have lost a lot of weight, right"? I was nice, to hear that because my clothes doesn't feel that much different specially on my big hips,I didn't measured myself when I started, I know which was my weight so I'm excited to see how I did in few more days! I can't believe that this 30 days are almost over.I didn't decide if I will continue another 30 days or not yet.I feel great and I don't want to be were I was before. You are an amazing group of people and you should be proud of yourself because no mater how many pounds or how many inches we lost, we all did it!, we changed our food habits we cooked different recipes, we learn many many things, so DON'T GIVE UP NOW.
  10. February 6th begins the new "us"

    Few more days! don't give up now we can do it, we are strong .
  11. February 6th begins the new "us"

    Finally Friday, is snowing in CO, so for lunch I have some home made soup, butternut squash, with salad and pork belly. it's almost day 20 on the whole 30 and I'm feeling great! not sure if I lost any pounds (of course that would be great) ,but some people that didn't saw me for a couple of months were saying " you have lost many pounds, right?". I don't think so because my clothes doesn't seem to be bigger yet. I didn't even have the tiger blood that everybody is talking about. On the positive side, I made a chocolate cake with chocolate pudding and frosting and whipped cream for a coworker Bday party, but I didn't eat any, I also went to dinner at a friends house and it was a wine testing party!! I was so nervous at first but I didn't drink and I didn't feel bad about not having a glass of wine in my hand. Positive so far, I feel great, I'm happier, although nothing in particular have changed other than my diet. Believe it or not this program make something to your brain because when I was doing other diets I always will grab a piece of cake or a glass of wine thinking that nothing will happen and it was just one party.Now I don't even feel like I need to have those things. Did any of you decide how to do the reinsertion of foods, if in 10 days or in the long way mention in the book? Also do we must have to do the reinsertion ? or we can skip it. The reason I'm asking is because I don't have any more acid reflux or feel bloated all the time, and I don't want to have all those feelings again.
  12. February 6th begins the new "us"

    I have smoked salmon, scramble eggs and tomato with black coffee for Breakfast, I'm not hungry et all to have lunch, I'm afraid of coming back to old habits of having only one meal a day . I'm never hungry, Does this happen to any of you before?
  13. February 6th begins the new "us"

    @Mrs. V Can you remind me the name of the movie (The star one) . Thanks
  14. February 6th begins the new "us"

    Thanks for the info about the salmon.