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  1. mindfulmitzi

    Where is the guidance on reintroducing Alcohol?

    Im on day 20 of my first W30 and the 2 things I miss the most are alcohol and dark chocolate-which surprises me because I am an avid dairy and carbs fan. Oddly while it would be easier to cook with dairy and grains I cant say I have any cravings for them, or for that matter really anything, except a cocktail or beer once in awhile or a bite of bittersweet dark chocolate with sea salt. So for now I guess Ill continue with my laCroix "mocktail". Glad I came to this topic so I know not to start with beer and to check the liquor I choose for gluten-something I had not considered.
  2. mindfulmitzi

    Hot flashes and night sweats

    I actually came to this topic to see what other people are experiencing. Im 55 but have just started having hot flashes in the daytime in the past 6 months (i had been having them at night since I was about 40). Im on day 20 and have had COMPLETE relief of them day and night I think right from day 1 ( I just realized it a week or so ago-its one of those things you dont miss when its gone). Will be interesting to see what happens when I re introduce foods.