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  1. Confusedly at the finish line

    This is a good point. I guess I was trying to have stuff back in so that I could be eating "normal" by the time we were on vacation. I talked to the boyf and he realized that he might be being a little selfish and agreed that he would help me with a slower introduction. Last night I had a glass of wine, which officially broke the Whole30 finish line! I am not going to follow the original schedule that I posted. Today, I had two pieces of toast with almond butter, banana, and honey on one, and egg, tomato, and avocado on the other. I'll have pasta for lunch and maybe a nice piece of bread for dinner and then it's back to whole 30 eating until probably Saturday. Then I probably won't reintroduce anything while we're on the trip and just wait till I'm back to try with legumes and dairy and non-gluten grains. I know the sample schedule says save gluten for last, but this is kind of what I need to do to be able to not die when I'm on the slopes. I'm also very unopposed to a Whole14 or Whole7 when I get back if I need it. Eating bread this morning was weird.
  2. Confusedly at the finish line

    Okidokey artichokey. So a whole 30 days of whole eating! If you asked me if I would feel this good on day 5-11, I would say you're a lunatic. I'm slightly terrified to reintroduce foods back into my diet though. I live with my parents, sister, and two brothers, and the ladies of the household just completed the journey. I go on a ski trip in 5 days and I'm stuck between wanting to be able to pack a sandwich to put in my pocket on the slopes and not wanting to poop my ski pants because the bad foods make me feel bad. Today is Tuesday Wednesday: Legumes (hummus, peanut butter (with no additives!), black/refried beans) Thursday: Whole30 day Friday: Non-gluten grains (we make stove top popcorn with olive oil, so I'll be having that, rice, maybe quinoa) Saturday: Whole30 day Sunday: glutens....I think.... I would like to see how I react to them to know if I can eat them. It's just so much more convenient when traveling Monday: Whole30 day (on the slopes) Tuesday: Whole30 day (on the slopes) Wednesday: I'll probably have something not's my boyfriend's birthday, so I'm going to take him out for a nice dinner...I JUST DON'T KNOW Y'ALL Thursday: Last day on the slopes, so I might have a nice cheese plate after we're done with the snow, depending on how I did on Wednesday. I am torn between wanting to keep eating like this, and feeling bad that I might be inconveniencing my boyf with my dietary needs as we travel on an already expensive trip. Any advice is welcome and wanted.
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    @Georgina2 genius
  4. cranky cranky cranky

    Personally, I find that watching competition shows and yelling at the contestants helps my anger issues. It used to be to Food Network shows, but I've had to stop watching those as it is day 5 for me and all I want is bread and cheese.