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  1. Dreamlet

    Non gluten grains and my sugar dragon

    Thanks. I'm planning to separate out certain grains to test them individually, so I'll keep that in mind when I re-intro rice.
  2. The last things I reintroduced was non gluten grains, and wow did they awaken my sugar dragon! Two days ago I had a piece of gluten free brief with lunch, and gluten free breadcrumbs in meatballs at dinner and now I want to eat all the chocolate and cookies on the planet. I didn't have much of a sweet tooth before the whole30 so this was surprise. Anyone else find that non gluten grains awaken their sugar dragon like this?
  3. Dreamlet

    Legumes: to reintroduce, or not to reintroduce?

    My approach has been to reintroduce things that I will likely run into when eating out, even if I don't use them when cooking at home. In the legume category I did soy and peanuts. I already know that certain beans cause an unpleasant response, so I skipped them, but may reintro others that are often easier on the digestive system down the road.
  4. Dreamlet

    Reintroduction hesitation-help please!!

    I was also nervous about doing reintroductions, but I found that the structure of it was really helpful in transitioning from the whole30 to a less rule based way of eating. I am also learning a lot about my own specific sensitivities as I go through it. Like you, I had stomach and digestive issues for years before trying the whole30. The reintroductions, while at times uncomfortable because of the symptoms or reaction, have been quite empowering. I'm gaining important information about exactly what effect specific foods have on me so that I can make informed decisions in the future. Let's face it, we are all going to end up in situations where we don't have 100% control over the food that is available or how it is prepared. The information I've gained through the reintro will help me make the best choices I can in any given circumstance. As as far as over eating now that you're done with your whole30 - are you still eating enough at meals? Are you still following the template? Maybe you're hungry and need to add something to your last meal of the day to ward off hunger.
  5. Dreamlet

    Peanuts - bloated and gassy

    Thank you! I know certain beans have this effect on me, so I will try the ones you mentioned individually to test them out.
  6. I recently finished my first whole30 and I've started doing reintroductions. Surprisingly, I had no noticeable reaction to wheat. Dairy gave me hives. Today I ate some peanut butter and have become very bloated and have pretty bad gas pains. Is this a typical response to peanuts or to legumes in general? I'm trying to decide if I should try introducing other legumes or just avoid them all based on this reaction. Is there anything specific to peanuts that might cause this reaction, or is it likely to happen with all legumes?
  7. Dreamlet

    Dairy and hives

    Thank you! I tried a small amount of sheeps milk cheese and had no reaction to it. However I then had a dish that contained heavy cream, and now I'm experiencing muscle aches. Is this another casein side effect?
  8. Dreamlet

    Dairy and hives

    Thank you! Ghee was a staple during my whole30 and I had no reaction to it. I'll wait a couple of days and then try introducing fattier dairy products to see how it goes. Would full fat yogurt be a good way to start?
  9. Dreamlet

    Dairy and hives

    I'm on day one of my reintroduction, and started with dairy. I had a little butter this morning, then some mango lassi and felt fine. I put half and half in my afternoon coffee and within an hour I had developed a hive on my hand. It seems pretty likely that it's a reaction to something I introduced today. I used to get hives occasionally but could never pinpoint the cause. I'd like to narrow it down if I can, to see if it's specifically the half and half that caused the reaction (I suspect that lassi is ok because it's fermented). I realize it could also be the amount of dairy vs the type. What is the best way to do this? I was thinking of going back to the whole30 for a couple of days and then reintroducing only fermented dairy to see if I have the same reaction. If there is no reaction, I would then introduce milk to see my reaction to that. Is is there a better way?
  10. Thank you! So as long as I'm still following the template it's ok to add more starchy carbs and fats?
  11. I'm on day 24 and for the last couple of days I've been craving starchy carbs and fats. Sweet potato, squash, and plantain are the main sources of starchy carbs in my diet and I can't seem to get enough of them. I generally include them in every meal except breakfast. Nothing else has changed over the last couple of days: not my workouts, sleep, water intake, or food. Does this craving mean I need more of these things in my diet? I am nursing my baby, and I know that starchy carbs are important for keeping up my supply. I also wondered if this could be hormonal, if my cycle were starting. Does anyone else crave carb/fat at some point in their cycle?
  12. Dreamlet

    Lightheaded and nauseated

    Thanks for your reply. I'm fairly certain the nausea isn't hunger, as it sometimes happens right after eating (though not always). As I mentioned, I'm drinking 70-90oz of water a day, eating 4-5 times a day, including starchy veggies (sweet potato, squash, etc) in more than one meal, and my meals fit the template. The nausea has continued for the last few days, and I'm now on day 23.
  13. Dreamlet

    23 Day Slump

    At first glance, this is what stands out to me. Your breakfast doesn't follow the template: its light on protein and missing veggies. Also, all the fruit in the morning may be feeding the sugar dragon and making you hungrier later. Your lunch seems pretty small. Is 1/4 chicken breast a palm size serving? How substantial is your salad? Are you adding fat to your dinner time meal? If you are hungry between meals and need a snack, it's recommended that you eat a mini meal that follows the template. Fruit is not a recommended snack.
  14. Dreamlet

    Coconut milk? Coconot!

    Add some riced cauliflower to a bit of the broth, blend it, and add it back to the soup. This gives a nice creamy texture without coconut milk.
  15. Dreamlet

    Help, disheartened on day 27

    I can understand your frustration. Regarding your increase in gastrointestinal symptoms, have you looked into FODMAP's in your food? It could be that you are consuming a greater volume of foods that are high FODMAP, which can cause gastro distress in many people. I bet if you post a couple days of meals you'll get good feedback on specifically what you are eating. In the meantime you might want to check out this list: http://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-shopping-list-FODMAP.pdf The items in grey are higher in FODMAP's. I know for myself that I tolerate some of them better than others.