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  1. jillybeargirl

    Mongolian BBQ

    If you go to Hu Hot you add your own oil... I think the only thing the cooks there add is Water... Hu Hot also has Garlic Water, Ginger Water, Lime Juice, etc... so there are a few things you should be able to add at that chain.
  2. jillybeargirl

    Fast Food Options

    My husband & I had one of those burgers last night with a side salad! We did as you mentioned and avoided the sautéed mushrooms & onions. We took our own Mayo, Ketchup, & Salad Dressing and had them add avocado. Absolutely delicious! We haven't hit the road yet but did this more as a night off in the kitchen. We are past our initial 30 days but plan to keep doing the Whole30.
  3. jillybeargirl

    Fast Food Options

    I'm a "Jilly-come-lately" to this post but one place that might be an option is a Mongolian BBQ or Hibachi Style place. We have an Asian Buffet that has a small Mongolian BBQ/Hibachi Grill.... They typically add oil & sauce so we ask the guy cooking to not use anything but water if need be. It is still tasty. The Mongolian BBQ restaurant we are most familiar with is Hu Hot... They are scattered across the country. You can control your sauces & seasoning & just ask the cooks to make sure someone else's sauce doesn't accidentally touch your food. My husband & I travel a lot for our job and this will be our first attempt to do the Whole30 on the road. We are trying to plan ahead with emergency snacks. We bought an electric cooler to take our Tessemae's Dressings & boiled eggs. I found some Individually packed snacking olives at Trader Joes so I bought several packs of those. We will take some fruit & research some restaurants more...