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    Weight Loss?

    I just finished my first W30, and while I haven't weighed myself yet because I want to extend it by another two weeks, I thought I would pop in here with my comments. I don't feel right now like I have lost much weight, maybe none at all. However, I have come from years of weighing, measuring, counting, tracking every single thing that I put into my mouth. I ate every two hours. I also wore a Bodymedia device for two years, balancing my intake with my output. I never went a single day without strapping that thing onto my arm. I wore myself out with exercise, which is why I ended up here. I brought on some gastrointestinal issues simply because I wouldn't stop. Now, here I am 30 days later, and loving the fact that I am not so anal about everything. I have cut my exercise in half and I am not so tired and sore anymore. After the first couple of weeks, I have enjoyed the freedom from all the tracking. And now, just in the past week or so, my body is starting to tell me it doesn't need so much food. I am actually learning how to listen to it! And it is giving me the correct signals. Learning to listen to my body is a totally new experience for me, and I have to is pretty cool! (Of course, I still hope I have lost weight when I do weigh myself in a couple of weeks.)