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    Day 22 and feeling defeated...

    I hope you're able to figure out the problem and fine tune it, so that you're feeling better. As for the tuna, what kind are you eating? Determining "too much" can be tricky, depending on your body weight and the type of tuna. Chances are, you're probably fine with what you're eating. But if you're eating a lot of just albacore/white tuna, that could be an issue. It's fairly high in mercury. Light varieties are better, with wild-caught skipjack tuna having the lowest mercury of all. A can of albacore can have 3 or even 5 times the amount of mercury of skipjack. Canned salmon is a great, lower mercury alternative to tuna, if it turns out that you're really concerned about it. -- signed, someone who eats A LOT of canned fish. (And fresh fish. And dried fish. And fish fish.)