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  1. Eccentrica

    February 6'ers...

    Hope everyone's retintros are going well -- or went well. I did my first Monday (day 43). It was popcorn, which I really didn't expect to be much of an issue, but it was. The brief headache and nausea I felt a couple of hours after eating it wasn't much of a concern, however the state I woke up in a few hours later was. It was about 3am, and I woke up to find I'd been scratching my chest in my sleep. It was an intense itching right down my breastbone area that lasted over a half-hour. Then this morning, about 35 hours after I ate the popcorn, I had a bad asthma attack. This was the first asthma attack I've had since the first week on W30, and far worse than that last one. After that many hours, I can't be sure the popcorn caused it, I suppose. But I'm glad I decided to go with a very slow-roll reintro schedule and only one item (rather than one group) at a time. Corn is a no. I might do another reintro on the weekend, but I'm in no hurry to feel like that again. It's jarring to get a reminder of how bad I often felt pre-W30. And yeah, @Georgina2, I have to say, the popcorn wasn't that great. I sort of enjoyed it, in a mindless food-without-brakes way, but it didn't thrill me like hot popcorn used to. Of course, I'm glad about that now. It would have much worse to really love it and then realize it made me feel awful.
  2. Eccentrica

    Snacks after donating blood?

    Hmm. I have no idea if this is something that would work for this purpose, but I take Calm with Calcium (dissolves in hot liquid -- I make it in tea), and I know it's compliant (found out about it here during my second week on W30): It might be something you could bring along mixed in a thermos and sip it during donation. I don't know how the calcium dosage compares to Tums (or, again, if it's really even adequate for what you're looking for). Just something you could look in to or chat with the donation facility about. Hope your donation goes well!
  3. Eccentrica

    In a food rut

    Congrats on your Whole30 (and beyond)! I'm on Day 35 myself. You might find some helpful info at the link below -- it's aimed at those who may benefit by extending beyond the 30 days. It even helps you figure out whether or not going for W45/60/90 is a good idea for you personally. There are suggestions for dealing with boredom. FOMO and staying focused on your goals, etc.: THE WHOLE30-PLUS: EXTENDING YOUR PROGRAM FOR 45, 60, OR 90 DAYS Whatever you decide from here, good luck!
  4. Eccentrica

    February 6'ers...

    Congrats, @Georgina2! Fantastic news -- at least about the power. Sorry to hear about the bad reintro.
  5. Eccentrica

    Is this working?

    On some level you must not really want to quit, to throw away the 11 days you've put in, otherwise you wouldn't have posted this. One thing to remember, and you'll see versions of this advice again and again when someone considers dropping out: This isn't a Whole11. This is a 30-day program, and you can't judge where you'll be at the end of it when you're only one-third of the way in. Some people don't even start seeing real results until their final week -- final days! Even the one thing you say that you've gain from this -- the knowledge that you have self-control with snacks and sweets -- you don't really know that yet. You know you can give them up for a few days. It takes weeks to really form or ingrain new habits. If you really want to give this a chance put you on a better path with food and health, then stick around. Maybe you can posts your meals from the past few days. If you do, I'm sure a mod will pop in and give you some advice about how and where you tweak them to make the program work better for you. Regardless of what you choose to do from here, good luck!
  6. Eccentrica

    First-Timer Starting on 20170503

    Fantastic. With so much time leading up to it, you won't be rushed to prep. You'll even have time to test out some recipes and find out your W30 favorites before you officially get going. Best of luck!
  7. Eccentrica

    February 22 Start Date

    Breathing easier is absolutely one of the things I'm happiest about where my W30 is concerned. Other than a couple of puffs on my rescue inhaler during the first week or so, I've been fine. I haven't had to use my nebulizer at all! My 30 days are over, but I haven't started reintros yet since I'm going to keep at it for a while longer. But I truly suspect that dairy was a major factor for me. I might try to test myself with cultured dairy products again in the future, but I'm in no hurry. Clear breathing is the best!
  8. Eccentrica

    Sore Legs at Night??

    This: That's the version with calcium (and a bit more) that I take. You can get the mag-only version, if you prefer: I found out about it here, and I'm so thankful. It's helped with my anxiety, sleep and leg cramps!
  9. Eccentrica

    February 6th begins the new "us"

    Non-scale victories.
  10. Eccentrica

    February 6'ers...

    Good luck with your reintros! I'll still hang out in the old thread mostly, but I'll be sure to pop over here to see how everyone progresses.
  11. Thank you! And best of luck next month, when you launch your next W30. It's always good to know that if we take off those training wheels too soon, we know how to put them back on again when we need to!
  12. Hey PappyPaul, Congrats on reaching Day 30! This is Day 31 for me, so I'm really feeling where you're at. *high-five* Now, about your topic... I have Type 2, and I've had it under control without meds for a little over a year now. I know that's not possible for everyone, but I'm thankful for it. (For me "control" means that I consistently test under the pre-diabetic threshold with my A1C, and my daily results with my monitor range from 70 to 110, depending on time day, proximity to meals. My daily numbers were close to 300 when I was diagnosed.) I've got a great doctor who really encourages me take a strong role in my own treatment, and we talk things over before figuring out the next step where all my health issues are concerned. He's very open to dietary changes and supplements with strong evidence. I hope you've got someone good in your corner! As far as "good foods" to avoid, the only thing on your menu plan that really jumps out at me would be bananas — they're a sugar-packed and starchy fruit. They might not cause you problems, but they do cause spikes for many diabetics. One thing that helped me get my number down was the addition of Ceylon cinnamon in my diet (which I now take in capsule form with meals). I'd recommend Googling "Type 2 diabetes + Ceylon cinnamon" for study info that you could bring up with your own doctor. Also, keep in mind it takes time. It took months for my blood sugar to get down and stay down. Whatever the future holds for you, keep making good choices — like you did when you started W30!
  13. I really look forward to learning how it goes for you. Hope it doesn't suck too much. Good luck!
  14. Warning! Go grab some protein, veg and a thumb of fat, and then prepare to hunker down. This could take a while. This is Day 31 for me, so I it's time to tally up, and — wow! — I've gained a lot. And it's all good. Here are my non-scale victories, or at least the ones I've noticed along the way... Asthma: I only used my inhaler a couple of times during the first week, and I haven't used my nebulizer at all during my W30. I'm literally breathing easier. Bumps: I used to have small bumps on my inner arms. I had for many years. They were sort of like pre-hives; they only needed a scratch to instantly turn red, angry and itchy. But they're gone now. Inflammation: This one is big. Usually (due to Lupus, arthritis, benign tumors in my spine and other issues), a day of extreme activity would require days of rest and recovery. I just did a 13-hour visit to Disney last weekend, complete with 7.5 miles of walking. My feet and shins were sore, as almost anyone's would be, but I was able to get out a do the shopping and all of the prepping and cooking in the kitchen the next day just fine. I know! Headaches: Other than a few days of headaches in the first week, which included one migraine, I've been headache-free. Lupus: I experienced one intense flare during my W30 (brought on by a very stressful external event). It was awful, but ... OK? I didn't expect any miraculous elimination of flares, but it was days shorter than I expected. I'll take it. Mental outlook: I’m in a much better mood most of the time and somewhat less anxious. I was dealing with increased depression and ongoing anxiety issues when I started. I credit the improvement to W30 and to the addition of a cup of Natural Calm + chamomile tea every day (which I call my hot cup of Calm the F*** Down). I started the Natural Calm about a week into the program to keep my magnesium and calcium up, after reading recommendations for it here. Energy: While I still struggle in this area in general, I've had moments of Tiger Blood, a bit of kitten juice and fewer cat naps. I feel like I'm ready to start incorporating more regular exercise in my routine, and that's a biggie. Kitchen: Hey, NSVs extend beyond the body, so this counts! Despite the fact that I'm prepping and cooking constantly, my kitchen has never been cleaner or looked better. I found that reorganizing it and keeping it really tidy as I go was the only way to maintain sanity during this W30. Appliances: I'm actually using all of those appliances that just gathered dust on a shelf. My Vitamix and Instant Pot, for instance, both get near-daily workouts now and are finally justifying the money spent on them. Cooking: I love to cook. Sure, I'd love not to cook quite as much as I have over the past 30 days, but I still. Having new restrictions sparked a new wave of creativity in the kitchen for me. No matter where my eating habits go from here, I've created some meals that will definitely stay in the permanent rotation. Inspiring my husband: He isn't doing W30, and he still loads up on junk food at work. But he's happy to eat any W30 food I make at home and really enjoys it. At least I know half his fuel is good fuel. He's even considering going paleo soon. And he's helping out a lot more around the house, since he sees how busy I've been in the kitchen these last few weeks (and plan to continue to be). He's actually doing more than his share. A sense of pride: I'm proud that I did this. It wasn't easy, but it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done. I doubted the process at times, but I never doubted that I would see it through. I mean, I made it through a family tragedy, a painful flare, a brunch with girlfriends, a visit to my favorite greasy-spoon diner, a trip to the state fair and freakin' Disney World without caving in to cravings! Now, about that scale... I had a victory there, too. I lost 18 pounds. (And for those of you currently doubting your own mid-W30 progress, I'd like to point out that around the middle of Week 2, I was convinced I was gaining weight.) I have no idea about inches, since I didn't measure beforehand, but I look leaner and feel leaner. And this isn't over! Both the W30 book and the site mention that those living with chronic illness and autoimmune diseases are likely to benefit by going beyond 30 days, since it may take longer to get the full effect of this reboot. I'm not going to walk away from the opportunity to gain more benefits from this. I've got so much room for improvement still. So, for now, I'm not calling it a W45 or W60 or W-hatever. I'm just going to keep going until it feels right to start my slow-roll reintroductions, and then that will eventually evolve into my new normal. Now, here's my completely unsolicited advice to anyone who might read this while considering starting their own Whole30 adventure: Don’t try to do a Whole30. Don't attempt a Whole30. Don't give it shot or see what happens and definitely don't hope you can do it. Commit! Make an absolute vow to yourself. You *will* do a Whole30. Acknowledge that it will be tough at times, rewarding at others. Take comfort in all of those pesky rules, because they take away the guesswork. And do it! Bring it on! Honestly, I think that's 90% of the key to succeeding at this — making that real commitment. Then when you face the inevitable difficult moments and temptations, it won't be made harder by struggling with that decision. You've already made the decision. Good luck everyone! And good luck to me as I keep going!
  15. Eccentrica

    What's on YOUR plate? Whole 30 food photos!

    Here's my Night #30 dinner: Went to a little extra effort for the occasion. I made seared ahi with a salt/black pepper/red pepper/fresh thyme crust, ghee-slathered baked plantains and an arugula/beet kraut/avocado salad. I've got to say, this was good!