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    Thank you-I am starting again for sure!  In retrospect-it was kind of a stupid post because I knew the answer all along-guess I just wanted to vent
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    One hard boiled egg is not enough for protein in a meal. You need to make yourself food for meal 2 that actually fits the template. For eggs as the only protein, it needs to be as many as you can hold without feeling like you're going to drop them. For most women that's 3-4. 
    Salads need to be huge because they turn into nothing once you've chewed them. If you're worried about having the time to eat your meal 2, then something like carrot and cucumber sticks or roasted veggies that you like the taste of cold may be a better choice. Something like a grown-up, Whole30 lunchable: chicken tenders or slices of steak, veggie sticks or roasted veg, and some avocado or mayo or ranch for dipping.
    Once you get that meal 2 actually fitting the template, and then follow it up with another solid template meal 3 at 4ish, I would be shocked if you got hungry between 4 and 7. 
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    I appreciate your replies but I was wondering if you noticed the timeframes.  I come home from work between 3:30 and 4 and at that time my husband and I eat a full meal according to the template.  I eat a template breakfast at 6am.  I feel physically hungry between 6am and 4pm, so I feel that I need to  eat something then, and I feel hungry around 7:30 pm.
     If I eat a template meal at 11-12, (I can incorporate hardboiled eggs or maybe tuna into my 11-12 'meal' as suggested), but then its only3-31/2 hours until I eat a full meal with my husband and that will not change.  This still leaves me hungry when I go to bed at 9:30-10. What about the health issues and fruit? I am not trying to be difficult, but I really want this plan to work for me.
    Considering this schedule and these time concerns, any suggestions?
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    8 pounds in 30 days is great! 
    No Whole30 is perfect.  Everybody's lifestyle is different.  You have been compliant with just haven't followed the template exactly...but it worked for you.  You had non-scale victories AND scale victories.  CONTINUE this!  
    Regarding your meal 2 issue:  my suggestion is to add a couple of hard boiled eggs or some tinned fish (I love sardines).  
    Are you exercising?