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  1. celinam

    Start Date August 1st!

    Hi! I'm also starting August 1st. This will be my first month of my second round. Last round was in March. I was able to do the Whole 60 but went a little nuts afterwards and pretty much sabotaged myself. I wanted to eat everything, and found that 1. my body gets really mad at me when I eat certain foods (dairy and soy) and 2. the food that I used to like to eat (hamburgers, cakes) I really don't like. I'm hoping to stay focus not just during the W60 but also afterwards. Just bought FFF and can't wait to start reading.
  2. celinam

    Trudy's in Austin?

    Hi. This is my first time going Whole 30. So far I've been cooking and prepping my own meals ... which is fine. However I do miss some good old fashioned Mexican food from one of my favorite places in Austin. Does anyone know if they offer whole 30 compliant meals??? I plan on calling them to ask about their marinades etc. but I wanted to ask.... Thank you
  3. celinam

    Started W30 March 1st !!!

    Hi, I just started W30 ... I'm excited but also feeling a bit anxious, and nervous. I've planned my meals, have read and re-read Whole 30, and have scoured Pinterest for W30 compliant meals. I believe I'm ready for what is to come. Celina