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  1. I normally make an egg omelet with sautéed zucchini, garlic and onions with sweet potatoes on the side. If I don't want eggs, I sauté the zucchini add in Pomi chopped tomatoes and chicken, diced white potatoes. It's like a chicken stew. Delish.
  2. It looks like everyone on this thread is doing OK. Best of luck to all. Started 10/12 and crashed on 23rd day. Restarted on 1/2, 11 days in the books.
  3. 20 days in the books... Down the stretch, 13 more days, doing 33 days and maybe longer.
  4. 14 days in the books. iAy, Carumba !
  5. I'm starting today Oct 12. We know the rules and what has to get done. Let's do it !!! No excuses.
  6. Hey Meira how are you making out with the program? Are you still on track? I am starting day 1 tomorrow Oct 12th