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  1. 13 hours ago, MaddMac said:

    My husband doesn't like eating eggs everyday (he's doing W30 as well) so I found this recipe called "Butternut Breakfast Meatballs" available here:

    My husband likes them and they are a fairly easy make ahead thing. 

    I normally make an egg omelet with sautéed zucchini, garlic and onions with sweet potatoes on the side.

    If I don't want eggs, I sauté the zucchini add in Pomi chopped tomatoes and chicken, diced white potatoes. It's like a chicken stew. Delish.

  2. Lorna thank you for your reply. We are in the same boat with IBS. I need a little bulk in my 

    stomach the reason I always eat a lot of bread and brown rice.

    I will eat potato with my 3 meals. I mostly eat sweet potatoes, and 1 baked white a week, I eat the skin too.

    I hope it works but I'll be giving it a shot.


  3. I was a big brown rice and bread eater. Without the bread and rice my

    stomach gets gassy. I can feel my stomach growling. I couldn't eat more veggies.

    If I eat more potato should I limit them at some point? I don't know how many I would

    need to eat to keep my stomach stable without the gas.

    I started again this Sunday, I'm 3 days in again. I know it don't count but I'm on Whole30

    9 out of 10 days. 

  4. I started the Whole30 last Sunday 2/21 and everything went well until Friday. On Friday I just wanted to eat more.

    I fought it off but on Saturday I lost it. I started over again today.

    Is it normal to hit that wall where you just want to eat? Should I use March as a prep month to start cutting back

    and go full Whole30 in April or do I need to fight harder to get past the hunger attacks?