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  1. Jeanye Mercer

    Helloooo! Day 1 Feb. 25th!

    Sunbella - How fabulous that you succeeded the first 11 days! Consider that as a warm-up for this Whole30. I'm sure you learned valuable lessons during those 11 days - and the days that followed. I would consider that anything but a failure. Best wishes towards health!
  2. Jeanye Mercer

    Helloooo! Day 1 Feb. 25th!

    Jenn - Welcome to your health! and to the forum. My favorite part of this entire eating philosophy is no counting! Follow the meal planning template. Be sure you're avoiding all the avoids. Eat when you're hungry. Forget the counting! Enjoy the freedom.
  3. Jeanye Mercer

    Starting September 10!

    The good news is that simply replacing your lean cuisine meals with real food with have a tremendous impact on your life! Keep it simple the first time through the whole30. Just remember the meal template - grab a quality protein, LOTS of veggies and a healthy fat and you're good to go! Best wishes for much success.
  4. Jeanye Mercer

    Starting over

    Nicola, Best wishes! Remember that perfection is not the goal. There will always be ways to tweak and improve your program. Be kind to yourself through the process and get that first Whole30 under your belt.
  5. Jeanye Mercer

    Started Today, August 11!

    Best of luck on your journey, ladies!
  6. Jeanye Mercer

    I'm on Day 11, and struggling...

    Julie - I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share your struggles. I applaud the positive way you are dealing with the stress in your life. Best wishes for healing and health for all involved.
  7. Jeanye Mercer

    Eating Disorder Help/Thoughts/Questions

    I appreciate your courage in telling your story. While there are never easy answers, you might begin to find some help through these posts: And I definitely recommend the Whole30 Daily. I have done numerous Whole30's and have followed the spirit of the plan for well over 2 years now, yet I still learn something everyday from the daily!
  8. Jeanye Mercer

    W30 in the "Land of Enchantment"

    PhannieMae - Be sure to take a good look at the Whole30 meal template. and spend lots of time on the Whole30 blog. Each meal should consist of a great protein, LOTS of veggies and a healthy fat. The Whole30 is just the beginning. You want to find a sustainable eating plan for life. I suggest you focus on upping your veggie intake significantly. One of my favorite breakfasts is meat and spinach muffins. May days I have a salad with my breakfast or I have whatever combo of meats and veggies I had for dinner the previous evening. Beefing up on your veggies and healthy fats should take care of many of the issues you have mentioned. Best wishes!
  9. Jeanye Mercer

    Kale Krunch

    Tom's right, of course. Any of those commercial kale products I've seen are ridiculously overpriced. The real deal is by far my favorite veggie. I could eat it everyday!
  10. Jeanye Mercer

    Scale temptations

    The human body is a very complex machine and trying to sum ourselves up in one simple metric is foolish at best and hazardously counterproductive at worst. So true, Dan!
  11. Jeanye Mercer

    Scale temptations

    Here are Dallas and Melissa's wise words on the topic.
  12. Jeanye Mercer

    Day 2, tackling my issues...

    Welcome to you all. I wish you all the very best as you work towards healthier living. Here's a link that you might find helpful.
  13. Jeanye Mercer

    Starting tomorrow! August 1

    Happy Birthdays, Gals! Best wishes for success!
  14. Jeanye Mercer

    August 1 Whole30 Start - buddies??

    Wow! So much positive energy here! I'm excited for all of you who are starting or restarting or carrying on with real food eating. To quote Dallas and Melissa, "This.Will.Change.Your.Life." We're with you all the way!
  15. Jeanye Mercer

    August 1 Whole30 Start - buddies??

    Howdy, Sarah, I'm an Aggie mom! WHOOP! You'll definitely want to steer clear of the Lane's fried chicken during your Whole30! Pretty soon your friends will want to know what you're doing to look and feel so great! You'll be spreading the good food word in Aggieland in no time! Best wishes for a successful start.