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    Starting March 1st

    I am total newbie to the Whole30 program although I have been eating pretty healthy about 70% of the time for several years now. At one point I lost 90 pounds, but gained back about 30 and have been pretty steady since no matter what I tried to do to lose the last 30 pounds again. I am a recovered binge eater and just recently started having some digestive issues which is the main reason I am doing the Whole30. I want to determine what food sensitivities I may have and focus on eating for health and not weight loss anymore. I just finished reading the Whole30 book earlier this week and have been cleaning out my kitchen. Today I am meal planning for the week and will do shopping tomorrow and prep Monday and Tuesdays. For years I have always done meal planning for the following week on Fridays, food shopping on SAturdays, and meal prep and portioning on Sundays. Having my meals ready-to-go really helps me to stick to a healthy meal plan. My biggest obstacle for the Whole30 is going to be giving up the grains and added sugars. Plus, I am not much of a veggie eater. Because I know i will have a hard time eating a lot of 'plain' veggies I ordered some Whole30 approved sauces from : These should help not only with 'seasoning' veggies and salads but giving me some toppings for my meats instead of having just plain baked/grilled. I also ordered some Ghee and avocado mayo along with some coconut flour and milk because I have seen a lot of Whole30 recipes that use these ingredients. I figure the more taste I can give to my foods and the more variety of recipes I can make the more likely I am to stick to the program for a full 30 days. I will try to check this forum daily for support but am really better with Facebook. Anyone want to be in a private FB group for the month? I find that platform easier to use than an online forum like this.