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  1. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    Hi there! I'm still here with you! Monday is my day 30. Interesting to hear your struggles with rice. I haven't even thought about what to introduce first (other than a glass of red!) I'm anxious about reintroductions. It's so easy to just say no. I'm terrified of my sugar dragon!
  2. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    @Michelle B I was pretty bummed when she said she was quitting, but all of the more motivation for me to finish strong! I really appreciate the forums too - helps me stay focused that “I’m not the only one” in this boat! I definitely felt sick and tired at the beginning. It’s the sweet tooth of mine, I’m sure. My body was shocked! Now that I’m further in, I’m feeling great! I know I’ve lost some weight (not really my primary goal, but a nice bonus). My sleep is great too. I find myself sleeping better and arise much easier! I’m definitely not sleeping less (still 8 hours for me). Now im at the point of being nervous off the program. It’s so easier for me to say NO when I have strict rules. The idea of being tempted by sweet treats is terrifying for me. I “treat” myself, but then it turns into treats every day, or even ever meal. Help!
  3. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    Prayers to all of you on the coast! I'm in the midwest, but thinking of all of you often. Today is my day 19. My buddy who was doing whole30 with me fell off the wagon last night - went out for a beer and wings. I'm still going strong with each of you! Stay strong
  4. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    I agree, I’m struggling to eat enough to keep me satisfied until the next meal without snacking. Especiall the days when I work out. I made this shrimp on the grill last night and it was delicious! Give it a try ☺️
  5. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    I’m here as well! Day 10 wrapping up. I had zucchini noodles with spaghetti meat sauce that tastes delicious tonight! Also tried a “tuna salad wrap” with some homemade potato wedges. That too hit the spot. Sorry I’ve been limited in my posts. I’ll attach a picture, we brought home an 8 week old golden retriever puppy. She’s keeping us busy! keep up the great work team ☺️
  6. Efeiner

    Starting August 27th

    We made it to day 4! How are you feeling?
  7. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    Way to stay strong! It’s such a interesting feeling to work past those cravings!
  8. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    Hang in there ladies. I'm on a slow day 3... you all remember what day 3 was like? HANGOVER! "This process lasts a day for some lucky folks, but for others it can last several. Relax, drink a lot of water, take it easy at the gym, and keep making good food choices. Now would also be a good time to recruit the sympathy and support of friends and family, because..." Kill all the things is tomorrow! I had my first mean words come out of my mouth last night as my significant other sat down with a delicious looking peanut butter cup. I about kicked him out of the house! LOL - luckily he's understanding, stepped out of the room to finish the delicious treat, and even mouthwashed so i didn't have to smell the chocolate/peanut butter the rest of the night Little blessings, right?! Iced tea tasted so clean and refreshing this morning after all of this rain. Stay strong lovely ladies (are there any men here - sorry if I'm excluding you! )
  9. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    I can relate to the sluggish feelings on day 2! I had an amazing spaghetti tonight - zucchini noodles from Trader Joe’s are an absolute great find! I too sat down with some hot tea and watched a movie tonight. Kicked me feet up and even got a little back rub from my sig other. Take care of yourselves strong women! We can do anything we put our minds to Anyone have Labor Day plans? Lots of meal prep!
  10. Efeiner

    Day 1 on Monday the 27th!!!

    Yes! I'm getting a little hungry this afternoon, need to eat bigger meals!
  11. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    @Elizabeth33 Good idea. Sent an email to the organizer to see if she knows what's being served. I will quietly pack some snacks - hate to draw attention! Thank you
  12. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    @Mandy612 I LOVE THAT meal plan!!
  13. Efeiner

    Starting August 20!

    I'm not aware about the meal delivery service either. How cool that Blue Apron is doing a Whole30 September option. Are they truthfully complaint? Question for you all - families and spouses participating along too? I have my first "work lunch" being offered on Friday at an offsite meeting. Not sure if I should bring a lunch or just see how it goes. Any suggestions?
  14. There are a ton of great people to follow on IG! Great place to find recipes, but yes need to be careful! I starting my second whole30 today.
  15. Efeiner

    Newbie Starting September 1st

    Yay! I just started today Are you prepping??