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  1. Help..which version should I do?

    Hi. Thanks for the suggestion; no its not too late.
  2. Help..which version should I do?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it.
  3. Hi all, newbie here. I wanted to get suggestions or feedback from you guys. I'm doing this program because I'm having major gut issues, I think I might have IBS; I'm going the holistic route to fix that. Anyways, these last couple of weeks, my body just doesn't really tolerate meat (especially ground turkey) and chicken makes me want to throw up; it makes me feel really bloated and nauseous. IF I do have some, the meat has to be like almost burnt and the chicken has to be REALLY grilled and dry. I'm OK with eggs and shrimp. Should I just do the vegetarian version or should I just stick to shrimp and egg recipes? Thanks, Carole