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  1. Reintroduction Help!

    Hi everyone, Along the same lines of reintroducing when you feel like it......if you're planning to continue eating whole30-ish, with foods that have more than one non-compliant ingredient (baked goods, for example), is it okay to just eat those things when they come up, see how you feel, and then decide if more experimentation is needed? For example, if just go along after day 30 not deliberately making too many changes, and then one day it is dount Sunday at Church, or a girlfriend offers me cookies when I'm having tea at her house - is it okay to just go for it? Then if I feel fine, I know that baked goods are fine for me, and if I don't I can go back and do some more testing to find out what the culprit is (was it the sugar? the gluten? the dairy in the frosting?). Or does doing a slow roll introduction mean that you reintroduce non-compliant foods when you feel like it, but only if they are one-ingredient foods? Thank you!
  2. You guys. I am so over this. !!!!!!! Someone talk me down quick because there are chocolate chips in the kitchen and I am THIS close to opening the back and drinking them. To be fair, I do have more energy than I did before I started. (I should probably just stop there, but I'm going to rant anyway) I'm just not sure what happened because I feel like Days 4 - 6 were AWESOME. Totally worth it in every way. I had insane energy, felt full all day, was having fun and enjoying compliant food, could appreciate that junk food tastes good but I just didn't really want it because I was so satisfied physically and emotionally with the food I was eating and the way it made me feel. Around day 7 or 8 I started having more bloating (typical for those days, "they" say), but then instead of that clearing up it has persisted and gotten worse. And then I started getting tired again. And hungry. AND THE CRAVINGS. Bread. Cheese. Cheap, sugary chocolate. Ice cream. Pancakes. Pizza. French fries. And then the total lack of motivation to cook - the convenience of the SAD diet is calling my name! Because I know you'll ask, here's what my last 3 meals have been: 1. 5 eggs scrambled in olive oil with zucchini and bell pepper, topped with ground flax (because we're out of avacado) 2. Leftover stuffed acorn squash with extra veggies (butternut squash) and protein (ground turkey) on the side. A little bowl with a handful of coconut and some fruit, for fat (and because I just wanted a banana) 3. I got home late (right before bed) last night so it was small-ish ..... a palm or less of pot roast, 1/2 sweet potato with ghee. Before that I was stranded so I had to rely on a bag of cashews and coconut to hold me over from lunch (not typical for me - I haven't needed to snack, and when I have I've tried to do the mini-meal thing when possible). (side note - I actually felt really good after this meal, and after my acorn squash this afternoon. The eggs (or something) that I had for lunch today have left me bloated again though....not sure if that gives you any clues) One thing I think could be the culprit is that week 1, I was really generous with the fat. Then I started feeling too full (not hungry even after 5 hours) and kind of just greasy and, well....fat. So I started really focusing on following the meal template's guidelines (= less fat than I was having week 1). I've been more tired since then. Also, I'm noticing some of my unhealthy food mindset issues creeping in - being restrictive for no apparent reason (ie, not having enjoyable, fun food because this is the Whole30, and I'm not supposed to be enjoying it) (???? says who??) This is especially true with fruit. I'm developing fruit guilt! Not, "I eat less fruit because it's less healthy for me." But just, I feel guilty about eating it because I really like it and for some reason liking it makes me feel guilty....??? Because I have this thing in my mind that says that the Whole30 is about only eating foods you don't like so that food doesn't control you. Obviously false, right? And exhausting! I think food freedom means eating food that I like! And a healthy relationship with food does not mean an emotionless relationship with food. If you guys could speak some truth into this for me, I would be much obliged!
  3. Raw Vegetables

    I saw this mentioned in another thread but I'd love to get more details... I'm finding my body doesn't react well to raw vegetables - I feel bloated, tired, and hungry really soon after eating. What is the Whole30 way to respond to this? Do I push through and eat MORE raw veggies than usual to teach my body how to digest them, or do I try to limit them/do cooked veggies whenever I can so that whatever inflammatory response is happening with raw doesn't have to happen so often...? Thanks everyone! One of my main goas with this whole30 is to let any gut inflammation heal completely, so if this is hindering the healing process I definitely don't want that.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if ya'll can give me some input here: I feel like I need a "whole30" from my phone and computer. Anybody have ideas about how to do this practically? I use technology for a lot of good things (setting up real life interactions, appointments, collaborating on projects with people far away, school work, FORUMS lol) so unfortunately cold turkey for 30 days isn't realistic. But I do see that I NEED HARD LIMITS, just like I need the rules on whole30, becaude I'm so addicted that I just can't self regulate yet. I need a good long detox so my brain can learn how to meet the needs I medicate with technology in other ways, just like my body is learning to meet its needs without sugar and carbs. I also struggle with "the airplane effect" mentioned in FFF - I can abstain from technology ad long as I want, but as soon as it gets within a day or two of that time being over the addiction comes back stinger than ever. I'd love your thoughts!
  5. Whole30 On the Cheap

    Does anyone have tips for how to do this on a shoestring budget? Where are the cheapeat places to go good quality food, especially protien? And how do you guys work yoUR budgets for this? Just spend what you have to spend to get all your protein high quality and then whatever's left over is what you have to work with for produce and other things? Or...? Also I have chronic inflammation so wanted to see if the no eggs and nightshade thing would help, but I feel like I just can't afford to have meat and seafood being my only protein source. I've been having some eggs but still trying to limit........dairy was a big source of protein for me before so now I'm like on meat overload! Lol. So. Not sure exactly what kind of help I need with that or what my question is exactly, but if anyone has thoughts I'd love to hear
  6. Hypoglycemia

    I have a similar question - I've suspected low blood sugar in the past, but decided not to pursue it with my doctor because I was able to keep it under control by eating tons of fruit and carbs all the time. Now that I'm doing the whole30, my symptoms have gotten WAY worse to the point of me feeling unsafe and I'm wondering if I need to go to the doctor..... My cousin was recently diagnosed with hypoglycemia but that's the only family history of it that I know of. What do you guys think? At what point did you go to the doctor for a diagnosis, and what is the usual course of treatment? Would it be wise to modify my whole30 (eating more fruit and letting myself snack as much as I need to) until I know what's going on? Also, from what I gather here it seems like the general tips for whole30 with hypoglycemia are: - More protein and fat with meals and snacks - Snacking prevents crashes, especially high fat/protein - Mixed opinions on fruit. Some find it helps (I've found this so far) others say it keeps your sugar levels from eventually stabilizing themselves. Any other tips?? Thanks guys!