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  1. Starting January 1, 2018

    I kept going after my first round and it wasn’t until about day 45 until I really felt the solid benefits. Keep going even if you don’t feel like you’ve made much progress in 30 days! Changes and progress IS happening!! Even if you don’t see it fully yet
  2. Starting January 1, 2018

    Day 19 of the day by day book talks about this. It might be the volume of fruit and veg causing bloating or high FODMOP foods. There’s a blog page on the whole30 website about this, maybe that will help you!
  3. Starting January 1, 2018

    Found this guide for shopping and thought I’d share as some really useful tips for saving pennies! http://whole9life.com/?s=Poor+paleo Hope everyone is feeling strong and starting to see some benefits and NSV’s. I’ve tried to be so good about only eating what I put on my plate for meals as I am the queen post meal sugar dragon cravings and it’s hard but I’m definitely myself able to avoid it and I’m starting to have some breakthroughs with my emotional relationship to my sugar dragon. It is so hard though!!!
  4. Starting January 1, 2018

    If people are struggling with running out of veggies or having a lack of time to prep veggies for breakfast I found that having loads of frozen veg helped loads as a back up. Also if you buy some of the small bags you put in the microwave they are a great time saver when you don’t have time (or energy) to chop, boil water, drain etc. This has helped me with having veg for breakfast on my previous whole30s. My sugar dragon was prowling after dinner last night (I think I was partly bored) so I had a hot bone broth with coconut milk. Anyone have any tips for distraction techniques in the evenings?? We have an open plan kitchen/lounge so temptation is right there! @NanSea I make my mayo in a small food processor. As it doesn’t have a hole to pour the oil in with the blender on I start with 1/4 cup light olive oil, add the mustard etc and the egg (make sure it is room temp!!!). Then blitz for 30 secs. Add another 1/4 cup oil and blitz for 30 secs again. Repeat this 3 more times (total of 1 and 1/4 cups oil) and it’s done. It thickens as more each time you add then again when refrigerated. I do this every time and it has never failed. Good luck!!!
  5. Starting January 1, 2018

    Hey everyone. I’m starting my 4th reset on jan 1st and after a disastrous December (food wise) I think this is the most nervous I’ve been. So worried I will fail so happy to have to support of a nice group like this. @Janice Hansen the skinnytaste website has some good whole30 recipes. Lots of crockpot recipes so no cooking needed at the end of work. And definitely check out the whole30 recipes Instagram page. @okayest_mama I totally get how you feel. I think I’m more nervous than I was for my first reset. No idea why!!?? We can keep each other on track. And to all the first timers- you will feel fab at the end so it is totally worth the effort!
  6. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    If anyone wants a great lasagne recipe then try this. It is SO yummy!! http://teacherpop.org/2016/03/teach-eat-repeat-recipe-whole30-lasagna/
  7. 5/7 Start Date - looking for a buddy

    Hey everyone! I started my whole30 today. I did whole30 in February and managed to stay pretty much whole30 since but have had a massive week long event at work and my schedule has been ruined so now I back on it today. Actually really looking forward to it as I felt so good on the last one. To all you newcomers, it is totally worth following the program as per the book. The science behind what it is trying to get you to achieve, mentally and physically, won't work if you try to take short cuts and make your own rules. As the book says...it's only 30 days! You CAN do it!!!
  8. Starting February 20

    I find the best thing to freshen up after I eat is a cup of peppermint tea. It cleanses your palet and is great for your digestion, I find it helps loads with IBS!
  9. Starting February 20

    @KatKat I second @Kelley Flees about the water infuser. Adding fruit to my water helps me loads. My favourite is frozen blackberries and lime slices. Also @Kelley Flees thanks for the Walmart tip. Will be checking that out for sure!
  10. Starting February 20

    @DotinTO sorry you're having a hard time but remember we're only half way! Still 2 more weeks to go so plenty of time for things to improve. Also @TryingOver is right, if you've had problems for a long time or like the book says if you've had a diet saturated in non-compliant foods then results can take longer. Keep going!!! And I hope you see some positive changes soon
  11. Starting February 20

    @JenniferPasoFino I definitely want to keep going!! We should keep this group for everyone who wants to do days 31-60. I'm glad everyone seems to be in a better place with the program now. I was worrying for a while because all I keep thinking about is food and having anxiety that the right foods won't be available, and I was stressing because the whole point of doing this was to try to not stress about food. But I thought about it and figured that when you're changing your lifelong behaviours it's going to take a while before you stop having to really think about what foods you're eating and for it to become a new habit. Well done everyone for staying on track!
  12. Starting February 20

    @TryingOver The Skinny taste website (www.skinnytaste.com) has a bunch of slow cooker recipes and she has a WHOLE30 filter so you can easily navigate which recipes are compliant!
  13. Starting February 20

    Almost 1 week done everyone!! Yay!! That's a NSV right there! My other NSV, and my first proper test was the charity event I went to last night which included 3 free drinks and a whole spread of food. I made sure I ate dinner before so I wouldn't be hungry and managed to drink sparkling water all night and actually wasn't tempted once! Not even when my husband shoved a crispy chicken tender right in my face and asked if I wanted some! I think this is my biggest success so far! Keep going everyone!! You're all doing fab!
  14. Starting February 20

    Hey everyone. So I've been feeling pretty good until today. Now feel like so spaced out and definitely need to nap! They weren't wrong about the phases!!! It's actually nice knowing that it's normal though and just your body's way of getting used to not having the rubbish it's used to (sugar for me!). Really helping having you guys to chat to though! Support definitely makes a difference! And love the recipe ideas @*Aurora* posted above. Will be making them for sure!
  15. Starting February 20

    @Kelley Flees kale chips are a fab idea, thanks!!