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  1. ekrieger

    Blood Sugar Issues

    Thanks, I'll give that a try! It might take me a few days to work up to putting veggies in there haha, but I'll see how that goes. I appreciate your help!
  2. ekrieger

    Blood Sugar Issues

    Thanks for the recipes! My issue is not so much about feeling full as it is making sure I'm getting the right amount of foods to keep my blood sugar level. (I have found that meals that work for lots of people don't always work for me.) That, and hopefully doing away with the nausea haha.
  3. ekrieger

    Blood Sugar Issues

    Toast with jam or peanut butter, or special k protein cereal.
  4. ekrieger

    Blood Sugar Issues

    I do eat meat! I like pretty much any meat. I eat it at lunch and dinner, but just the thought of it in the morning makes me feel sick. Before starting Whole30, I didn't have blood sugar issues between breakfast and lunch but now I'm struggling with nausea so I would like to do something to manage that.
  5. I'm on day 2 of Whole30, and I'm already having nausea issues. Some background: I'm 28, female, 5'6 and 154 lbs, coming from a diet where I ate a lot more carbs (pasta/bread/rice) and sugar than I should have been. I also have blood sugar issues - I have the same symptoms as hypoglycemia, which runs in my family, but in 2011-2012 I did regular blood sugar checks and never noticed a real pattern. The endocrinologist was super unhelpful and just wanted to treat my symptoms rather than the underlying cause, which lead me to managing it on my own via protein and carbs (though as I mentioned before, not the best carbs). Plain sugar (like fruitsnacks) doesn't help me reset, just makes me feel slightly better for a short period. That being said, I realize Whole30 is a whole system reset and is going to be rough for me, but I want to manage my symptoms in the best way possible. I was thinking eating more 'good' carbs like sweet potatoes might be helpful. Breakfast is awful - I managed some hash browns today, but attempting eggs yesterday was terrible. I'm not sure if I can stomach any meat yet (I used to eat toast or cereal for breakfast). If anyone has any suggestions, I would super appreciate them!