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    I think it's great you are doing it with your kids! I have a 2 year old and I've thought about doing it with him, but I wanted to get through it myself first with my husband (you know the over-aged toddler) then I can concentrate more on what I give him and how he responds to it. So any suggestions that anyone has, I'm ready to learn.
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    I started Whole30 yesterday for myself along with my two toddlers, ages 4 and 2. So far, so good! My four year old told me yesterday he doesn't like the idea of big changes with our food but he's been hanging in there really well. My two year old hasn't seemed to notice yet. They are both pretty picky eaters but thankfully they both love eggs! And I'm SO thankful for compliant hotdogs (thank you Applegate!!). It's harder to balance their plates as they are picky but I'm hopeful they will grow more open to different foods over the next 30 days.
    I feel bad for them though. I can tell the symptoms of changing their diets are hitting them hard. I wish they could comprehend why they feel yucky but I'm hopeful it will pass quickly! We are all crabby and tired today; I think the next few days are going to be rough but I'm looking forward to the days when we all start feeling better and have more energy to have fun together! 
    Who else out there is in the thick of tackling Whole30 with toddlers?? Any tips or advice from those who have successfully done this in the past??
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    We're currently doing Whole30 with our 4 and 2 year old. We're on our third week and I explained to my kids that it's a healthy challenge. We can eat ALL the fruits and vegetables and meat we want. And I explained that we have to be careful about what we put into our body because too much sugar and processed foods,(insert examples), can make our bodies sick. They seem to understand. When my daughter doesn't like something I tell her to eat it with something she likes so that it tastes better to her. I just matter of factly tell her that we just have to learn to like good foods. And when we're done her prize is a new doll she's been wanting. When she says she wants a treat like a candy or ice cream I tell her "you're not a doggy, you don't need food as a treat" 
    So far she's really starting to love vegetables. It was definitely difficult at first. I did make "yogurt" and that's been a bit of sweet a couple of times. It's coconut milk with chia and fruit. 
    On my third week I plan to go rogue and make up my own recipes. So I'm thinking for when we go to the park, maybe meatballs with a side of avocado and banana chips, "yogurt" with seeds on top and deli slices, banana and almond butter and aidells chicken apple sausage, salad with nuts and meat/bacon and boiled egg.  It's all an experiment with them. Good luck!