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    wildwildrose reacted to Julzology in Julzology's January 2017 Whole30   
    Last night I was out with my husband.  Our record label had a CD release event and he was playing with two of the groups.  While I was there I saw a lot of musicians who haven't seen me since last September.  I got a number of compliments.  People telling me I looked great one person even said I was 'glowing' and asked me what my secret was.  Of course I told them Whole30.  It was nice to get some validation.   A few people had heard of it or even tried it for a while but not succeeded.  One friend said she tried it and lasted about a day and a half.  
    This venue serves beer and wine but I did not partake.  We brought bananas and trail mix because we knew we'd be missing dinner.  I know bananas and trail mix aren't a good dinner but it's what we had that was portable and compliant (we make our own trail mix: Cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raising, cocoa nibs and a few dried apricots).  So, three square meals didn't really happen for me yesterday but I was compliant and I did not drink nor did I have the temptation to drink.  
    It was a great night, good music and I'm on day #19.  Last time, two years ago I bailed at dinner on day #20 so I'm looking forward to the weekend and making it past day #20.  
    I feel different this time.  My motivation is different.  My meals are different.  I do not feel like I'm hanging on or dragging myself through it like I did last time.  
    Life is good. 
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    wildwildrose reacted to Julzology in Julzology's January 2017 Whole30   
    Thank you so much @perceivingperdita.  It is important for me to have support wherever I can find it.  My boss and my daughter who started this with me have both already bailed which is disappointing but I really feel determined this time. 
    Alcohol was the reason I quit on day 20 last time.  In retrospect I look at that and think, geez, you only had 10 days left but this time I feel more determined and I'm owning this Whole30.  No one is telling me what to do, this is me making a conscious choice to complete this experiment.  
    I made some delicious Egg salad for breakfast, hard boiled eggs, homemade whole egg mayo, onion, celery.  It was delicious.  Hubby had it on toast but I ate it just like that.  Yum.  
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    wildwildrose reacted to Melissa Hartwig in Friends of Bill W.?   
    I'm a recovering addict with more than 12 years clean. (I wrote about it, in fact... so I'm not very Anonymous.) I never turned to sugar or coffee, but I exercised my ass off for about two years before I realized what I was doing and calmed that bad habit down.
    I think about our situation much like those going into the Whole30 with an eating disorder.
    Don't aim for perfect. It's not about perfect. There is no perfect.
    If you make a less healthy choice, it doesn't make you a bad person. You are more than just the sum of your choices.
    It is not an all-or-nothing proposition. If you fall off your plan for one meal, it's just one meal. It doesn't mean you've failed. You get right back on with your next meal - that's it.
    Stay committed to your recovery. The better you take care of yourself there, the better you'll want to take care of yourself elsewhere.
    Bring your own snacks to meetings. Better yet, bring everyone healthy snacks!
    You may find these articles I wrote helpful:



    Go easy, and lean on your support system - us included. And remember - you've done harder things than take a pass on the candy jar.
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    wildwildrose reacted to Johnny M in Taco beef   
    This is not a fancy recipe but I make it all the time because it's easy to make amazing meals with it. Sometimes you just need to get a little creative with a few basics. I like mine with a poached egg and some guac and salsa.
    Taco Beef:
    1 tablespoon chili powder
    1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
    1/4 teaspoon onion powder
    1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
    1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
    1/2 teaspoon paprika
    1 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin
    1 teaspoon sea salt
    1 teaspoon black pepper

    I make like 3 or 4 times this recipe and store it in a glass jar. Just add a tablespoon or two to a pound of cooked ground beef and get creative.
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    wildwildrose reacted to Susan W in A QUESTION FOR THE EXPERTS!   
    I am also no expert, but I am on my 3rd Whole 30. Each one has been better than the last. This time, I added better sleep and life in general habits. It's been a great success.
    I don't go off much inbetween W30. When I do, it's for something quite special. Or at least special to me. A cosmo out with my girlfriends, like Johnny, rice with my sushi about every two weeks, if I go home to San Diego and my mom makes her marinated grilled flank steak and brown rice pilaf...I totally partake. This Thanksgiving will be W30, but Christmas won't be. I'll have two very special things that our friends and family make in San Diego for Christmas. I do mine fairly mindfully and with some thought. Gluten and dairy are my two evils, so I really rarely have those. Maybe once a year. I also relax at restaurants and while I usually have a steak or some other hunk of meat and grilled or roasted veggies, I don't grill the server about it. I do make sure I am not getting some unexpected sauce, but if I do, I deal. I find it fun to be on W30 and fun not to be.
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    wildwildrose reacted to GLC1968 in A QUESTION FOR THE EXPERTS!   
    I'm also not an expert, but I'll add my $0.02.
    For me the biggest digestive issues I have are with grains (particularly wheat and corn), legumes, soy and most dairy. I don't mind letting a little sugar back into my diet if whatever it is that contains it doesn't taste sweet. If it does, I consider it a treat and I only eat it after a meal (never when it's the only thing I'm eating or I'll be hating life a week later when I can't shake the sugar demon!).
    At home, I always cook compilant with the exception of vanilla extract and the occasional white potato. When we eat out, I choose good foods (usually salad with meat sans dressing or meat with veggies as a side) but I don't worry about cooking oils or sauces unless they are creamy (which I avoid). Admittedly, there is the occasional french fry, too. I have a life-long weakness for good french fries. We also have sushi about once a month but I don't have soy sauce.
    Whole30 changed a lot of habits for us. While I may have wine on special occasions, we had to give up our cellar club memberships at two local wineries because after our first Whole30, we started drinking way less. We just couldn't keep up with all the bottles we were getting shipped every quarter! And I also gave up stepping on the scale and putting anything in my coffee, too.
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    wildwildrose reacted to TrayS in A QUESTION FOR THE EXPERTS!   
    Well, I'm not an expert/mod but I'll throw in my experience anyway.
    I'm still trying to evaluate specific food sensitivities so have been doing much in the way of on-off W30 - 7 days on, one day off followed by 3 more days on, intermittent weeks long non-W30 stretches (like now), etc...I, too, try and stick to mostly compliant food while not on Whole30. What's different when I'm not on it is:
    - A bit of honey in my tea.
    - Non-compliant bacon finds its way into my world because my husband likes to cook it and it's tasty.
    - I am a wino. Not like I was before, but I enjoy a glass or two a few nights a week. Since that is my slippery slope, W30 serves the dual function of helping me to remind myself I can live without it.
    - Occasional intentional introduction of gluten, usually to remind myself of why I no longer eat it (asthma).
    - Less strict at restaurants - I don't ask about what kind of oil, and sometimes I just love me some sushi.
    But, as we know this is about much more than just what food we eat. Some newfound principles I (almost) never compromise on these days:
    - Eating 3 solid meals per day (ok that's still food), including breakfast in the morning - I had never done this before, and now believe it's critical to my sanity.
    - Stepping on the scale has become an infrequent occurence, I am much better off focusing on how my body feels versus what the stupid scale says
    - Getting enough sleep. I've always thought this to be important but now that I recognize how detrimental losing sleep is, I am more adamant about minimizing distractions that keep me from getting to bed on time.
    - Exercising according to how my body feels - if I set out to run 5 miles and I don't feel great and end up running only 3, I don't beat myself up about it. This makes me more likely to feel good about getting up and doing it again the next day.
    That's my experience - everyone's is unique! Key is to remember that as a general rule (W30 notwithstanding), the all-or-nothing mentatily does no one any good. This is the biggest lesson I have learned.
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    wildwildrose reacted to Susan W in can I deep fry   
    No it is compliant when used as a light coating. What isn't compliant is using it to make paleofied treats with.
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    wildwildrose reacted to Robin Strathdee in can I deep fry   
    Bratdoll- coconut flour is just fine as long as youre not using it to make muffins, pancakes, etc.
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    wildwildrose reacted to AmyS in What about when...   
    Let 'er rip!
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    wildwildrose reacted to Robin Strathdee in What about when...   
    I've noticed that my car/shower singing ability also greatly improves during a W30. I'm slightly less tone deaf.
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    wildwildrose reacted to AmyS in What about when...   
    Glad to know my Spidey Sense of Smell isn't just me.
    Also, pretty cool to just sort of DISCOVER you're doing a Whole30. Haha
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    wildwildrose reacted to AmyS in Went off-track for Christmas - huge mistake!   
    I have been so surprised to discover that the foods that I used to love, I no longer love, and they certainly don't love me! It's such a great analogy to life in general. What really works is clean and simple, with lots of spice and variety. A motto for eating and for life.
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    wildwildrose reacted to AmyS in Whole30 vs. Paleo   
    I had the same questions when I started on my first Whole30 (having never even looked into Paleo/Primal/Whole30 before, like, the DAY I started my first Whole30). In reading about it, it has seemed to me that Whole30 works within Paleo - in other words, everything that is Whole30 approved is also Paleo approved. But there are a few things that are Paleo approved that are not Whole30 approved.
    I've figured out a bit more about how that works out practically for me as I've gone on with the program (doing my third Whole30 right now). Looking at cookbooks for recipes that are Whole30 compliant, I keep away from anything that uses, say, maple syrup as a sweetener (or I would make the recipe but leave that out); I also don't make any sort of desserts, a few of which do appear in my new cookbooks. Note: I like having the option to use these items and still eat Paleo/Whole30-leaning once I'm done with a Whole30; but it seems to me, the more I read and the more I do this, that the basic point of Whole30 is to alter one's entire relationship with food. So there is an added component of not just overlaying a Paleo-type list of approved foods on top of your former eating habits - instead, Whole30 addresses underlying issues that we have with food and how we eat it.
    So on the one hand, you COULD say that it is a more restrictive form of Paleo, and that would be true. But on the other hand, there is a bit more in that Whole30 asks us to examine how we eat and how we relate to food generally, in a way that I haven't seen on the (still limited) examination I've given the broader Paleo/Primal world.
    Now, all of that said, I think that folks who have been eating Paleo for a while might disagree with me and say that Whole30 just sort of tightens up what they are already doing. So, ya know, YMMV.
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    wildwildrose reacted to [email protected] in Whole30 vs. Paleo   
    Whole 30 gives you a set platform that enables you to rid yourself of potentially harmful foods and find foods that work for you and your body.
    Also, one of the main differences I have experienced is no peanuts or peanut butter (a rather common household food item)
    Whole 30 is worth it because you are worth it
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    wildwildrose reacted to Johnny M in Whole30 vs. Paleo   
    Paleo is sort of a loose term that is interpreted differently by many people. Many of the core principles are similar, that foods we've introduced in recent centuries have been deleterious to our health. The whole30 is a specific set of rules around food (and a very intuitive set I find) to help you do more than define what you eat but help you understand your relationship with food and how various foods effect you.
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    wildwildrose reacted to Derval in I want chicken nuggets.   
    I use arrowroot - egg - seasoned almond flour.
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    wildwildrose reacted to ScoutFinch in Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue   
    The problem with recommending the autoimmune protocol is that fibro is not understood to be an autoimmune disease. I would suggest everyone be *very* careful implementing or suggesting eating restrictions that have more potential to result in disordered eating. "Keep doing what you're doing" might not be the best advice.
    The sad truth is that fibromyalgia is a very, very difficult condition to live with. Sometimes food choices help, and sometimes they don't. I have had the best luck with strength training, because it allows for the greatest amount of movement from day-to-day. But the groggy, foggy, painful exhaustion can hit me no matter what I'm doing otherwise.
    It's very hard to be strong and to keep on. I hate it when they say fibro patients "are known to be perfectionists" (does that mean, um, unlike yourself, Doc?) but it's really true that Job 1 has to be compassion for ourselves and what we can do today. If that means three hot baths and four hours on the couch with One Life to Live, then that's today. Remember that you are whole, no matter how unwell you are.