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  1. yazp

    Sweet Potato 'Chips'

    I'm pretty sure these are the "normal" sweet potatoes we have here. I have to seriously search high and low for the yellow "jewel" sweet potatoes.
  2. yazp

    Air fryer

    I could easily skip them for 30 days but my family is not as crazy about vegetables as I am, so I am trying to find solutions....
  3. yazp

    Air fryer

    Is it acceptable to make chips (AKA french fries) in the air fryer? It's julienne potatoes (up to 1kg), a tsp of salt, and a tbsp of coconut oil. Or is that considered SWYPO?
  4. yazp

    Starting March 1st

    We are also starting March 1st: myself, my husband, and our two teenage daughters. I've done a 21 day keto detox before, my joints were aching by day 15 (not sure why) but otherwise it agreed with me completely. We're all looking to reset our metabolism and figure out after the 30 days which foods make us feel ugh so we can avoid/eliminate them. We're in South Africa but I don't think that's going to hold us back so much. It's a very food healthy country I think. My challenge is going to be trying to make our usual South African Indian foods in a more healthy way, as well as getting my picky family to be more adventurous in trying new foods. We'll see how it goes....
  5. yazp

    Knife Skills?

    Mandolins are great. You can cut everything into strips in your desired thickness and then cube in the other direction by hand. Otherwise, practice with an observant mind. Watch videos of professionals cutting. Try to subtly alter things. You'll get there. Five years ago when I started seriously cooking, I couldn't slice a tomato at all. Now I can get very thin slices that are pretty much uniform.
  6. yazp

    tikka masala

    You can always use some of the tomato puree in place of the yoghurt as your marinading base. Though I'm not sure why this recipe uses so much yoghurt. Usually a couple of tablespoons suffices, so just mix the spices in a couple of tablespoons of tomato puree and marinade like that. There's no coconut taste this way, and the tomato is still sour so it should hit all the right notes.