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    yazp reacted to kirkor in Air fryer   
    Fries/chips can be made at home and the only method specifically prohibited is "deep frying", so it would depend on if the air fryer fits more in the spirit of the program on the side of roasting or the side of frying.  Ya, the air fryer does use drastically less oil than a deep fryer, but that's not necessarily the primary since W30 is not fat-phobic after all -- the issue is more the end product result I think.  Probably falls more in the FWB category than SWYPO?   My vote would be to skip 'em for the 30 days.
    Some related discussion here: http://forum.whole30.com/topic/29592-sweet-potato-chips/
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    yazp got a reaction from TryingOver in Knife Skills?   
    Mandolins are great. You can cut everything into strips in your desired thickness and then cube in the other direction by hand.

    Otherwise, practice with an observant mind. Watch videos of professionals cutting. Try to subtly alter things. You'll get there. Five years ago when I started seriously cooking, I couldn't slice a tomato at all. Now I can get very thin slices that are pretty much uniform.
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    yazp reacted to Stegner in Knife Skills?   
    I use mandolin slicers - they do a beautiful fine julienne and slice hard veggies like carrot thin enough to cook fast.  You can process a lot of veggies very fast, but the two troublesome things about them are 1) they can cut you very badly. you have to keep your mind fully on what you're doing. I use a special glove to protect my hand. 2) I've never found one that can be sharpened and they need to be very sharp to work well. I use them for a couple of years and replace them.