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  1. aaa1217

    Starting January 15th!

    Yikes! Sounds like a rough day. Awesome job sticking with it despite all the weather craziness. Tomorrow will be a better day for sure! Im feeling tired and kinda cranky tonight, which I’m not surprised by. About to eat some dinner soon so hopefully that will help with the irritability! I saw a girl at the gym yesterday who is on day 15. She looks great and, more importantly, it’s obvious she feels great! Motivation!!! Hope me everyone else is hanging in there.
  2. aaa1217

    Starting January 15th!

    Day 1...I binged on seven layer dip and ice cream cake at a birthday party yesterday . Ugh! Going to make the next few days tough. But, I feel I got it out of my system and only looking forward now. Wishing you all a great experience. Happy to have you all for support!!
  3. aaa1217

    Starting January 15th!

    I’m starting my second whole30 on 1/15 too. The first was february 2017 and it changed my life. It helped to stabilize mood, levels of anxiety, energy levels, as well as improving overall physical health. It’s been hard to maintain and I’ve slowly added grains, dairy, and sugar/artificial sweeteners. After the holidays and a recent anniversary trip, I can’t wait to get back on track! My husband will be doing it with me for a second time but I found this forum very helpful last time. I would like to join the Facebook group if possible?
  4. aaa1217

    Starting January 15th!

    Hi Erica! My husband and I are starting our second whole30 on 1/15. Our last one was February 2017 and we felt amazing! Our eating habits have changed for the better since but we have slowly added in alcohol, rice, some dairy, and many whole30/paleo compliant treats. The holidays and a recent vacation have been tough. We have gotten way off track and feel awful! We are looking forward to getting our butts back in gear with another whole30. Wishing you lots of luck!!
  5. aaa1217

    Starting June 17

    I restarted this morning too. Was going to wait until Monday but decided against it. Happy day 1!
  6. Hoping some others are looking to go on this journey again. My first whole30 was in February. I was feeling great physically and, more importantly, emotionally. I've tried to reset twice before but didn't last. Third time's a charm?!
  7. aaa1217

    Start February 13th

    @jmcbn thanks for your feedback! Will try to reduce nuts/nut butter and increase ghee/clarified butters. We use a grass fed meat delivery service so we're always surprised with all different cuts of meat like briskets, ribs, steaks, etc. It's pricey but I think it's worth it for the quality! Will grab some extra chicken with skin and some other fatty cuts at store today. Feeling better today after going to bed early. fingers crossed it will continue. @Ejanecek83 Good luck with the workout! I love to sneak in a run outside when I can. Actually, I hate every second of it but love how i feel when I'm done. If weather doesn't permit I run 30 min of intervals on treadmill at gym - 3 min walk, 3 min jog, 1 minute run (sprint). Get bored out of my mind and always quit on treadmill unless I mix it up. Also love a good hot yoga class!!!!
  8. aaa1217

    Start February 13th

    @jmcbn Thanks for your response. I think you're right that I may not be getting enough fat. For breakfast, I've been eating 2 scrambled eggs, sauteed kale (sometimes onion, kale & swt potato hash) all cooked in coconut oil, and some berries or apple slices. I either add a half an avocado, some olives, or a scoop of almond butter for fats. I don my grocery shopping on Sundays so I've been out of avocado for a couple days and have only been able to use nuts in addition to the coconut oil or olive oil that I cook with. Do you have suggestions for other fats to add to a meal? Also, @Ejanecek83as a treat to myself I got myself a facial on Thursday. It was such a treat! It was nice to have the esthetician compliment my skin...I think I can thank whole30 for that
  9. aaa1217

    Start February 13th

    Hi there, I also started on February 13th. I have been eating paleo (with lots of cheating during the holidays that continued into and thru January). My goal with Paleo and now with whole30 is, in addition to improving overall health, to help decrease anxiety and increase mood and energy levels. I also have stomach issues which I think are due to all the anxiety meds I take. So far I've been feeling great and even slimming down a bit. For some reason i woke up this morning and have been EXHAUSTED all day!! I ate a great, typically fulfilling breakfast but still felt tired. I tried a snack (apples with almond butter) but it didnt seem to help. It may just be that my husband is working and I have my 6 and 2 year old alone today, but it's no different from any other Saturday. Going for a run with a friend in an hour so that may help. Just curious if anyone else is hitting or has hit a wall over the past few days? Hoping it will quickly pass.