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  1. Skimommi

    Starting Monday-2/27 First Time!

    Hi, I was going to start on March 1st, but bit the bullet since I had my meal prepping to do yesterday. So today I dove in. I'm not feeling overwhelmed, which I hope doesn't mean I set myself up for failure by not. I roasted chicken breast, butternut squash and broccoli in the oven last night for my lunches. Today started with two eggs, sauted spinach and roasted broccoli. Had a cutie for a snack. And tonight is a roasted whole chicken with carrots/squash/broccoli/potatoes. The thing that keeps hanging me up is the potatoes. I am so use to other diets that restrict potatoes in the first phase. White potatoes are allowed in the reset, correct? Erin, question about the Larabar. Don't most of those have nuts as a base? I was going to buy some last night, but thought due to the ingredients it was not allowed. Also curious, how did you make your meat sauce? I was looking for something to put on spaghetti squash, but with tomatoes being out I can't do the typical "spaghetti" sauce. Best of luck!
  2. Skimommi

    Starting March 1st

    Hi all, I am also a March 1st start. Well, actually I'm prepping my meals today and starting tomorrow, but the plan was to start the first. Nothing like jumping right in. I'm roasting chicken breast, broccoli and squash to pack for lunches. Ive been looking at recipes on Pinterest. Some of them have coconut flour. Is that acceptable during the reset or are those recipes for down the road?