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  1. Jrnld

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Checking in on day 6. Sometimes, I don't feel like I'm doing this right because I'm not hungry - at all - and aside from the first day of headaches, I haven't had many physical issues. I tend to be a "late to the party" type of person so am thinking it might all come to a volcanic eruption midway through the 30 days, but it would be great if it didn't. I am craving salty, crispy things like chips, but it's fairly fleeting, which is great. I had to pick up some produce yesterday and happened to hit the store just as freshly baked bread was coming out of the oven and that was soooooo hard not to succumb to temptation, but thankfully produce is at the front and I practically ran to get it, then get into the checkout. Made the Whole30 cookbook chili yesterday and it's yummy, but had to up the spices big time. I normally eat chili with tortilla chips and missed them a bit, but otherwise still enjoyed it. I have to say that this group is the biggest source of support and am so happy to have found it. I love reading everyone's comments and stories - it's such a great community! We're almost 25% of the way through. Look at us go!
  2. Jrnld

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    I had a booming headache yesterday for my first day, but it was gone today. Yay! Today was good, haven't been hungry yet, which is astounding for me, although am mentally prepared if it shows up later on. Last night's dinner was uninspired - pork chop and roasted veggies with rosemary, thyme and garlic was surprisingly bland, so am going to make a sauce to go with the leftovers tonight. I'm looking forward to exploring new ways to cook and all the amazing recipes out there. How is everyone else coping?
  3. Jrnld

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    What I'm hoping to get out of this month is a general improvement in my health, but specifically help with ongoing skin issues, joint pain and crappy sleep patterns. I'm a pastry chef and have everyday access to all the things that are horrible health wise, so I'm probably going to be taking a long hard look at what I do for a living too. I'm off today, but am dreading my full 12 hour workdays ahead - I may have to take drastic measures to not "quality control" the products. Wish me luck...
  4. Jrnld

    February 27 - Newbie Start Date!! Join!!!

    Hi everyone! My first Whole30 ever - kind of nervous and excited at the same time but really, really happy there's a group of us starting together. Where is everybody from? I'm in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.