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    Offie reacted to fritzy in Starting March 12   
    My name is Chris and I am starting the Whole30 program on March 12.  I have been on many, many diets in my lifetime. My doctor suggested I read the book and do the Whole30 program. Looking for support here.  I am the only one in my family that will be doing the Whole30, and that will be a challenge. 
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    Offie reacted to Lishakay in Starting March 1st   
    I plan on starting March 1st as well. I feel that I am turning to food for the wrong reasons and want to just use food to fuel my body. I also have horrible sugar cravings that I want to beat. I know I will feel better if I do this the entire month of March. I know I will have to say no thank others and be firm with them.
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    Offie reacted to HenriettaS1932 in Starting March 1st   
    I am starting March 1st--hoping for good things. Reading all I can about the program and getting prepared. 
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    Offie reacted to Lorraine Irish in Starting March 1st   
    Hi Everyone:
    Also starting March 1, tomorrow.  Looking forward to controlled eating, but happy to have a forum for support during the weak times!  
    First Whole 30 and am doing it alone. Appreciate any advice, tips, and favorite recipes.
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    Hi! Also starting March 1st.  Looking forward to the challenge!