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  1. So, yesterday I thought of all the stuff, and beer I would consume before Monday. Thought why not provisionally start today? So I am, and trying to work thru all of the " can't haves" to see what I can have. I think I have a " leaky gut" whatever all that means, so I'm really hoping that this will work on that. I have lots of situations to work thru over the next 30 days, but my plan is to " just do it". I am an avid cyclists, so working on bike fueling. And I'm 64 years old so lots of dieting under my belt. But I'm just going to concentrate on fixing what ails me, and hope to lose a few lbs. also. Wish me strength and good fortune.
  2. Ok, so I'm starting Whole 30 for the 1st time, on Monday 8/21. But I'm doing a 2 day bike ride on 8/25 and 26. I usually use Perpeteum for a long bike ride, but although it's good stuff, don't think it's Whole 30 compliant. So I need suggestions on what food to take on the bike to fuel my rides. Please help!
  3. So I've been reading about The Whole 30 since 2012. This summer has been particularly difficult in terms of weight gain and inability to lose. I've been on and off low carb all summer. I turn 65 soon, and am an avid cyclist, but even cycling hasn't helped this summer. So I reread the books, and a light bulb went off, so I think I'm ready to commit. But I have several multi day cycling trips coming up. I don't want to wait until October, when they will be over, so I'm thinking I'd better just jump in and let'r rip. Any thoughts, suggestions?