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  1. lizziemay3

    Coffee Creamers

    Nutpods! Complaint! Buy on Amazon. I bought the variety pack and ended up liking the hazelnut best.
  2. lizziemay3

    Starting March 1st

    Thanks for your insight and info. I ordered the nutpods and they are due to arrive tomorrow. I am on Day 3 and doing fine! I weighed myself and took measurements which I know is discouraged but I really want to add it to all the reasons that this program is successful come Day 30.
  3. lizziemay3

    Starting March 1st

    I actually started today, but close enough to call it March 1! Like most of you I am excited for a change but really apprehensive about finding enough diversity to keep me from boredom. I also worry about having enough in the tank for physical activity, I belong to Orange Theory Fitness and the workouts can be pretty intense. And then there's coffee.......I already miss my coffee. Would love to be a part of a newbie forum where we could support each other.