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  1. Contradiction

    Starting March 1st

    Day 30!!!! I got a very pleasant surprise this morning when my 2 coworkers who have done Whole30 before and encouraged me and gave me lots of advice on it surprised me by letting the rest of the office know and brought in compliant food to celebrate. Definitely good to get that kind of encouragement and postive reinforcement. 3 people in my department have done it in the past and one of them has convinced myself and 4 other people to try it as well.
  2. Contradiction

    Starting March 1st

    Talk about being thrown into the fire today! Of course on my first day they did a big "pot luck" lunch at work with BBQ pulled pork, cake, desert bars, and everything else under the sun. I got by thanks in part to some coworkers who have done/are doing w30 right now so one of them brought a compliant salad and another had roasted vegetables. It was a good test, but probably not the one I wanted to face on day 1!
  3. Contradiction

    Starting March 1st

    Here for day 1! First time I'm doing this and I'm a bit overwhelmed but I'll make it work. Skimmed the books enough to understand what I need to do and I'll keep reading this week to get more acclimated. It wasn't entirely my intent to do this for Lent, but as a lapsed Catholic I'm finding it amusing that I'm falling in line for it this year with by far the most challenging penance for Lent I've ever done. Most years I say that I'm giving up Lent for Lent!