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  1. kirstenmichelle

    Starting March 1st

    @jmcbn THANK YOU for linking that thread. Very helpful and very reassuring. Woot!
  2. kirstenmichelle

    Starting March 1st

    @Gypsy3n8 One huge mind-blowing thing to attempt is to realign your thoughts on what "breakfast" has to be. You can have ANYTHING (compliant) at any time of day, so maybe you could try Dinner For Breakfast and see how that goes for you!? The first time I was offered "dinner foods" for breakfast it completely weirded me out, but with Whole 30 and the "please don't make me eat eggs anymore" that happens to all of us, it's a viable option. Also goes right along with the idea that we always have a choice. Hopefully this helps. Carry on, egg-despising warrior. You got this.
  3. kirstenmichelle

    Starting March 1st

    @SPeffer I am doing #WholeLent, and because I am gluten intolerant (and "replacement grains" also make me sick) I haven't taken communion in years. God and I have an understanding. I'll peruse my The Whole30 book and see if I can find an official quote for you from Melissa. I'd agree with MJ without actually having looked: I'm guessing Melissa would say that God is greater than the Whole 30. And always always always your choice.
  4. kirstenmichelle

    Starting March 1st

    Hey kids! Happy Day One! How's it going? Where is your head? Anyone freaking out? I'm obsessing and it's probably not very healthy. I'm very hard on myself...I hope that I can learn gentle sternness thought this round of Whole30 awesomeness. I'd never be so mean to another human being as I am to myself. Intention: treat myself as I would treat another in this place. Discipline, understanding, acceptance, and above all LOVE.
  5. kirstenmichelle

    Starting March 1st

    Beautiful! I'm in! Thank you for knowing this and sharing with us. How very...serendipitous. ❤
  6. kirstenmichelle

    Starting March 1st

    I just decided (literally one hour ago) to jump into March Whole30 Land. Whoo Hoo! Let's do this! Reading the book, Whole30, will hopefully keep me focused. I've read It Starts With Food but not this one. This will be my 3rd Whole30. I leapt face-first off the wagon after my last one and have gained 20 lbs since October 2016. There are other factors but I'm about over this stupid "food controls me" thing, so I am going to pay very close attention to my moods and attitudes this time around. I'll jump into the FB group but make no promises about consistency there, as that can be an insanely unhealthy timesuck for me. (That should be Melissa's next book: The Facebook Cleanse.) I'm excited to have found all y'all! We can do this! [Photo is a quote from the book. Copyright held by Melissa Hartwig & Dallas Hartwig]